Ndonga consumed by Zanu PF

via Ndonga consumed by Zanu PF – New Zimbabwe 21/04/2015

THE ruling Zanu PF has officially swallowed up the small Zanu Ndonga opposition party which was formed by the late veteran politician and nationalist Ndabaningi Sithole.

Ndonga was a dominant force mainly in the Chipinge area where the late Sithole hailed from.

Speaking at Chibuwe centre in Chipinge district, where unity celebrations where held on Sunday last week, former Zanu Ndonga president, Wilson  Khumbula, said they have resolved to work together with  Zanu PF.

“We (Zanu Ndonga) have decided to unite and work together with our fellow former freedom fighters.

“We share the same historical values, principles and objectives of the armed liberation struggle,” Khumbula told the gathering which was attended by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs (Manicaland), Mandi Chimene.

Khumbula said the disbanding of Ndonga to merger with Zanu PF was based on principles and common vision with Zanu PF and not on selfish ambitions.

“We have not done this for ourselves as individuals but for our people and country.  We want to build our country in unity of purpose and to provide a future for our citizens,” said he said.

Khumbula paid tribute to ICT deputy minister and Chipinge East legislator Winnie Mlambo for facilitating the merger talks last year.

“The first discussions started in 2002 led by Dr Sydney Gata (former Zesa boss), Chris Mushohwe (former Manicaland Governor), Mike Madiro (then Zanu PF provincial chairperson) and Sakabuya.

“The second round of talks were led by Didymus Mutasa and his team which comprised Webster Shamu, John Mvundura and Goko but they collapsed due to inconsistencies and insincerity on the part of negotiators,” said Khumbula.

He said efforts to forge alliances with other opposition parties such as MDC failed due to differences in values, principles and objectives.

Meanwhile, Chimene said Zanu Ndonga’s move to unite with Zanu PF was welcome since both parties share similar ideologies.

The late Ndabaningi Sithole was elected a lawmaker for his home district of Chipinge in 1995.

In December 1997, he was tried and convicted for conspiring to kill President Robert Mugabe and disqualified from sitting Parliament. He was granted the right to appeal, but no appeal was filed.

Sithole again won the Chipinge seat in June 2000. He died on December 12, 2000, aged 80, in the United States, after going there for medical treatment.