MPs scramble for Magaya oil

via MPs scramble for Magaya oil – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 6, 2015

A NUMBER of legislators reportedly scrambled for anointing oil from Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya that was presented to them as gifts accompanying invitations to the charismatic preacher’s all-night prayer meeting to be held in Harare tonight.

By Everson Mushava

Magaya has invited all MPs for the all-night vigil dubbed Turnaround Night 4, where First Lady Grace Mugabe was supposed to be the guest of honour.

The invitation cards were distributed to MPs in the august House last week and in Victoria Falls at the budget consultative meetings.

MDC-T deputy chief whip, Dorcas Sibanda confirmed that all MPs had been invited to attend the service and were presented with a gift that comprised a DVD and anointing oil.

“I am one of the partners of PHD Ministries. Every Member of Parliament was invited. The MPs were provided with parking discs and VIP cards that were accompanied with a token comprising of a DVD and anointing oil,” she said.

“From my knowledge, all MPs, who were in the House scrambled for the anointing oil, which they wanted to take to their wives and husbands. They were happy with the anointing oil.”

Sibanda said Grace, who invited Magaya to her birthday party in July, would be the guest of honour at the prayer meeting that is expected to be attended by the country’s two Vice-Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko.

However, NewsDay last night was told the First Lady was now doubtful, with indications that she had reportedly cancelled for unspecified reasons.

Several MPs and Zanu PF supporters were expected to attend in solidarity with their leaders.

“The prophet invited everyone. He actually signed the invitation letters himself. It is not a political gathering, but a spiritual one,” Sibanda said.

“The church is holy ground. I am a politician, yes, but I forget all about that when I am in church. It is holy ground.

“It is good that the prophet has seen it important to target leaders (MPs) because that is where the people whom they lead are.”

She said attendance was discretional.

Magaya, a fortnight ago, said he was expecting over one million delegates, a sharp increase from last year, where an estimated 300 000 were reported to have attended the service.

Harare West MP, Jessie Majome (MDC-T) said she did not despise other people’s churches, but would not attend the crusade as she was a Roman Catholic.

She said the invitation of Grace as guest of honour had added to her confusion.

“Yes, we were invited. I didn’t take the invitation because I am a Catholic. I am also confused if this will be a church gathering or a political party one by the invitation of Grace as guest of honour,” Majome said.

Zanu PF chief whip, Lovemore Matuke encouraged people to attend as it was not a political event.

“I urge all Zanu PF MPs, where I have a direct whip, to attend, in case God will bless us with rains. The crusade is about God, it is not about the persons invited,” he said.

“Actually, the invitation of First Lady Grace Mugabe should add more appetite to those who want to pray.”

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said the MDC-T was a social democratic political party that upheld principles of freedom of worship, as well as freedom of expression.

“In fact, quite a number of our party members, including some legislators, are members of Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries. We have absolutely no problems with that,” he said.

“The MDC will never adopt any policy that curtails its membership’s freedom to join any lawful voluntary organisation of their choice.”


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    Gift Makumbe 7 years ago

    What’s worrisome about all this circus is the silence of orthodox Christianity? The scramble for the so called anointing oil has no biblical precedence and is therefore neither biblical nor Christian in practice. This a travesty of Christian truth, a direct indictment on the church. Every lie has a lifespan and it is my hope that sooner than later the Lord of hosts will bring an end to such falsehood. When so called prophets fight over petty issues like; “who is the most powerful” then their power source is not from God Almighty. Servants of God are complimentary not competitors. Lord help us

  • comment-avatar
    Planter 7 years ago

    Magaya – He just making money by persuasion, one of my staff pays half her salary each month on going to his meetings, then comes back to me as she is broke, not sure how much she is spending but I suspect it is around US$80 she is hooked but not my problem…………. imagine this figure multiplied by 1000’s – you are right Gift orthodox Christianity seems to be condoning it!!!! Magaya has made millions out of the peoples low esteem and faith.