Dzamara: No answers says police

via Dzamara: No answers says police – New Zimbabwe 21/04/2015

INVESTIGATIONS into the whereabouts of anti-Mugabe activist, Itai Dzamara, are leading nowhere with police revealing that they are still searching with no answer.

In a by-monthly update to the High Court, the head of Law and Order in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Crispen Makedenge said his troops were on the ground searching for Dzamara but no luck seems to be coming their way.

The report which was sent to the courts through the civil division of the attorney-general’s office indicated that police with the aid of an informant, tried to explore “all possible avenues” to locate Dzamara.

“Police are in constant contact with the lawyers for Human Rights in an endeavour to locate the missing person,” Makedenge told the court.

The police boss, who is also the investigating officer in the case, said the force launched a media blitz on Dzamara’s abduction and disappearance with the aim of inviting anyone with information that could help locate him.

“On 8 April 2015 Human Rights Lawyer, Gift Mtisi of Musendekwa, Mtisi legal practitioners visited the investigating officers in the company of an informant Stephen Sibanda,” Makedenge said.

“His information was acted upon but could not yield any positive results as to the whereabouts of the victim, Itai Dzamara.

“All possible avenues are still being followed and the police’s doors are open for any eventualities.”

The update which was sent to the courts on April 13, is the second after the High Court ruled that all state security agencies (police and CIO) and ministers responsible for the sector, must do “all possible to locate Dzamara” who was leading a protest against Mugabe and his Zanu PF rule.

The journalists-cum-activist, through his advocacy initiative, led a campaign code named, ‘Occupy Africa Unity Square’ to demand Mugabe’s resignation.

After his disappearance, which opposition parties and rights groups have blamed on government, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights representing his family, approached the High Court seeking an order to compel security ministers and agencies to employ all resources available to locate Dzamara.

But to date, no progress has been made in locating the activist with his family now saying they are feared the worst.


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    zimbabwe is a country where you may be killed for what you think.
    nokuti zanu pf vanozvinyepera.
    havadi chokwadi.
    asi hatisi kumukanganwa.
    never ever.

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    Mupurisa 7 years ago

    Is there anyone out there who really believes this nonsense?? This is the same institution which found nothing suspicious about Solomon Mujuru’s death in a fire that ‘engulfed’ his home. ‘Nuff said!!

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    Shingie 7 years ago

    U never cease to amaze me. So you want to send the perpetraters to investigate a crime they committed