Hell hath no fury like Mugabe scorned

via Hell hath no fury like Mugabe scorned | The Zimbabwean 5 August 2014 by Jera

As 50 African heads of state converged on Washington for the United States-Africa Leaders Summit, President Robert Mugabe called a celebration, inviting members of his inner circle to State House to celebrate a victory that everybody knows to have been stolen. With his band of looters around him, Mugabe veered off topic, launching into a tirade against those who had been invited to Washington.

“You go back to the same people we kicked out of Africa yesterday and say we want help. Yes, of course they will give you help provided you say yes to them. So there is no longer the thinking of Nkrumah in most of Africa, sad. The reliance on the resources of Europe…Reliance, in some cases, 60% on foreign aid.”

Mugabe’s rant is both an attempt to detract from Zimbabwe’s woes and to vent his frustration at being snubbed by Obama. Ever since 2000, he has become angrier the more he is rejected by the West. The phrase ‘sour grapes’ comes to mind.

Mugabe gladly accepts millions in aid from the EU, Britain and America to feed his starving people, put medicines into empty clinics and roofs on dilapidated schools, and then has the audacity to speak of ‘reliance on the resources of Europe. The Beam project for underprivileged pupils had collapsed until Britain came to the rescue. Repairs to the dam wall at Kariba will be paid for by the EU.


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    Our president is out of touch with going ons of the world. Zimbabwe can not live in a vacuum. As much as you hate those countries, we need them to get back on our feet and establish oureslves to a super power and then kick them to the curb. Use to get what you want. Now Zimbabwe is a sorry state in a sorry state. We can not do it alone. Please reconseder mr president.

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      Mthwakazi 7 years ago

      Our president – thats funny. It looks like he is your President indeed. For you to claim him so, without much compulsion. Thats really interesting!

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    just saying 7 years ago

    Have the leaders of Africa, for a change, put the welfare of their people ahead of supporting their dictator uncle or did their eyes light up at the possibility of putting their grubby paws on the loot. My sincere wish is that the US puts in place stringent controls for disbursing the US$14B aid package otherwise it will be corruptly redirected as previous.

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    The purpose of this meeting is to re-engage with the USA on preferential terms of trade. This is an important concession in global markets. Here we have someone so ill-informed, so cut off, that he thinks it is about protecting one’s small space from imperial exploitation. Get over it, the world has moved on and we all exploit one another anyway. Nkrumah, if he were alive, would be there. Remember he was kicked out by his people for mad cap policies and is no role model of leadership or governance. This reaction is so un-statesmanslike, something we have been condemned to living through but not with, not forever.

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    Doris 7 years ago

    I’m just chuffed he’s pissed off.

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    Mugabe is a stinking corpse. The sooner we bury him the better

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      nesbert majoni 7 years ago

      You can say that again
      He just a moving grave because he is no longer reasoning straight.

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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    Cut all aid is the only solution

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    I hope he gets so pissed off he expoldes into a million pieces.
    The hypocrite. Once he was running to sup with the Queen every so often ,enjoying the luxuries of the West ( Which he still does) and now he got on their wrong side he expects everyone to fight his little petty battles with him. He is so deluded that he thinks the world revolves around his little sorry arze. The world is a big village and everyone relies on everyone else no matter how developed the country is. Gas etc from the East goes to the West even though they may not see eye to eye on some issues.China is making deals with Britain . The sooner the Robber realises that the better.

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    OK Chris. But…Mugabe is neither ” our ” president or a ” mister “

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    mark longhurst 7 years ago

    make today a national day for laughing your head off at that sorry donkey bob and his hilarious zanu goons….nobody wants you !!!Nobody

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    sabhuku 7 years ago

    Communists believe in keeping the majority poor and a select few rich. This ensure they can promise something everyday. The total collapse of Zimbabwe is part of the ZANU agenda. It keeps their supporters hoping.

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    Moses 7 years ago

    When you KNOW that you have no intellectual argument. When you KNOW that all your actions and reactions are motivated by self interest . When you KNOW that you are devoid of ideas to maintain your status quo.
    Then derisory and time expired rhetoric is your only defence, hoping that loud noise will disguise your ineptness
    IT WON’T

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    Mutirowafanzawekwamuziti 7 years ago

    And no wonder why they hastily organized the pseudo victory party so as to find some podium to insult fellow african leaders who attended the summit in America.This is a man who is out of touch with reality and lives in a time warp.He is still in the trenches fighting perceived enemies while the world has moved on.Here is a man who used to enjoy tea with the queen, who now misses those moments dearly and now regards the grapes as sour because they are now out reach.Unobva watoona kuti kuchembera kwaakutovhiringa munhu uyu.But neeconomy zvinotopedzerana chete rwendo runo.

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    masvukupete 7 years ago

    On the other hand Kagame is doing wonders in Rwanda since he took over in 2000 (whilst some have had 34 years). 7% average annual growth, government bills are being oversubscribed 8 fold. They want to float another $1 billion soon and the claims are that its already oversubscribed.

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    Brian 7 years ago

    So Zim is currently reigned over by The Adulterer RobberBob, The First Whore Disgrace and their heir apparent Chatunga the party animal/idiot. Ah Zim. What fresh hell awaits!