Mugabe nephew savages war vets

via Mugabe nephew savages war vets – DailyNews Live 5 November 2015

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao has teared into the country’s boisterous war veterans, saying that “real ex-combatants were not noise-makers, but progressive people who do not abuse the youth”.

In response to an unprecedented attack by a group calling itself the Zimbabwe Youth Action Plan (ZYAP) on him and two other Cabinet ministers linked to the ambitious Generation 40 (G40) faction, the Indigenisation minister said it was sheer cowardice for some so-called former fighters to hide behind the youths in pursuance of their nefarious activities.

“Don’t think that you can come here and threaten me uchitaura papress conference. We know there are some fake war veterans sending them, but real war veterans come to us as ministers,”  Zhuwao said at the poorly-attended launch of a $10 million empowerment fund yesterday.

“If you are daring enough, come and I will deal with you. If we analyse what Mr (Tonderai) Chidawa said, he alleges that Zhuwao has ruinous indigenisation policies. We will go ahead with indigenisation. Who are you to talk about indigenisation? A sell-out who was sent by the whites,” he said, adding he was ready to take some of these elements head on.

“You cannot… tarnish the image of war veterans. They are our allies as they gave us these jobs we occupy. Who are you to tell me that I cannot visit the Heroes Acre when my mother Sabina is buried there? If you are being sent by someone go back and tell them to come to me personally and we will deal with their issues.”

Zhuwao’s tirade came after ZYAP savaged him, his Local Government counterpart Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Philip Chiyangwa for allegedly causing divisions in Mugabe’s Zanu PF through a variety of actions.

In particular, Chidawa’s group says the youthful minister’s pursuance of ruinous economic policies such as a 10 percent indigenisation tax would deter foreign investments, but an unfazed Zhuwao said he was ready for the ultimate combat with the youths’ backers, including the faceless war veterans and their lackeys.

Crucially, ZYAP said the former Zvimba North legislator must not be allowed to lay his hands on the new fund until his friends, including Kasukuwere, fully explain how previous funds such as the Old Mutual-CABS one was distributed.

On the other hand, Moyo, Kasukuwere and Chiyangwa were fanning divisions by attacking war veterans, and social media messages.

“It defies logic… that on top of the 51 percent ownership matrix provided by IEEA, Cde Zhuwao insists on molesting investors by requiring them to pay 10 percent taxation,” Chidawa’s said earlier this week, adding the prescribed measures were “an affront to ZimAsset and would compound, if not cloud, clarity in terms of the country’s investment policies”.

However, a defiant Zhuwao said he would press ahead with his stated plans and went on to warn foreign-owned companies not to interfere or meddle in Zimbabwe’s political affairs.

“Indigenisation will go ahead and those who do not want to be indigenised will pay the empowerment tax. Don’t… threaten me,” he said, adding that any suggestions to him should “not be confrontational and through third parties”.

Even, though, Kasukuwere was the first to call war veterans a bunch of drunkards, First Lady Grace Mugabe has upped the ante by saying this group had no claim to special privileges.


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      Doris 7 years ago

      If they were white on the inside they would’nt be in the state they are in now.

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    Please lets respect each other. As War Vets we are the vangaurd of our independance of Zimbabwe . We liberated zimbabwe through bloodshed and almost every family lost their beloved one during the war of liberation.
    We never liberated this country through politics ,you know that all the nationalist where locked up in jail .
    Now that you are free to say what ever you want because of the above status quo. So please lets respect each other.

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    Ndonga 7 years ago

    “Teared into” surely this should be “torn into”, but that’s really a small matter even though all Zimbabweans have reasons to shed tears.
    What is troublesome is how this upstart Patrick Zhuwao has become more and more aggressive while trying to put his personal stamp on Zimbabwe politics. He seems like a very young man in a very big hurry. Perhaps he knows more than we do about the fragility and “end of life” symptoms being shown in private by his uncle Robert.
    Watch this Patrick Zhuwao. We have suffered and been scattered worldwide by his uncle Robert Mugabe and it seems certain that he has big ambitions to copy his style. He obviously has big ambitions to succeed his Uncle Robert when that man finally does the whole of Zimbabwe a favour and leaves this earth. When that day arrives, poor aunty Grace will get a big shove into the wilderness where she came from. How much pleasure it would give Zimbabweans to see her back behind her trusty Olivetti typewriter in some dusty Government office…!
    I was amused by Zhuwao’s threat to war veterans, “If you are daring enough, come and I will deal with you.” Who can take this man seriously? Please have a look at his photos under “Google images”. He looks more like an overage dagga-smoking hippy who has been sleeping rough on the streets for weeks on end. He is certainly not a person who can be taken seriously, or feared even.

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    Please lets respect each other . As War Vets we are the Vangaurd of our Independance of Zimbabwe. We liberated Zimbabwe through bloodshed ,sacrifice and almost every family in Zimbabwe lost their beloved one .
    We never liberated this country through politics, you know that all the nationalist where locked up in prison. Now that we own our on sovereignty and you are free to say what ever you want to say because of the above status quo. So please lets respect each other.
    Victory is certain.

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    guest 7 years ago

    What a spineless character, with a stupid personality. Empowerment tax on indigenisation. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard something sinister of that nature anywhere else in the world. Riding on his uncle ticket, only time will tell.

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    Zambezi 7 years ago

    35yrs of independence, maybe 10,000 whites in Zimbabwe and this idiot Zhuwao is still scared of the whites and blaming them for all the failures of the ZANUPF Government. 35yrs after independence and still blaming the whites…… totally unbelievable!!!!! Maybe he suffers from inadequacy, he has seen the writing on the wall, when Uncle Bob goes, ZANUPF goes, and when that happens, let all the chefs and those that have been supporting them, know, their time is coming. They will end up behind bars or on the hangmans noose (those involved in the genocide of the 80″s). All their wealth will be confiscated and attached by the new state to help with the rebuilding.

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    Gud one Zambezi, I really hope to live long enough to see the day our long oppressed people get justice for this unnecessary suffering