Poor rains: Govt funds cloud seeding

via Poor rains: Govt funds cloud seeding – New Zimbabwe 08/11/2015

THE Metrological Department says the country is going to experience the shortest rainfall season it has ever had and, as such, farmers should use proper agricultural management systems.

Tambu Pasipangodya, a senior staffer with the Meteorological department, told a workshop in Harare on Friday that the 2015/2016 season was going to see very low rainfall.

She said gone are the days when the rain season would start in October and end in April and called on farmers to go for short season variety crops if they are to adapt to the changing weather patterns.

“We are saying there is a likelihood of a short rainfall season, our rains should come from between December to February or maybe in the northern part of the country it might extend to March,” she said.

“So, what does this mean to the agricultural sector? If there is going to be a late start which is maybe in late November into December we are saying to you the farmers we are really looking forward to seeing good management of many farming operations.”

Changes in the country’s rainfall patterns are said to be caused by climate change.

As a response to the changing rainfall patterns, experts have suggested cloud seeding.

But Pasipangodya said the artificial rainfall making needs special natural clouds to be there for it to be successful.

“We are pleased to announce that the government has set aside some funding for cloud seeding but please note that cloud seeding can only occur when the conditions are conducive,” she said.

“We need certain types of clouds to be there for it to take place.”


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    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    What if there are no clouds to do seeding on, maybe hire the services of native Americans.
    If all unemployed blacks do a urination effort, fertilizer and watering may be combined.

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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    Well wake up Zimbabwe when you chop down all the trees and create man made deserts the natural equilibrium is changed and hence less rain and less rain. But hey Mugabe said you are all happy and have land. Pity the dumb nation doesnt know how to manage it.

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    anesu 7 years ago

    come on guys, lets be serious for once and write meaningful comments. This is a noble gesture particularly for poor peasant farmers out there in the villages with no alternatives sources of livelihoods apart from farming