MPs in sex scandal

via MPs in sex scandal – The Zimbabwean 4.9.2015

At least three Zanu (PF) members of parliament, including a deputy minister from Masvingo, are under probe following an alleged sexual scandal involving the legislators and female child parliamentarians.

Zimbabwe has a junior parliament composed mostly of school-going children. The three legislators are reportedly asking for sexual favours from child parliamentarians in return for bank rolling their programmes and other activities in the province.

The Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children has instituted an investigation following chilling accounts of sexual demands by the parliamentarians. The chairman, Lungani Zwangovani, confirmed the development.

“These are serious allegations that will even worry President Robert Mugabe. We are going to leave no stone un-turned in our probe,” he said.
Zwangovani said the probe would involve interviewing the affected child parliamentarians and if anything criminal is discovered then the legislators would face possible prosecution. “We are not going to have any scared cows on this issue,” he added.

Some of the child parliamentarians said that they were undertaking several projects as mandated by the junior parliament and had approached MPs for assistance.

“We are being sexually abused by the MPs who ask for sexual favours from us,” said one of the girl legislators. “One of the MPs asked me whether I was chosen to be a child parliamentarian because of my beauty and body structure before asking to be intimate with me,” she said.
Some of the girls gave chilling accounts of how the MPs were abusing them sexually. As a result the child MPs have stopped asking for donations from MPs in the province. The affected MPs, whose names have been withheld pending the results of the enquiry, refuted the allegations and pleaded that the story not be published.


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    Wasn’t S.K Moyo infamous in this respect? I seem to remember he was keeping some 15 year old girl in Avondale?