Mischief at propaganda central

via Mischief at propaganda central | The Zimbabwean 5 August 2014 by Jera

As Mugabe prepared to launch a political career for his mistress turned wife, the Herald published a eulogy to the late first lady, Sally – who was largely viewed as mother of the nation. She was a key member of the country’s liberation movement and, unlike her successor, who is trailed by scandal after scandal, she left an admirable legacy.

Even as Sally battled for her life against a chronic kidney ailment, Grace was at her home-wrecking best, carrying on an affair which began somewhere between the president’s office and the typing pool from which she was plucked. Each paragraph in the long eulogy for Sally has the effect of showing that the current first lady is, at best, a mere counterfeit when held up against the original.

As Heroes’ Day approaches, the Sally Mugabe eulogy might be relevant. But a cynic would be forgiven for wondering if the article is another subtle ploy by someone with a vested interest in the presidential succession race.


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    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    I dont know why people now want to exaggerate the “good” in this Sally Mugabe.

    She was the loyal and quiet wife, when here husband was raking havoc in Mthwakazi; gukurahunding nearly 20 000 of fellow black Africans. Where was she and what did she say or do?

    A woman like Sally would have certainly talked sense to this man, if only she had tried to moderate his actions. Are you saying she was also in the dark of what he was doing?????

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    tawanda 7 years ago

    The 20 000 are only the ones rhey have found so far. Sally was steering her quirky husband who, as he himself said to Lady Soames, had no idea as to how to run a country. She knew what was happening in Mthwakazi. She knew that her husband had been subordinate to Nkomo when the Mugabes came back from Ghana and that any threat to the Mugabes’ new position had to be removed or, in the phrase used at the time, the head had to be cut off the cobra in the house. Sarah Hayfron was no angel. Ask Princess Anne about the Save the Children Fund scam.

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    Sally is not the mother of this nation.

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    will never be the mother of this nation,,,had she survived till now would mugabe be any different??she helped sow the seeds of the tyranny we see today,,in other words only thieves cuddle up to thieves

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    Oh boy is judgment day going to be an interesting day! There will be no where to hide and no lies to tell as the father of all lies and deception-the devil-will be nowhere in sight. One of the most famous sermons ever preached was called, “SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD. ” Every drop of shed blood will be uncovered. Every lie will be exposed. Every theft, greed. corruption and plunder will be spilled out into the open. Every evil thing of the heart will be exposed by the ‘Light.” No sin will remain covered. It is better to come clean and repent now!

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    jobolinko 7 years ago

    same difference