MDC Renewal Team activist caught loitering at party HQ

via MDC Renewal Team activist caught loitering at party HQ | The Herald July 4, 2014

An MDC Renewal activist was allegedly caught at Harvest House during the night with various articles of criminal use, which included a hacksaw, a pair of gloves, 2kg of fertiliser, three empty beer bottles and two litres of petrol.
Leonard Dendera (32) of Zengeza 3 in Chitungwiza, was seen by Joseph Madziwa and Partson Murimoga around 9pm with a sack containing the tools peeping through the main entrance.

Upon noticing that he had been seen by the two, Dendera allegedly made a report of assault the following day against Madziwa and and MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora.

Dendera appeared in court last week before Mr Tendai Mahwe charged with possessing articles of criminal use and deliberately supplying false information to a public authority.

He was remanded to July 7 for trial on US$50 bail.

He is being represented by Mr Jacob Mafume, the MDC Renewal Team spokesperson.

Appearing for the State, Ms Francesca Mukumbiri alleges that on April 25 at around 9pm, Madziwa and Murimoga went to the party’s headquarters to collect some keys.

It is alleged they spotted Dendera peeping into the party offices at Harvest House.

They approached him and asked what he was doing at Harvest House but failed to give a satisfactory answer before running away leaving the sack at the main entrance, the court heard.

Madziwa followed in hot pursuit but was outpaced.

It is the State’s case that when Madziwa returned, he checked in the sack and found the contents at the centre of the case.

It is alleged that in a bid to cover up the offence, Dendera made a false police report of assault the following day against Madziwa and Mwonzora.

Investigations on the assault case revealed that Mwonzora and Madziwa were in Masvingo during the time of the alleged offence.

Furthermore, it was established that Dendera lied to the police that he lived at No. 3 Chigunguru Street, Zengeza 1, Chitungwiza, when in fact his home address was No. 16265 Zengeza 3.

Meanwhile, the trial of 13 MDC-T activists allegedly involved in skirmishes linked to intra-party differences in Chitungwiza got underway yesterday with the State’s first witness – a police officer – exonerating them from the offence.

Constable Custom Matowa told the court that he had no evidence linking the 13 to the offence.

“On the day in question, the Officer-in-Charge at Zengeza police received a call saying that there was violence at house number 10657 Nehanda Road in Zengeza 4,” he said.

“We went there and upon arrival, we saw a lot of people milling around at the place, but there were no signs of violence.”

Responding to lawyer Mr Maxwell Mavhunga of Mavhunga and Associates, Matowa said he arrested the 13 while acting on a directive.

“Initially, they were facing charges of holding a meeting without notifying the police, but the charges were later changed to public violence,” he said.

In their defence, the 13 accused Constable Takura Nyamututa of orchestrating their arrest.

They said they never engaged in public fighting, but were holding a meeting to discuss plans for a memorial service for the late Modester Namane.

The 13, who include party security officers, ward chairpersons and organising secretaries, were said to have fought over leadership squabbles in their party.

They are Yosuf Andireya (35), Jacob Muvavi (46), Tarubereka Mashoko (35), Piniel Mutadzo (39), Davision Zibute (44), Chengetai Nyangando (45), Josphine Nyagapa (37), Rudo Masunda (39), Barnabas Chirimhanzi (40), Maidei Moyounotsva (39), Egen Kambewa (29), Stanford Chanakira (29) and Anna Daniel (63).

Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Musaione Shortgame remanded them to July 11 on US$50 bail.

Prosecutor Ms Ntombikayise Nleya told the court that on April 12 at around 3pm, the group gathered at house number 10657 Nehanda Road in Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza, to organise a memorial service for the late Namane.

Constable Matova advised them to disperse, but they refused and later started fighting.