‘Reckless’ Mutsvangwa to be disciplined

via ‘Reckless’ Mutsvangwa to be disciplined 19 August 2014

DEPUTY Foreign Affairs Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa faces disciplinary action for his vicious attack on Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her key ally Didymus Mutasa, the party’s national spokesman said Tuesday.

“This is an internal issue and it will be dealt with following the party’s rules and regulations as laid down in the procedures and action will be taken accordingly,” Rugare Gumbo told state television.

In an interview with the Herald last week, Mutsvangwa questioned Mujuru’s celebrated war record revealing that claims she shot down a Rhodesian helicopter were a lie cobbled up by Webster Shamu, who was part of the Zanu progaganda team during the war.

The junior minister also said Mujuru must not consider her claim for the presidency anymore superior than her rivals because her presence in government was down to President Robert Mugabe’s favour and not any exceptional qualities on her part.

Saving his most brutal attack for Mutasa, Mutsvangwa made clear he spoke as a member of a key group of the liberation war cadres.

“I emphasise I speak as a war veteran from the 1973-78 generation which went on to accord the national liberation war that critical mass and qualitative leap to dispense with racist colonial Rhodesia,” he said.

He accused Mutasa of undermining Mugabe as part of an impatient campaign aimed at propelling Mujuru to the presidency.

Mutsvangwa said Mutasa “never had anything do with the critical 1973-80 period of the armed struggle” and was now trying to “displace or bypass those that were engaged in the most critical 1973-1980 period of the national liberation struggle”.

“Mutasa is busy misleading the gullible and the ambitious that he is kingmaker. Yet he only has his vacuous war record to offer. He will surely fail and the blinking followers will only end up in trouble courtesy of their folly,” said the outspoken former envoy to China.

An angry Mutasa rejected the allegations adding his war record was in the public domain. He threatened to expose Mutsvangwa but said responding any further “would only save to dignify nonsense”.

“I love and respect Baba Mugabe and for anyone to suggest that I would want to challenge his leadership shows a high degree of madness. I am not like that, I am not that kind of person,” he added.

Gumbo however said Mutsvangwa was out of line.
“What war veteran Mutsvangwa said is uncalled for and not expected from someone who has been in the party for that long, he knows how to communicate if he has any issues with his leadership,” he told the ZBC.

Zanu PF holds its elective congress in December and turf wars between rival factions backing Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa for the top job have intensified in the lead-up to the conference.

Mutsvangwa is understood to be in the Mnangagwa faction while Mutasa has openly stated he wants Mujuru to take over after Mugabe.


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    What wrong did Mutsvangwa do? This cancer barring free thinking and analysis in Zanupf is the one that has killed our country.

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      Chanisa 8 years ago

      Yeah, what wrong did the venerable Mutsvangwa do if not merely to unveil some sordid truths in this heroically liberated democracy? Sigh. On another page we read of a certain Gorden Moyo barely making off with his neck intact after similarly unveiling corruption in lofty places. I suppose we are all ordained for heroic struggles hey.

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    To anyone who wants to see ZanuPF out of power I say stay put.Don’t say anything or attempt anything.Don’t get yourself hurt or killed to no purpose. God is very clever and very patient. Just watch while they tear each other to pieces!

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    The myth of the bogus so-called liberation cabal and whore vets exposed yet again !!!!!!!!

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    WeMatongo 8 years ago

    This war veteran mantra has actually tied our beloved country to neo-colonialism by the black bourgeoisie. The man of the People has transformed Zimbabwe into a feeding trough for the few. Anyway The Devil is on the Cross now we know who is our enemy. You know what when satan thinks he has finished his business thats where God starts mark my words. Those whose blood is dripping on most of these war veterans hands will be avenged when one by one they are charged by the wave of mass rebellion. Their centre can longer hold. Watch out as soon as December congresso comes to na end……Old Mugabe will be killed for the next someone to take over and finish his term of offcie as they entrench and consolidate their positions for 2018 elections. We have seen it all…but beware of the ides of March

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    Mishonga yanetsa 8 years ago


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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Congratulations to Mutsvangwa for joining the thousands who fought for democracy. But I would be more interested in his interpretation and implementation of that democracy.

    In particular, the reign of terror he reportedly unleashed in Norton after losing to the MDC in 2008. Including the death (amongst others) of fellow former war veteran Gibson Nyandoro whose body was found floating in a dam after he had crossed over to campaign for the MDC.

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    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    is this ‘snake pit fighting’ a national sport? I hope so because it can only end in tears for zanuba=ustards