Scores Injured at Zimdancehall Sting Show

via Scores Injured at Zimdancehall Sting Show [+VIDEO] – Zimbo Jam 09 Nov 2014

Scores of fans were injured at the City Sports Centre in Harare last night during the ‘Sting’ Dancehall show after an eruption of violence which resulted in the police firing teargas into the crowd. This resulted in a stampede as frantic showgoers ran for dear life.

It all started when Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love got physical on stage, prompting their excitable fans to start fighting, with some trying to leap onto the stage. This is despite Seh Calaz’s earlier assertion durng an interview with Zimbo Jam that he and Soul Jah Love were just rivals and not enemies.

Police started firing teargas into the crowd, sending thousands of revellers scurrying for safety. Some got trampled in the process and sustained serious injuries.

Zimbo Jam photojournalist, Tsitsi Ndabambi, was covering the event and was also sent scurrying for cover as the crowds surged forward trying to escape the violence and teargas. She is asthmatic and started experiencing breathing problems from inhaling teargas. She later on received medical attention and was missing in action till about 1pm today when we finally heard from her at a 24 Hr Emergency Room in Warren Park.

VIDEO: A riot erupts as police fire teargas at the City Sports Centre during the ‘Sting’ Zimdancehall show. This video was sent to us by one of our readers.

Zimbo Jam visited Harare Central and Parirenyatwa hospitals this morning and the nurses on duty confirmed that they had admitted casualties from the City Sports Centre riots. They would not say how serious the injuries were or if anyone had died as rumours on social media platforms are insinuating.

At midday StarFM reported that there were unconfirmed reports of people who had died during the stampede.

Event organiser and arts promoter Partson ‘Chipaz’ Chimbodza was unreachable for comment. Another promoter, Josh Hozheri, who was also at the show said that he had managed to escape without injury but that his car windscreen was smashed in the chaos.

Police are investigating the issue and have not confirmed if there were any deaths at the event.

Ironically, this morning when we visited the City Sports Centre, there was no evidence of the chaos that had transpired just a few hours earlier as the venue had been prepped up for Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Sunday service and already scores of worshippers were inside awaiting the commencement of the service.


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    leeman 7 years ago

    my condolance kuhama dzedu dzashaya ku sting but as for jah juv mi gave u nuf respect nd calaz am sure kuti ma tissue wamaonna auya akakwana chakwedu kwenyu chakapfura kudhara conqurering

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      hapana zvavakaita vakomana vaviri ava musati pane akahwina hapana

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    jah love isnt wrong ..calaz isss !

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    matsotsi ne police ndovaida kutibira hapana kukonzeresa kwema artist coz fight yakaitika musikana ne tsotsi vairovana zvekuti police yaingotora vanhu voenda panze but vaitozivana kubatsirana kuba kwakaitika

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    Nuf respect chibaba hauite hauite..waiti haupisike ths tym wapisika..amana ma injury achirikurwadza

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    jah love anodiwa its jus natural ,, seh Calas ndiye anenharo akamboti nanga nanga na Wink. Calaz anenge asina kukwana naPlutnum prince

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    Sojah luv he failz becoz he call hr self shumba yerudzi rwechijudha but shumba yerudzi rwechijudah ndimwari … he call hr self god seh calaz akatoipa ..big upp seh calaz but ini hangu ndosapota tocky vybz

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    nekuti ndezvamwari hazvipikiswe

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    Secalaz vakuru vekudenha zvisingaite