Mujuru’s PF holds meetings in SA

via Mujuru’s PF holds meetings in SA – The Zimbabwean 28.10.2015

Joice Mujuru’s People First has surreptitiously held a number of introductory meetings in South Africa as the party readies itself for an official launch within the next few months.

Dubbed  “Value humanity, remember who you are  and where you are going”, the initiative encourages Zimbabweans in the diaspora to participate in rebuilding their country and registering to vote in 2018.

“We are trying to restore the confidence lost by people in our political leaders who have failed the country,” said Lawrence Mavhaire, the party provincial convener in South Africa. “Our initiative also involves mobilising Zimbabweans to remember their origins, go back home and build our country. We want them to start registering to vote in 2018.

“We are reaching out to various people as we want to hear and understand what they want so our party constitution represents everyone. It is hard work for us but we will not tire until the country is developed. We are giving everyone a chance to share with us views on how to develop the country and how they want the party to be run,” added Mavhaire.

PF’s youth provincial convener Darlington Sibanda challenged his fellow young people to shun violence and stop being used. “As young people we should always come together and work for a better tomorrow, despite political affiliations. We have to do away with this culture of boot-licking and being used by old people with ulterior motives. This has destroyed our country. We get divided the moment others are turned into boot-licking for survival. It’s high time we come together and do away with violence which has kept some dictators and bad politicians in power,” he said.

Another member, Noel Behane, said, “People First is here to destroy the cult called Zanu (PF). They had their time but failed. They divided people on tribal lines to survive, destroyed the economy, but now everyone is aware of their strategies and intentions. It’s time we bury them once and for all.”


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    Tanonoka Joseph Whande 7 years ago

    Now that we have heard from “enthusiastic supporters outside Zimbabwe, may the people, please, hear from those responsible?
    Rugare Gumbo? Didi Mutasa?
    Your supporters cannot start by getting second hand information when you are there.

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    Chiremba Honestly 7 years ago

    I wish every person must register for 2018 general election in order to dislodge zanu patrotic front.

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    i really liked this move, it clearly shows the direction these people have

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      taneta nevaroyi veZanu pf who as usual always up to say the gun barrel is mightier than the pen . they want war not election

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    Since Mujuru’s party includes Didimus Mutasa, who bitterly refuses to recognise the blood he spilt of the Ndebele people through the Gugurahundi strategy, how does Mujuru anticipate the way forward without justice for the exterminated Ndebele families? How is the way forward possible without closure and justice for the innocent blood of masses that was shed after ZANU-PF came to power in 1980?