Mliswa’s farm invaded ahead of by-election

via Mliswa’s farm invaded ahead of by-election – The Zimbabwean 27 April 2015

Zanu (PF) youths last night invaded Springfield Farm, owned by the party’s former Chairperson for Mashonaland West, Temba Mliswa and allegedly beat up his workers.

The youths allegedly destroyed Mliswa’s Land Cruiser vehicle as well.

This comes as Mliswa is set to battle it out with Keith Guzah in the Hurungwe West by-elections scheduled for June 10.

Mliswa was expelled from Zanu (PF) for allegedly undermining the party’s leadership.

“Youths went to my farm last night and started beating up workers and they even forced the cooks to cook for them. My vehicle was also destroyed by the youths who have unleashed a wave of terror to intimidate the people of Hurungwe West ahead of the by-elections,” said Mliswa.

He was speaking during a press brief in the capital today.

Mliswa expressed dismay at the lack of response from the police.

“We alerted the police concerning the violence but there has not been any response up to now. Some of my workers were injured and we thought the police were going to respond but up to now, there has not been any response,” said Mliswa.

He said the Zanu (PF) thugs had set up torture camps in Hurungwe West while others were camped at Magunje Guest House.

Mliswa said that some of his supporters had fled their homes for fear of being victimized by the Zanu (PF) youths

“Right now, we have women in Hurungwe West who do not know where their husbands, who are the breadwinners, are at the moment. All this is happening in little Hurungwe West so what are we saying about the 2018 elections?”said Mliswa.

He said he would be writing to President Robert Mugabe concerning the violence in Hurungwe West constituency.

He blamed Zanu (PF) Secretary for Administration, Ignatius Chombo for masterminding the violence in Hurungwe West.


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    When the police were not responding when he was raiding farms it was alright? What goes around comes around.

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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Shows these zanu types can tell the difference between wrong and right. Nice to see Mliswa on the other end of the stick for a change. Long may this continue. Hope there will be more victims who formerly dealt it out from inside zanu.

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    Tendai 7 years ago

    When they were beating up the white farmers and workers the police were idle. Now Mliswa occupies that white farmer’s property through lawlessness and expects the police to act in an nonpartisan manner to assist him?

    What a fool. What goes around, comes around.

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    Remember this maliswa idiot stole that farm now justice will be served on him……

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    Msizeni silwelani 7 years ago

    In other social fora i would simple print LOL. This is what the majority has been saying about zanu pf thugs while Mliswa and his cabal flatly denied. Nothing new. He must brave on till june 10. It cannot only be bad because pressure is being exerted in his direction. What i know for sure is that his current farm workers were part of the terror campaign during the cosy days in zanu pf. Probably the vehicle was acquired fraudulently, corruptly or forcibly.

    And the surname Guzah is not uncommon. Any reward.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago

    boko haram!

  • comment-avatar
    Charlie Cochrane 7 years ago

    Deja Vu dickhead! Ha ha

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    “His” farm??? Does he actually hold the title deeds? Did he actually PAY for it?

    I guarantee NO to both questions.

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    Yes!! MLISWA you are sampling what you nurtured -ENJOY IT WHILE STILL FRESH!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Johnnyk 7 years ago

    Mliswa is a thug, terroroist and cowardly theif. His history has left a trail of destruction across Zimbabwe. Rugby, Hockey, Farms, broken lives. I hope he gets double of what he has been dishing out for the last 20 years. I just wish that his victims could watch whilst he is beaten by the ZANU PF ZRP.

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    masvukupete 7 years ago

    “He said he would be writing to President Robert Mugabe concerning the violence in Hurungwe West constituency.”
    Imagine telling the chief instigator to solve your own problems.
    Dzakakwana here dza Temba.
    Kikikikikikikiki. Kwaaaaa. Loooool

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    thus how znpf behaves. ndiyo unfareness which the opposition has been saying but people like Mliswa were benefiting it was ok . its now your turn

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    Svosve 7 years ago

    Mliswa was hyper cruel during his days in Zanu PF. He drew his power from his sekuru Mutasa and considered himself an untouchable. The power is gone! And now Mliswa is tasting his own medicine. The guy was feared. An acquintance worked for his tobacco company back in 2008 and the poor guy was ‘handled rough’ to say the least! Mliswa got the guy arrested for demanding his salary arrears and severance pay. Those were the days when the ZRP Central’s cells in Harare were full of faeces (fresh &rotten) and the poor guy was detained overnight and released without charge after Mliswa had recovered the Mitsubishi that the guy was holding on pending payment of his dues. A few days before that, Mliswa had sent two truckloads to the poor guys home to harass him and his family. There was terror!

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    Chidumbu 7 years ago

    Sadza pot politics strikes again, who you going to blame this time as you can’t blame the white man, hope your suffering continues

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    Tiger Shona 7 years ago

    The guy is a liar. He does not own a farm.