Mugabe, Mujuru in stormy meeting

via Mugabe, Mujuru in stormy meeting – The Zimbabwe Independent August 22, 2014

CLASHES at the chaotic and divisive Zanu PF Youth League conference a fortnight ago, which once again proved the party is torn down the middle, forced President Robert Mugabe to call an emergency meeting at State House last Friday where politburo members, cabinet ministers and Zanu PF provincial leaders confronted each other.

This was part of Mugabe’s efforts to reassert his grip on the party as internecine fights intensify ahead of the party’s elective congress in December, by bringing everyone to the table to discuss escalating problems caused by unresolved succession issues.

Volatile factionalism which the party has attempted to keep under From Page 1
officials openly took sides on who should be voted into the organs’ executives, much to Mugabe’s chagrin.

Intricate details of the stormy meeting at State House emerged amid revelations that relations between President Robert Mugabe and Vice-President Joice Mujuru are at an all-time low.

Top party officials, youths and provincial leaders confronted each other in front of Mugabe at the meeting which ran for seven hours last Friday from 11am. The party’s factional fights are getting dirtier due to anticipation that at 90, Mugabe is unlikely to carry on much longer.

Mugabe’s anger seemed to reach boiling point at the meeting as accusations and counter-accusations were traded between the youths and senior party officials linked to Mujuru’s camp.

The youths accused senior party officials, namely Mujuru, national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo, secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and national commissar Webster Shamu of plotting to unseat Mugabe at the December congress, while the Mujuru camp responded angrily stating that such plans were a figment of the imagination.

The acrimonious meeting will do little to stem factionalism in the party. There are two main factions in Zanu PF allegedly led by Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, both of whom have strenuously denied leading the camps.

Party insiders say the meeting changes nothing on the ground as Mujuru is still firmly in control of the provincial leadership and the Youth League executive.

The meeting was a follow-up to a meeting the same week on Wednesday convened by Mugabe with the Youth League in the aftermath of a shambolic conference marred by allegations of rigging, intimidation and vote-buying to influence the election outcome.

Seven youth chairpersons and national Youth League executive members Tongai Kasukuwere and Lewis Matutu, and outgoing deputy secretary for youth affairs Edison Chakanyuka blasted party bigwigs, whom they accused of interfering with the national Youth League elections.

They singled out Mutasa, Shamu, SK Moyo, ministers Dzikamai Mavhaire (Energy) and his deputy Munacho Mutezo, Walter Mzembi (Tourism), Olivia Muchena (Higher Education), and provincial chairpersons John Mvundura (Manicaland), Ray Kaukonde (Mashonaland East), Temba Mliswa (Mashonaland West), Andrew Langa (Matabeleland South) and Masvingo provincial minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti.
Straight-talking Matutu told Mugabe he was increasingly being isolated and is surrounded in the party presidium by people teaming up to unseat him.

“Mangosara mega President nekuti vamugere navo vese kutable ikoko havachakudii vanotodawo chigaro chenyu ichocho (You are now isolated Mr President because all those sitting with you at the high table (Mujuru, Mutasa and SK Moyo) no longer want you, they are plotting to unseat you,” Matutu said.

A visibly angry Mugabe then asked Mujuru to respond to the allegations to which she said they were all part of a sinister plot to remove her from the vice-presidency.

Sources said Mujuru responded: “Ndiyo nzira yamafunga yekundibvisa nayo pahuVP here President? (Is this the way you want to remove me from the Vice-Presidency?” to which Mugabe responded saying, “It is the people who elect leaders”.

“President mwana uyu andibaya nebanga nenhema dzake (The young man has stabbed me by his lies). It is only three years since my husband, Mujuru, died and these youths are doing this to me because they know I am alone. I have served under you all my life and I have never said I have ambitions to take over,” Mujuru is said to have told Mugabe.

As tempers flared, Khaya Moyo distanced himself from claims that he is going around the provinces campaigning for Mujuru.
“I am 69 years old and have served the party for 40 years and I cannot be drawn into such a discussion with these youths,” he was quoted as saying.

In response to the youths’ claims that he was campaigning for Mujuru when he addressed youths in all the provinces under the guise that he was promoting the government’s economic blueprint, ZimAsset, Mutasa said: “You appointed Mujuru and told her that she should aim higher. We support you your excellency and the whole presidium.”

Mutasa was referring to Mugabe’s statement in December 2004 when Mujuru was elected second secretary of the party, when he encouraged her to aim higher.

Sources said Mugabe had no kind words for party bigwigs whom he said should desist from interfering with the youths and women.

Mugabe also attacked Mavhaire after it allegedly emerged that he gave Mliswa the money distributed to party youths from Mashonaland West.

“Mugabe was also livid with Mavhaire saying he was not grateful after he (Mugabe) literally fished him out of poverty by appointing him to cabinet,” a source said.

Mavhaire was appointed Energy minister after last year’s general elections. He had spent many years in the political wilderness after a fallout with Mugabe prompted by his speech calling on the veteran leader to step down in the late 1990s.

“As pressure mounted, Shamu tried to defend his role in the youth conference by dismissing newspaper reports which implicated him in the saga,” the source said.

On Wednesday Mavhaire refused to comment, referring all questions to party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo.

“We don’t discuss party matters with the press. The party has a spokesperson called Rugare Gumbo, thank you,” Mavhaire said before hanging up.

Khaya Moyo also refused to comment on the details of the meeting and referred questions to presidential spokesperson George Charamba.

Mutasa said he could not comment as he was in meetings.
“I can confirm that there was that meeting that involved the President and all those party officials,” said Gumbo on Thursday morning, adding, “but unfortunately, I cannot give you the details as to exactly what transpired because I was not part of the meeting.”

Matutu on Wednesday said the youths met with the President, but was not in a position to say what transpired at the meeting.

“It is true we met the President to discuss internal party issues to map the way forward following the chaotic youth league conference,” Matutu said.

“However, I am not in a position to give you details of what happened because these are internal issues.”
In separate briefings with bigwigs in Mujuru’s camp, they said were not going to back down.

“There is nothing wrong in looking beyond Mugabe. He is 90 and it would be stupid for anyone not to plan for his succession. Mugabe is to blame for the factionalism because he failed to resolve the issue,” a Mujuru loyalist said.

“Mugabe is also wading into factional fights for personal reasons, to promote family business interests. Zanu PF is bigger than individual interests. Mugabe is the one promoting factionalism and might want to pull a fast one on Mujuru at the congress as he did to Mnangagwa in 2004 when he amended the constitution making one of his deputies a woman.”


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    Mapingu 8 years ago

    “Mugabe is also wading into factional fights for personal reasons, to promote family business interests. Zanu PF is bigger than individual interests. Mugabe is the one promoting factionalism and might want to pull a fast one on Mujuru at the congress as he did to Mnangagwa in 2004 when he amended the constitution making one of his deputies a woman.”

    Whoever said this is right on the spot. Indeed, its all Mugabe’s fault. If anything ever went wrong in our poor Zimbabwe, it the fact that ‘by hook and crook Mugabe ever became the leader of the country’. Put in other terms, if the Zimbabwean people are being punished by God, which seems to be the case, it can never be for anything else, but ” for their lack of foresight and ever making Mugabe the leader of the once beautiful country”. How on earth did it ever happen really?

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      Mugabe “imharapatsetse”, he will cause commotion all for selfish ends. He is driven by nothing else but ensuring he remains at the helm of the party and the country. Itsvuku kuviri Mugabe. True he is buying into factionalism and he wants both parties to pay allegiance to him. The closer he brings them to him the more he remains in control. He will never yield power to either Mujuru or Mnangagwa. Both factions “vari kutambiswa bhora risina mweya.” It’s Mugabe’s wish to leave his son at the helm of the party and country. If Bona was a boy she would today be groomed to lead and take over under the guise of factionalism in the party.
      What makes me happy about these developments is at least people are coming more openly and speaking out though they can not publicly do so. Mugabe is more concern about fortifying his position than the ailing economy. He would rather focus his energies on that than rebuilding the economy, which goes to show how less caring for the poor people in Zimbabwe he is.

      It was good for Mutasa to remind him of his statement that on Mujuru’s appointment, he made it public that she was to aim high. This statement was also made in the context of those who were ambitious to take his throne and today he feels threatened by the same person he was “grooming” to take over – if at all.

      Mugabe is of an unpredictable personality, “unochinja ruvara serwaivhi”. The John come lately – Matutu and crew are just a bunch of youths being used by the other faction so that Mugabe sees a threat in Mujuru than an ally. The clandestine fights are getting dirty and more visible. It’s not true that he is taking sides but all he is doing to ensure the levels of energy in the factions are toned down to manageable levels. He is trying to ensure every faction tore the line. If any of the factions go overboard he clips their wings and ensure the level of factionalism is more moderate than anything else and doesn’t cause a huge rift that he will not be able to manage.

      Never underestimate Mugabe, he knows how he got at the helm of the party and the country. He is very much aware of what’s brewing behind the scenes. He has to keep them in control and limit their power of factionalism at that level than see any of the two getting too ambitious to topple him. Power is sweet and so Mugabe can’t let go. He is busy building his dynasty and anything that comes as an impediment can never be tolerated.

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    Spears 8 years ago

    Mugabe ndiye mutambi wetsoro dzese idzi…they have to find a way of dealing with him for the sake of the country and the economy.

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    Tsuro 8 years ago

    I do not think we could be in all this nonsense had we put Mdara Josh panyanga in 1980. Unfortunately Matibili played the tribal card very well and the majority fell for the trip…today we harvest thorns

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    Sando to that camp that openly challenges Mugabe’s position.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Sometimes simplistic sounding truisms carry more weight than we accord to them. ‘Behind every successful man is a woman.’ Also ‘Behind the fall of a successful man is another woman.’

    Mugabe after Sally and Tsvangirai after Susan were different animals.

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    Is this not a more news-worthy story? – Why has Zimsituation ignored it?

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      thanks for pointing that out. we are short staffed and it is not possible to cover every news source. we did not ignore it on purpose. cheers

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    A trap of his own making – Mugabe cannot ditch Mujuru, because then the succession race would be over, with Mnangagwa the winner.
    At that point, the entire party would say: OK – we have a successor, so let Mudhara retire!!

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    Something tells me Ngwenya has a hand in all this, the Next President of Zimbabwe, then God help us all, another multi millionaire villain!

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    A cowardly comical circus childish farce by spoilt bunch of rogues. Bet they didn’t spend one second to fix the shot economy etc etcetcetc. Cos they all multi millionaires. They don’t know suffering…….but thanks to the imminent inevitable mob justice arising these criminals soon will experience suffering together with immoral amoral family/relatives

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    I like mdc and tsvangirai because they want to take over from the 90 year old and help zimbabweans because everyone in zanu is saying they not prepared to lead zimbabweans to a better life

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 8 years ago

    zimbabweans do not deserve this rubbish life just because zanu can not fix their succession problems

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      Worried! 8 years ago

      So you think these people can give up power to an anyone and have a free and fair election with any opposition when they themselves cannot get along within their own camp? Sad my generation will never see a Zimbabwe with selfless leadership. A leadership that has the future for its people at heart and not corrupted by greed and love for power at all cost.

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    wensil 8 years ago

    Its too late for the likes of Mujuru to confront Mugabe now. They should have done this 20 years ago. This guy has been useless from day one and they should have challenged him all those years ago and it seems only Tekere had the guts to do so.

    “I have served under you all my life and I have never said I have ambitions to take over,” – so what ambitions do you have? To be deputy to a 90 year old?

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    Clemency Sibanda 8 years ago

    Zanu PF is proving to be very evil to the people of Zimbabwe by spending so much time,energy and resources on their party affairs instead of addressing socio-econonic issues bedevilling our nation.

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    Clemency Sibanda 8 years ago

    Zanu PF is proving to be very evil to the people of Zimbabwe by spending so much time,energy and resources on their party affairs instead of addressing socio-econonic issues bedevilling our nation.As ruling party Zanu PF should be more concerned with the economic suffering endured by Zimbabweans.We are tired of being despised by our neighboring countries.

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    Ndebvu Mukomichi 8 years ago

    Me says:
    It would be unwise to believe everything that the newspapers write. The reality on the ground is:
    1. Bob ari kutonga in his own way- unhelped and unhindered.
    2. Choto chekutungamira nyika- chine matare acho- as stated by Ngwena.
    3. Every vibrant political party has factions where ideas are discussed and turned into reality.
    4. Dreaming about other historical would-be leaders such as Josh et al- is just that – dreams or should i say wet dreams which can never cause a pregnancy or bear fruit.
    5. In conclusion – Bob ndizvo- muhofisi umo!

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    There was a time Mugabe summarily dealt with thorns in his side. Rumour has it……Well since the whole lot of his close compatriots have turned against him why doesn’t he do what he has been known to do in the past? Or is he chicken now?

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    The party is Zimbabwe. A party for all Zanu thugs to enjoy.

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    Mugabe is now in a catch 22 if he keeps mujuru on vp she can plot to outst him if he appoints mnangagwa he will force him out definately…..his best move is to appoint his wife as vp that way he is safe but as soon as he passes on i can tell u this his wife will be dragged in the mud as she will pay for his husbands sins kkkkk ichoooooo ngachitsve

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    Ngwenayasvinura 8 years ago

    Zorora mufugare Gwenzi,zorora.murugare Mutusva,zorora murugare Gamba.Mapfupa ako achamuka.ndiwe chete waigona kupindura nekugadzirisa hwereshenga iyi.Mdzima wako akukuchemera kuti dai uripo waimira naye.Asi kuda hutongi Gwenzi, haana kumiramira kuti marangwanda ako afukunurwe nevaongorori,akasiya zvakadaro,hwereshenga ikaita madiro.Ngatimusiyeiwo Mwendamberi,Mvurayadzonga,matangakunwa, vesure vanonwa mabvondwe.RIP Mkoma Solomon Mujuru

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    Like it or not our true hero will be Jona.The weevil way in the best. Kill from within Johso. If this part cant disintergrate from within then vanotonga kusvika madhongi anenyanga sezvakataurwa na Cde MZee

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    chikhangalafula moses shoko 8 years ago


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      Straight Shooter 8 years ago

      Rubbish. No unity with Shona gukurahundis. Only separation/apartheid will do!

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    You now all regret having not put big Josh panyanga. In fact ndi Margaret Thatcher akapa Chatunga hu premier. Remember there was no voters roll. The British the bloody cheats.

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    All the 16 comments are happy with chaos in Zanu Pf, no one sympathize with it… tell me where the party’s mandate came from to win the election 31 July? If Mugabe wakes up dead, there will be joy in the streets and in homes. Police, soldiers and airforce will take over the country but at least pple will celebrate. I will join the massess in celebrating. Mandela, Kamuzu Banda, etc are all dead….some went on life support for months just to refuse to die but they died. Mutasa, Mugabe and the old madhala will still die and provide moments of good cheer to the country. Unlike the sad death of umdhala wetu

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    tongogara 8 years ago

    They must start shooting each other for the benefit of Zim. Mugabe is old, but svinoda masimba too much. Svangova svirangwanda but hasvidi kubva svimhondi isvi!

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    itsover 8 years ago

    hes is desperate.he has failed to lead the country no wonder why he is trying to cause commotion amongst party members.he is making them to fight whilst inciting the so called youths.we are not going sit and see grace run the country.enough is enough.all the wealth they have belong to zimbabwe.time will come when zimbabwe will demand what is theirs to be returned.he thinks zimbabwe is his business.senior zanu pf members should see that they are being used and ridiculed by this man and grace and opah .please unite and aim at rescuing this country that has been misruled for the past three decades.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Mugabe is cowardly by sending his wife to start this fiasco. Now that he has lost control of his party, he sees red where there is no “red” what an actor. There may be more dissenting voices in Zpf than he is aware of. It is not only the accused Zpf members who want Mugabe to give way to new leadership but all the people outside Zpf party. Mugabe should call it quits because it is fact that at 90 years of age he is old. Any weaknesses Mugabe may have shown in the past 34 years will definitely show in his wife Grace should she get to helm because he is her mentor and role model. A poisoned tree will bear poisonous fruits.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    This is not my comment on this nyaya. What is wrong with this forum. Munongoda zvekufurema vanhu chete. Makaita sei imi?