Nyabadza tears into “new” farmers

via Nyabadza tears into “new” farmers – The Zimbabwean 28.10.2015

Unproductive farmers occupying land allocated to them during the controversial land “reform” exercise should move from being content with mere ownership of the properties and seek partnerships that will boost operations.

Agricultural Rural Development Authority board chairman, Basil Nyabadza, castigated the failed farmers describing them as absentee landlords who should now swallow their pride and rope in investors with adequate resources to turn around the agricultural sector.

“The issue of farmers who were allocated land but have since done nothing with it is really a cause forconcern. We have people like judges, teachers, nurses and people from other professions who benefitted during the land reform programme but many of them have become absentee landlords,” he told The Zimbabwean  recently.

Nyabadza further revealed that Arda had taken it upon itself to attract private partners and ensure a win-win situation despite the indigenisation law that compels foreign investors to abide by a 49/51 percent shareholding.

“What we are going to do is to talk to the farmers and then engage the investors. We know there have been strong emotions by the investors due to the indigenisation policy but we will allow both parties to have a win-win situation,” said Nyabadza.


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    gushungo dairy is $20 million in debt …
    perhaps they need a non-indigenous partner to help them out
    someone with a strong stomach

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    Ah yes – Zim madness, as usual. Couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    Pick and choose law at play as usual, nurses farming what a laugh.

    Start with one Bill of rights for all citizens or fall like the Romans.

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    “…. We have people like judges, teachers, nurses and people from other professions who benefitted during the land reform programme but many of them have become absentee landlords,” Nyabadza told….

    Esssh! Have “they become absentee landlords” or they have always been – from day 1, if not from day zero?

    This is the genesis of Zim’s problems. The so-called leaders never know what to say, let alone do. They always say or do the worst even when the best is too obvious. Nxaaaaaa!

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    harper 7 years ago

    The new farmers were duped. They went to all the trouble and expense of driving off the rightful owners only to discover that there was no cell phone signal.

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    mancoba mancoba 7 years ago

    TRUE VA NYABADZA. BUT IYO ARDA YAKAZOMBODINIWO? I think Basil Nyabadza is not qualified to comment on new farmers because he presides over a failed parastatal. I’m surprised he is still employed by ARDA, he should have long been fired. Kuwona banzi muziso remumwe iwe une zidanda remuvanga muziso.

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    Zambuko 7 years ago

    Nyabadza must watch what he says. By criticizing the new farm owners, it is probably wrong to call all of them new farmers, he is in effect criticizing HERGM’s policy of giving farms to judges, teachers, nurses and professional people rather than to, well, farmers. Clearly this must not go unchallenged as it misses the point. The whole point of the controversial land reform programme, there is that word “controversial” being misused again, was to give the land back to it’s aboriginal owners, indigenous and , for the avoidance of error, that means black, Zimbabweans. By this measure the non-racist land reform programme has been an outstanding success and HERGM is to be applauded for this. The real failure, and this must not be placed at HERGM’s door, is that sufficient support was not given to the programme to make it a success. This must be addressed immediately or we risk feeding into that colonial misconception that only settlers can farm.

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      Onelove 7 years ago

      Actually the new “famas” received government support..Every year fertiliser, seed, even implements were handed out for free…Unfortunately these weresold pon for cash to squander and even destroyed…so now we see a wasteland in farming areas…These farming areas were once booming with bumper harvests..With vibrant communities, dynamic farmers and strategic maize and wheat storage facilities. We actually exported maize and wheat because of surplus …sadly #realzimbabweanfarmers booted out of their country of birth for being white for the crime of farming…Micah 2 in the Bible worth a read….cry beloved Zimbabwe!!!

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        The new farmers are not being supported fully. The truth is in Zimbabwe as long as you are an ordinary person and knows no one up there, you are nothing. Those related to big chefs can access loans at bank. Those related to big wigs can access farm equipment and inputs. Ask those related to big wigs, they have title deeds of their farms making it easy for them to kweleda. The climate is changing so are the rain seasons. So what do you want the farmer to do? Mvura ndeyaMwari. Ivo vana Nyabadza vanorimirwa mahara. Who knows kana mbewu mahara. Migodi vanochererwa mahara. So he should stop comparing new farmers with himself. So what he is saying is teachers, judges, nurses, etc shouldn’t have got land? Why not mention Ministers who are always in Parliament, Cabinet, Politburo, Central Committee, Trips both local and foreign, in ministry offices they represent? Kutya ka?

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    This is beyond a joke. Mugabe should just step up and accept that he made a bad decision to cling onto power (and wreck the economy). The sooner he dies th better. Let’s get past the dictator and rebuild.

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    Even himself Nyabadza is an absentee Landlord/useless Board chair of the now defunct ARDA

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    C Frizell 7 years ago

    Why on earth should famnas be “supported”? Using tax money from working people to “support” idle and thieving failures?

    In my long life I know of no successful businessman, manufacturer or farmer who was “supported” in any way whatsoever.

    This whole Land Grab business was just The Mafia pandering to the racism and greed of their brainless suppotas.

    And the result was totally predictable – as many pointed out at the time.

    Pamberi ne Zanooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!