Reinstate Green Bombers: Zanu PF youths

via Reinstate Green Bombers: Zanu PF youths – DailyNews Live 11 August 2014 by Lloyd Mbiba

HARARE – Youths in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF want the return of the national youth service training programme so as to embed the right ideologies in youths.

The proposal is part of a raft of resolutions made at the 6th Zanu PF Youth Conference which ended yesterday.

“To recommend that government reintroduce the national youth service programme under an enabling act of Parliament as provided for in the Constitution, which must be compulsory and designed to expose youths to work experience, inculcate the right ideological values, instil discipline and empower and equip them to embark on programmes of value addition and beneficiation,” reads the resolution.

The national youth service programme, whose graduates were derogatorily dubbed the “Green Bombers” because of the colour of their uniforms, was launched by the late Youth minister Border Gezi in 2001 to “transform and empower youths for nation building through life skills training and leadership development”.

The programme was, however, discontinued due to lack of funding and after recruits had been widely accused by opposition parties of inciting political violence especially during election time. The government was accused of conscripting desperate and unemployed youths into its controversial national youth service and brainwashing them to become blind and violent zealots of the ruling Zanu PF party.

The government denied the charge, saying national youth service was vital to instil discipline and patriotism among youths. The youths want government to enact legislation making it mandatory for all school-leavers to undergo the programme before being enrolled in colleges and universities or being employed by State institutions.

The Zanu PF youths also resolved that party structures be set up in industrial areas and tertiary institutions, as a strategy to entrench its ideology.

“That party branches be established in tertiary institutions and industrial areas, with party activists in such areas being protected against discrimination, victimisation and intimidation,” read the resolutions.”

Senior party leadership should resolve their wrangles away from the glare of the media, the youths further urged.

“That senior party leadership should be compelled to resolve differences amicably and discouraged from issuing (sic) the media,” the resolutions say.

Top Zanu PF leadership have been launching salvos against each other in public forums.

The youths said the party should come up with measures to curb corruption within the party and within government and parastatals.

Government should speed up the land audit so that youths can be allocated idle land, Zanu PF youths added.

“To urge government to institute a system which fast tracks the land audit, while enabling access to underutilised land by youths for agricultural land residential purposes,” the youths resolved.


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    ngwalongwalo 7 years ago

    Who ever thinks of bringing green bombers back needs his head to be examined and uyinja yomuntu, go to hell and pfutseki!! a thousand times

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    how can someone in his right mind spend sleepless nights(i.e if nights exist to him)working out a plan to revive a project that does not even have bone and flesh.l just wonder

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    The green bombers might get reinstated in 2017 in time for the 2018 elections, when they can inculcate the right ideological value of extreme fear of “voting unwisely” into the youth and the peasantry, so that the Great Liberator can rule on undisturbed by his people.
    But for now, the green bombers will have to subsist on thin air.
    Sorry mukomana, hatina mari –
    Well – except for luxury vehicles and Singapore holidays.

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    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    These little gukurahundi pikininis need a thorough beating!!

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    C Frizell 7 years ago

    Ah yes, its essential to teach theft, violence and rape to the “youth”. What else would they do with their time, seeing as there are no jobs?

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    The zanpf youth have a nerve if they think they have the right to indoctrinate my children. As a parent, I have the right to educate and inform my children and it won’t be some zanupf drivel and hate speech. My comments to zanupf and their so called youth is F@%K you.

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    The putrid scum who support ZANU can send their children to be green bombers starting with the president himself then we will see if they are for real.

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    the goblin will need them when civil war starts

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    Shenanigans 7 years ago

    Welcome to Pyongyang

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    The green flies parents were given a thorough hiding by Rhodesian forces !!! What cowards. Only move in large groups. In a one on one they scream mamma maiwee !!!!!! With chipanganos jabulanis running at Olympic pace !??????

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Stingray 7 years ago

    Whose children are these because they bring shame onto their parents. Instead of demanding the 2.2m jobs promised by their party they want the useless ns reinstated. I am glad my children are not into politics.

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    If these youths asking for Green Bombers (read thugs) want them reinstated then God help Zimbabwe if this is the future mentality.

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    Kakwinya 7 years ago

    Moving from the 21st to the 20th century. Want to control who gets jobs to get votes. Engraved patrons is a recipe for stagnation not growth. Hoodlums in the 21st century. Proponents of the ideas do not have a good agenda for Zimbabwe. Looking at self-agrandisement.That’s the problem with quantity leadership.

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    CHAUYA 7 years ago

    Party structures be established in industrial areas . Industries are shutting down and all you think about is putting thugs there . Zvabasa tsvee . Wakaperera grade aniko iwewe

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    Charles Chamunorwa 7 years ago

    Do they think Mugabe’s children will go to the national youth service. Forget it. Mugabe’s children are not even attending that so called conference

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    isusu tirikuti tikuda mabasa rimwe riri kutaura zve border gezi, are these people absolutely crazy?

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    Mixed Race 7 years ago

    The idea of national service is not unique to Zimbabwe alone since many countries do it but the difference is that these misguided youths take it as a method of giving them jobs they are not qualified for eg railways jobs,Zesa and other parastatals at the expense of the country’s economy.This should not be allowed because our past experience has led us to the current miserable situation with the parastatals run down to total ruin due to these semi-illiterate youths from Border Gezi.
    I suggest that after their national training,those with no proper educational qualifications should be deployed at the farmers to till the land since they will be disciplined not to steal vegetables and other products instead of killing these highly technical institutions with their terrible incompetence.
    At these national military training places they should not be taught politics but military duties only to defend us all, regardless of our political belonging.If this is done most of them will not want to join this important national service because most of them use it for their own enrichment and an easy method of getting jobs they do not qualify for as previously stated by the current minister of energy when he questioned the suitability of some Zesa staff qualifications and poor performance.
    I really like national service provided it is not political because it instills discipline to our youths but this should not be viewed as a source of unfair system of allocating jobs.After national service let all the candidates apply for training at the colleges and universities on merit.Those who have no relevant educational qualifications can be used in the farms and other places like roads construction etc.