NRZ workers in daily nationwide protests

via NRZ workers in daily nationwide protests – New Zimbabwe 27/04/2015

NATIONAL Railways of Zimbabwe workers have started daily nationwide protests aimed at forcing management to pay them their outstanding salaries.

The ailing parastatal has failed to pay its workers for the past 11 months. The workers are also owed thousands of dollars in unpaid transport allowances.

Last week the disgruntled workers staged a protest at the Bulawayo main station under the watchful eye of the anti-riot police. Addressing the workers, NRZ acting general manager Lewis Mugwada said the company was not in a position to pay salaries due to low business.

However, the parastatal’s four workers unions came up with a new strategy of daily two-hour protests to push management to act on their grievances.

In an interview with, Railway Association of Enginemen (RAE) vice-president Juniel Manyere vowed that they will continue with the daily protests until their concerns are addressed.

Manyere said the workers will return to work after every demonstration as a means of showing their commitment to the company.

“We want to expose mismanagement in the organisation, thus demonstrating against management and also demonstrate that we want to serve the organisation by going back to work. Even if the company manages to secure some partners they will know that they will find a committed workforce.

“We don’t want a complete work stoppage; what we want is to highlight our grievances that we have an insincere management which doesn’t know how to prioritise things,” said Manyere.

Railways Artisans Union (RAU) acting secretary general Farai Dambudzo said the unions were united and would push the board and management to address workers’ concerns.

“We are currently preparing a petition to the board that this management must go. That petition should be handed to the board and will be copied to the Minister of Transport Obert Mpofu and the Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko,” said Dambudzo.

Manyere also castigated the management for venturing into non-viable partnerships, pointing out that the partnership with Beitbridge Bulawayo Railway (BBR) was one such partnership from which the NRZ was not realising much.

“We have a situation where Beitbridge Bulawayo Railways takes away business from NRZ and the management tries to justify that saying all traffic belongs to NRZ when in fact it belongs to BBR,” he said.


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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    Another shambles. Where are the White managers? They did a better job.

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    Chiwaridza 7 years ago

    The railways in southern africa performed to an amazing standard in the late 1800’s – a person could mail a letter from Ndola in Zambia – it would arrive in England six weeks later almost to the day. The leg from Ndola to Cape Town was by rail. The recipient of the letter in England would then reply to the mail and post it so it would leave with the next scheduled ship for Cape Town. The ship would take 4-5 weeks to reach Cape Town,the letter would be placed on the scheduled train for Ndola where the recipient would recieve the letter a week later. This was in the 1800’s – we are in 2015 and the railways of southern africa are destroyed, another case of coloniasm creating serious, well managed infrastructure only to be destoyed by post independant Africa. The same scenario applies to agriculture. It is an embarrassment

    • comment-avatar
      Tozvi 7 years ago

      Funny though it shouldn’t be – black governments tend to be embarrassing, very embarrassing indeed.

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    Ezekiel Muti 7 years ago

    The militarisation of state institutions has compromised the functions of state enterprises. The government is concerned about power whist the economy is collapsing. are these the results of ZIMASSET?
    Railways workers must continue the struggle guys nothing comes from silence

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    Lets blame management. the system worked for a time but for a business to remain functional they have to have a good maintenance team. NRZ’s system is deplorable. we are still using diesel locomotives in the age of the bullet train. no one uses the train for travel anymore because it it too slow and i can only imagine what the cabins look like.
    The NRZ needs a new Image and new trains to cover local commute and transnational.