Mugabe aide rips into ‘best minister’

via Mugabe aide rips into ‘best minister’ 3 August 2014

TOURISM Minister Walter Mzembi has been on a high after being publicly praised as one of the ‘best ministers’ by President Robert Mugabe.

But he may have burst his still small bubble by inadvertently contradicting his boss – a capital offence in Zanu PF.

Writing in the Saturday edition of The Herald, a columnist believed to be Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, dragged the youthful minister over the coals, accusing him of making reckless statements, “playing shy with being black” and becoming a willing lackey to white imperialists.

Mzembi appears to have offended the columnist while launching hisNational Tourism Policy in Harare last month when he lambasted war veterans and ruling Zanu PF supporters for disrupting tourism activities in the Save Valley Conservancy.

“We are not doing any good by threatening this small remaining white population. We do not want this small percentage to disappear. Let’s protect this small population of whites from disappearing altogether,” said the minister.

President Mugabe had, only a few weeks earlier made clear that Zimbabwe was no country for whites, as far as agricultural land was concerned, insisting that the few remaining white farmers must leave.

Mzembi presented his new policy in the presence of vice-president Joice Mujuru  who is said to be eager to take over from the 90-year-old Mugabe when he is off the political scene.

Undermining Mugabe is a risky enterprise in Zanu PF and by suggesting that the few remaining whites should be protected when the veteran leader had said they must go, Mzembi was clearly pushing his luck.

Wrote Nathaniel Manheru in The Herald: “(Mzembi’s remarks)invited a connection with the age-old, yet still virulently emotive land question.

“They also triggered questions about the manifesto of the ruling party, apart from the fact that a few weeks back, the President had made contrary points regarding whites and land in the country.”

Mzembi is part of the Mujuru camp in Zanu PF which is considered moderate and likely to ditch Mugabe’s radical policies should they win the hotly contested succession battle.

But Manheru said, in trying to be seen asmoderate and civilised, the minister – and others likemindedwere bending over “backwards for gratuitous ingratiation with the white world”.

Worse still, the minister had not only questioned the outcome of last year’s elections but also insulted the country’s majority blacks.

Said the columnist: “To try and appeal to national sentiment for the preservation of  ‘the few remaining whites’ in a country which remains trenchantly a white economy, frankly is to insult the many blacks precariously hanging on to “few” livelihoods in this inhospitable world they should call home.

“It is to foolishly suggest that power and mortality reside in numbers. In any case vapera here kwavakabva? Surely it does not take much to know that whites have always been few in this country, even during their heydays, but that their power has always been disproportionately huge, augmented by the many blacks who trip over each other to serve them?

“And such reckless statements make nonsense of the electoral outcome, indeed raises questions about whether political processes like elections do actually liberate us from being lackeys.

“Much worse, why do our ministerial statements contradict the messages behind the vote that installed us, that silenced the very “few whites” whose political proxies we defeated so resoundingly? And when a black man struggling to free themselves from a colonial economy says “let’s respect property rights”, what futures is he implying for himself and his race?”

Zimbabwe, Manheru reminded the minister, is a “black African man and woman’s country, the same way that Britain is a white man and woman’s country. Full stop. Too bad for whoever gets discomfited.

“And to say so, declare so, is not to outlaw from this country other peoples in their colours who might seek to carve a life here. It is to state an ownership fact which should always be incontestable, that should be borne in mind at all times by all comers, of recent or in history.”


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    feared by zanupf 7 years ago

    Let them play stupid party politics. It makes no difference. We haven’t had a functioning administration for 34 years. Explicit empirical observation

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    These people are really hard to understand. Never in my life have I seen so many contradictions.They still try to steal the little cake that’s there when they have cakes a plenty in their house. Then they tell people to come invest in the country. The next day they hate whites. Then they want aid from the all white EU. MAD PEOPLE WITH MAD IDEAS.

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    Justice 7 years ago

    I thought there were only about 10 whites left and yet according to Manheru they are still running the economy and owning all the land and deciding who votes against ZPF, doesn’t say much for the black Zimbabwe populations efforts?!!! Cheap race card once again.

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    kutongwa nonjazi 7 years ago

    I have seen racism, but in Zanu Pf, it’s at the level of Palestinians as they see the Jews. It doesn’t work….Isu tiri kunyika dzevarungu we never experienced racism not even in a dream. Learn to love and above all God places people at different geographical places for a good reason.

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    Clive Sutherland 7 years ago

    Charamba has an inferiority complex and is saying the black population of Zimbabwe should feel the same way.
    White control of Rhodesia and white control of the Zimbabwe economy ended years ago, stop bull sh***ing the more gullible section of Zimbabwes population, Zanupf has controlled Zimbabwe and the economy in ever increasing amounts since 1980, that is why Zimbabwe as a whole is on it,s knees and getting worse.
    If the whites are causing such a problem, why don,t you kick them all out of Zimbabwe? it would certainly help me as I would no longer have to send money to relatives there! You could replace the useless whites with yellow Chinese maybe?

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin Watson 7 years ago

      Mr Sutherland, Charamba like his boss is a useless racist parasite who has never created anything during his entire misbegotten existence. He thinks he can steal what he needs.

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    You know Walter actually tries to do his job. It is such a pity he has gotten himself embroiled with such a useless party. Maybe he is stuffing up his chances of a long and illustrious political career. Charamb should just shut up. Every time he opens his mouth he sounds like he is extremely constipated. ZPF are being eaten by their hatred and bitterness. And the bitterness is destroying an entire nation! If they hate the whites so much why do they take their taxes?

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    Tongoona 7 years ago

    Racial politics will destroy Zimbabwe. Whether Zimbabweans like it or not, it is fact that we are part of the global village. ZPF government better have good relations with the whites otherwise the international debt of over 8 billion will continue to balloon. What Zimbabwe wants most is sane mindedness not confusion. The look east policy has worsened the position of our political economy. Walter is the only intelligent guy in ZPF. He has quickly adapted to changing situations while those of lesser minds continue beating up the dust.

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    Don Cox 7 years ago

    “Racial politics will destroy Zimbabwe. ”

    And tribal politics.

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    Fundani Moto 7 years ago

    Anti-white statements should be of concern to all minorities in this country. Why are people not regarded as fellow human beings and Zimbabean first? If we trace back where each of our ancestors came from, we will find a lot of people with a “Hutu” background here calling themselves true Zimbabweans!!!

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    Bloody racists. Zanoids. This old now you bloody fools.