It’s Mugabe’s fault!

via It’s Mugabe’s fault! – DailyNews Live 11 August 2014

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has more than a mountain to climb as he bids to unite the deeply divided Zanu PF.

And the looming entrance into mainstream politics by his wife Grace does not make his bid to heal rifts in Zanu PF any easier.

Strikingly, most of these problems are of Mugabe’s own making and his failure to have a succession plan is now threatening to sink Zanu PF.

There is no doubt that Grace’s entry into Zanu PF politics and her public barracking of perceived enemies such as the fusillade of barbs against deputy Justice minister Fortune Chasi, have angered many in the fractious party.

Whether it is a well calculated gamble or not by those fighting in Grace’s corner, the truth of the matter is that Zanu PF is now deeply divided.

The First Lady does not meet the party’s stringent requirements to contest in the elections but she is poised to violate the rules which were used to bar aspiring candidates to the Central Committee in the youth and women’s wings.

But Grace’s entrance into Zanu PF politics should not be used as an excuse to mask the problems created by Mugabe himself as the leader of the party.

It further fuels divisions as opposed to arresting them.

No one is asking why Mugabe attacks divisions and factionalism in Zanu PF but fails to address the root cause.

The root cause is that Mugabe has failed to groom a successor — leaving aspirants to fight publicly while dividing Zanu PF.

No amount of sugar coating by Mugabe or anyone in Zanu PF will hide this fact from those concerned by the future of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe has decided to let nature take its course with regards to his successor and judging by what is obtaining on the ground, he seems unfazed.

The entrance of his wife into politics just adds to the problems in Zanu PF.

It is hard to see any winners in the long reported factions in Zanu PF because without cooperation from each other, there is no definitive end to the succession saga.

As the governing party by extension, the rift paralyses the economy and lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Already, we have seen the debilitating effects of this infighting which has split government business along factional lines.

Mugabe must shoulder the blame.

Gushungo has not been decisive on succession.

And like the orchestra band on the titanic, the music goes on while the ship sinks!


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    Dhara 7 years ago

    Vanoita basa rekunyudzwa mumvura nemasvikiro akapfumbata hupfu, kunzi varambe vari vapenyu. Wenyu Mugabe akabva kumasvikiro, wedu achauya achabva kuna mwari

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    On the contrary, Mugabe has been very decisive on the succession issue.
    He has over many years carefully nurtured the succession race, making absolutely sure that neither side gets too far ahead of the other side. The race has been kept going by him pulling back the side that is a bit too far ahead and by him pushing forward the side lagging behind.
    In this way, Mugabe has ensured that there is no clear successor, and so he stays put in power. And that is why we have a President who is 91 and who has been around for 34 years, despite a track record of impoverishing a nation, dividing our society, destroying the rule of law, sending millions into economic exile and isolating the country internationally,
    Once we have a clear successor, there will be no more reason at all for even Zanu PF to keep this old failure as head of the nation.

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    Isu-zvedu 7 years ago

    Well done Owen!

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    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    Its not Mugabe who should have a sucession plan; its the party that should have a succession plan. The fact that there are people out there who choose to belong to such a party, with no proper electoral processes to choose a leader is a clear sign of a stupid membership!

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    George C. Wallace once said:

    “I’ve seen many politicians paralyzed in the legs as myself, but I’ve seen more of them who were paralyzed in the head.”

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    It is definitely Mugabe’s fault. The whole failed state that is Zimbabwe that is.

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    Roving Ambassador 7 years ago

    Unfortunately Mugabe has succeeded in in achieving his main objective, life President at whatever cost. And the fools in ZANU have aided him in this cause. What ever happens when he’s dead is of no concern to him. I seriously do not think he even cares about Grace or the kids. Being president is the beginning and end of it all. He will hold this party together till his death .If it breaks afterwards, who cares. The objective would have been achieved.
    No wonder Grace is becoming desperate.

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      Reverend 7 years ago

      Good comment RA,but one big mistake…Whatever happens when he is dead is going to be a very very big concern to him.

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    Roving Eagle 7 years ago

    Straight shooter and Roving you nailed it. The biggest problem is not just mugabe but extremely stupid party members. Right now none of them is fit to take over from mugabe because they all aided him in destroying the country. mugabe does not care if none of them takes over when he is dead. All he wants is to die in power and does not care a bit about anybody else.

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    the only way to solve the problems in Zimbabwe is to have a lot of zanu funerals in a very short time.

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    All this theorizing about succession is akin to expecting zpf to continue forever to be in oppressive power. Disabuse yourselves. Concentrate instead on getting a successor to the doomed zpf cabal into power. For gods sake. This unhealthy obsession with succession will divert you from the main goal. To throw zanupf into chikurubi for life

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    Mob justice will do that supermondo

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    Chipikiri 7 years ago

    I don’t agree with the notion that Mugabe should have put in place a succession plan. That is a matter for the organization and not the leader himself. The cowards surrounding him are responsible for his continued stay in power. Mugabe’s failure is in the fact that he did not know when it was time to leave. That was 24 years ago. He has lost all credibility since then.

    If anything Mugabe counts his longevity in power as an achievement, a strength of sorts. We know better. Our fault as a nation is the inordinate patience with Mugabe and his bankrupt accomplices masquerading as a political party.

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    it is the party not mugabe to take on succession.becoz of his untold slaughtering on zimbabweans,hz afraid of stepping down at the same time he z not considering that his long stay in power will gradually sink zanu pf.the cming of amai will even be the most powerful gun to shoot the party down.we can even c as ordinary zims that this are upside down..wher are w going.mogiza iz better