Illegal diamond panner shot

via Illegal diamond panner shot – The Zimbabwean 11.11.2015

AN illegal diamond panner was last week shot by Mbada Diamonds security personnel and sustained serious facial wounds after being caught panning the precious stones illegally.

Walter Munyarari (25) confirmed to The Zimbabwean on Tuesday that he was shot in the face by security guards when he was caught panning the diamonds illegally.

He is set to have  surgery to remove two bullets on his face.
“I had gone to pan for the diamonds illegally and I was shot by the security guards on my face twice. I managed to run away and went home. I am here now to seek medication and I am in great pain.”

“I have no regrets for my actions because I cannot access employment in Zimbabwe and I did this out of desperation. I needed financial support for my mother, wife and two children,” said Munyarari in an interview with The Zimbabwean.
He also alleged that laxity in security in the diamond fields is also contributing to the increase in panners taking their chances.

“We have become a reliable source of income for security guards and mining officials who demand money from us to pan in the red zones. Mine workers especially at Mbada Diamonds work for nothing and on average 40 panners per day pay their security guards to access the mining fields. The only problem comes when you are caught by the reaction team on patrol like in my case,” said Munyarari.

Manicaland Police Spokesperson Luxson Chananda said he could not provide a comment as he continuously said he would look into the matter and later make comment.

Further efforts to get a comment from Chananda proved fruitless as he said he would make a comment later.

Meanwhile, the Centre For Research and Development (CRD) has said the biting economic hardships have seen an increase in the number of panners illegally entering the diamond fields of Marange to pan for diamonds.

The Acting Director of CRD JamesMupfumi told The Zimbabweanyesterday that the situation has been exacerbated by government’s failure to expeditiously institute reforms in the diamond sector in order to force mining companies to account for their mining practices.

“The security situation in Marange has deteriorated. The CRD is on record for calling upon government to halt mining operations in the diamond fields in order to allow due diligence processes. The government has not considered such options in spite of admitting to loss of revenue and human rights violations of communities by these
companies,” he said.


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    chamunorwa 7 years ago

    In my case I would even risk again and again to go back in there, just for my mother and kids. Good luck for surviving this one and don’t hesitate to go back in there. the diamond is our heritage 🙂

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    Mr Viriri 7 years ago

    What a story! I hope others follow this brave man’s example and take whatever they can to improve their lives. What’s a bullet to the face anyway when your mother and children need you to be a man and do whatever it takes? That man is a real Zimbabwean hero.

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    Mr Viriri 7 years ago

    Who gets shot in the face twice and lives to tell the story?…only a man with God on his side and faith and purpose in his stride.

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    Mr Viriri 7 years ago

    When a man has to resort to stealing what essentially is his birth right then the ones with power also have equal amounts of SHAME!. sis man

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    Those diamonds are ours and the guards are send by their superior thieves to safeguard their loot. But i think you are really a chritian. Surviving two shots in the face? By the way are they allowed to shoot to kill?