Zanu-PF dinner oversubscribed

via Zanu-PF dinner oversubscribed | The Herald November 9, 2015

Zanu-PF’s fund-raising dinner for the party’s 15th Annual National People’s Conference held in Harare on Friday, was oversubscribed with some people failing to secure tables.

The national conference is scheduled for Victoria Falls between December 7 and 13 under the theme “Consolidating People’s Power through Zim-Asset”.

Guest of honour Vice President and Zanu-PF Second Secretary Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa said 50 tables were reserved for the dinner, but more tables had to be added.

“Your presence here tonight and your generous donations attest to the confidence you have in the party and its ability to steer the nation into prosperous, stable and united Zimbabwe.

“Let me assure you that your generous donations will be utilised prudently for the benefit of not only the party, but the nation as a whole.

Platinum tables were going for $100 000, gold ($50 000), silver ($30 000) and bronze $10 000.

Said VP Mnangagwa: “The party ascribes great importance to stability and predictability of socio-political and economic policies as a prerequisite for sustainable and economic growth.

“Efforts will be made during this year’s national conference to evaluate and review policies taking into account the interest of our society including the business sector.”

Cde Mnangagwa lashed out at people with opportunistic tendencies who identified with the party for individualistic gains and self- aggrandisement.

“Let us maintain zero tolerance to incompetence, gross misconduct, disloyalty, regionalism, factionalism,” he said.

“We should endeavour to expose all these ills wherever and whenever they occur. We must unreservedly shun corruption, tribalism and regionalism.

“We must be firm, determined and show greater resolve in upholding the values and founding principles of our party.”

He said there was need to investigate corruption cases and vigorously conduct prosecution when necessary.

Turning to the issue of media discourse aimed at destroying the party, Cde Mnangagwa said it was not only wrong, misplaced or misinformed, but mischievous.

“It is disheartening that the media has been awash with discourse seeking to portray Zanu-PF as a weak and divided party, implying that the country could be facing a crisis of immense proportions,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

“This warped analysis is based on attitude and vices that are informed by a litany of denials of reality.

“I wish to state that Zanu-PF is a reality and that we are a fact of life that cannot be wished away.”

Hundred of captains of industry and heads of parastatals attended the event.

President Mugabe’s portraits were auctioned at the dinner.


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    Zambuko 7 years ago



    Auctioning portraits of me? Very Catholic.

    Indulgences Robert.

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    those paying $100,000 for a table were not there to assist the nation as a whole…
    oh no… not at all.
    these were chefs with large tummies, triple neck rolls and uncounted millions, earned not by hard work, but by their connections. do you know who i am?
    they were paying to keep their places on the gravy train.

    the greatest deficit in zimbabwe at this time is the utter lack of interest in the “good of the nation as a whole”.
    our society (all of us) is fully focussed on benefiting number 1 – ourselves.
    this message comes from the very top, where mugabe absolutely refuses to pass on the baton, and insists that only he shall be president, and when (if) he dies, his wife should become his successor …. and to hell with the “welfare of the nation”.
    such short-sighted self-serving philosophy has always produced weak, divided and poor nations … such as zimbabwe.