MDC-T activists say assaulted in custody

via MDC-T activists say assaulted in custody 19 August 2014

SEVEN MDC-T supporters arrested on Monday for protesting against the government’s failure to provide jobs have appeared in court claiming that they were assaulted by police.

The group which includes an MP and a pastor told Harare provincial Magistrate Douglas Chikwekwe that they were assaulted by police while in custody sustaining serious injuries in the process.

Ronia Bunjira, 49, who is an MDC-T MP, 49, Youth of Zimbabwe for Transparency and Progress leader, Danmore Tshuma, 34, and Keith Charumbira, who is a Pastor of Holy Nations Ministry in Mabvuku, all appeared in the court and were remanded in custody for bail hearing this Wednesday.

Also arrested on the same charges were Bridget Nyandoro, 29, of Rugare, Stanley Manyenga, 32, Stewart Gwebe, 24, and Unnete Chibinya, 30.

The state represented by Barbra Ndoro charged the group with obstructing or endangering the free flow of persons or traffic.

The court heard that on August 18 at around 1100hours, 40 MDC-T supporters convened at the opposition party’s Harare headquarters to carry out a demonstration.

According to the state, the group were part of the gathering of MDC-T supporters who marched from Harvest House along Angwa Street and towards Jason Moyo singing party songs.

Ndoro further alleges that, the group and their accomplices were waving placards inscribed; “We demand our jobs now, we want our jobs now, release our leader.”

The crowd was allegedly intercepted by alert police officers as they approached the intersection of Jason Moyo and Julius Nyerere Street.

The state said the team confronted the police throwing stones at them “without being provoked”, the court heard.

The court further heard that a police constable sustained injuries on the face due to the attacks.

Meanwhile, police said they have launched investigations into circumstances surrounding the arrest of a photo journalist, Angela Jimu, who was released without a charge.

Jimu, who works for a privately-owned daily newspaper, was assaulted by police before being arrested while she was taking pictures of the clash.

Jimu was only set free after intervention by company lawyers working with the aid of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists legal team.


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    Shenanigans 8 years ago

    Medals to these brave young men and woman,U should take a cue from protestors in Ferguson(USA) and protest peacefully after dark