Sexual harassment lodged against Kaukonde

via Sexual harassment lodged against Kaukonde – The Sunday Mail Nov 9, 2014

Women in Politics Support Unit (Wipsu) has received formal reports from female politicians who were allegedly sexually harassed by Mashonaland East provincial chair Cde Ray Kaukonde, an official has said.

The official — who cannot be named due to organisational protocol — said several women filed reports linking Cde Kaukonde to the alleged abuse.

She cited a case involving a former Zanu-PF legislator from whom the provincial boss once allegedly sought sexual favours in exchange for a senior party position.

The legislator, who later joined a rival political party, “fell out of favour” when she turned him down, it is alleged.

“We have received such reports. One of the complainants is (name supplied). Another is an MDC-T parliamentarian who was facing similar problems from her leadership. We counselled them and provided support.”

An official at Msasa Project confirmed that her organisation was also dealing with sexual harassment cases emanating from politicians in Mashonaland East.

Further details could not be obtained, though, as the organisation’s director and spokesperson, Ms Netty Musanhi, was said to be out of office.

Zanu-PF Women’s League spokesperson Cde Nyasha Chikwinya weighed in, saying the ruling party’s influential wing was “aware of female party cadres” who had been sexually harassed or abused.

Cde Chikwinya, who is also Mutare South National Assembly Member, encouraged victims not to fear approaching authorities.

“Basically, as women, we are aware of such cases. We urge all victims to come forward and report. As the Women’s League, we don’t want women to sleep all the way to the top. It’s wrong. They must work hard and resist being taken advantage of,” she said.

Last week, senior Zanu-PF officials, among them legislators and provincial leaders, alleged that Cde Kaukonde had been demanding sexual favours from female party members aspiring leadership positions.

The informants, some of them victims of the alleged advances, disclosed the matter to end criminal abuse of power.

In April, female legislators attending a women’s workshop in Harare said senior politicians in their respective parties wanted sexual favours from them in exchange for primary election and campaign support.

“There was violence against aspiring (female) candidates. They were beaten up so that they would stay at home. But if you were not beaten, you would be sexually harassed, which is abuse of women,” said Cde Chikwinya at the workshop.

MDC-T’s Miss Maureen Kademaunga, on behalf of young women in politics, said some candidates pulled out of primary elections because of sexual harassment.

“When we went out to fund raise, it’s either you would not succeed or since men have money they would get an opportunity to sexually exploit us. So sexual exploitation is what we were running away from.

“A lot of young women ended up not contesting primary elections because they were afraid of these challenges since they would be sexually harassed when they tried to fund raise.”

Efforts to get comment from Cde Kaukonde were fruitless, as his mobile phone went unanswered from Wednesday to yesterday.


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    Mar fodder 7 years ago

    MDC women have not reported abuse by Kaukonde yet! Instead, Ngwenya and Mpofu did. If indeed any lady was abused it has to be the First Lady… Perhaps in a relationship that fired before her chance to marry the first father

  • comment-avatar
    Garikayi 7 years ago

    Jonathan Moyo is the new Editor of the Sunday Mail whilst his toy gay boy Kudzwayi is incarcerated. Leave kaukonde alone. You are fabricating these stories, why did the so called complainants not report to the police then. Pamberi na Chairman weMash est, we do not want any nonsense in Mash east..please leave us alone Jonathan are playing with fire. Do it somewhere not in Mash east

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    annanian 7 years ago

    sexual harassment in the hands of ZANU PF did not start now. During the war, there are numerous documented facts of how girls were deflowered, raped and even married off to guerilas of ZANLA forces. Now to even talk about them being involved in these acts is madness, the prudent question would be who of them is clean let him first through the stone on Kaukonde. They all have children during the war. Some are now grown up adults of above 30 years. The 2008 before and after election there was a repeat of these heinious acts. Its with in ZANU PF blood to rape and ask sexual favours for promotions. One may even ask what happened to Grace while married to Goreraza whether Mr. President proposed, or simple demanded for better job pay check.

  • comment-avatar
    mundireva 7 years ago

    Zvekunyepa izvo, hatisi vana vadiki isu. Why those victims ddnt report the culprites during that time. HANDS OFF KAUKONDE

  • comment-avatar
    annania 7 years ago

    ZANU PF and its ZANLA forces have been raping woman since the war. All has been in the name of war and trying to protect and advance women interest or protecting them against unknown. They are only mentioning it now because that one person has fallen out of favour with Mugabe. Mugabe himself when he proposed love to Grace Goreraza was it at arms length where she had an opportunity to say no. What level of power abuse is that that President will stoop so low to fallen in love with a typist from the typing pool. Girls lost their virginity in the hand of ZANLA forces. In 2002, 20008 and even 1985 in Matebeleland women were raped and maimed in the name of looking and searching for opposition, or perceived disdents.