Six Zimbos nabbed for robbery in SA

via Six Zimbos nabbed for robbery in SA New Zimbabwe 19/01/2015

SIX Zimbabweans are expected to appear in the Bothaville Magistrate Court in South Africa soon on charges of house robbery and attempted rape, the South African police have said.

A statement from the police said the suspects aged between 19 and 34 were arrested Sunday in Bothaville soon after they robbed an elderly couple at their home.

The 65-year-old farmer headed home to his farm after a day at church and on arrival at his farm, he was surprised by six unknown suspects carrying a firearm demanding the keys to his safe.

The suspects tied the victim’s hands with a wire and searched for the safe.

While the suspects were busy searching for the farmer’s safe, the unsuspecting wife arrived with another vehicle and she was also overpowered. Her hands were tied with wire and the suspects attempted to rape her.

The suspects then fled the scene with the farmer’s Ford Bantam, 5 pistols and ammunition, jewellery and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Before the suspects could exit the farm road, the farmer managed to untie himself and contacted the neighbouring farmers and Bothaville police station.

One of the farm watch vehicles patrolling spotted the Ford Bantam and the suspects abandoned the vehicle and ran into the corn fields.

The whole area was then cordoned off by the community farm watch and the police with a helicopter hovering and searching for the perpetrators.

A quick response from the police units, farm watch plane that was working nearby as well as the police chopper, resulted in the arrest of the six suspects and the recovery of the stolen properties.

Free State Police Commissioner Lt. General Thabethe Mpembe commended Police members and the farming community for the quick and swift response.

“It shows that the rural safety plan is reaping positive results. We appreciate that no life was lost during the attack and that all the suspects were apprehended,” he said.


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    Jekesa Kufesi 6 years ago

    These are the scumbags that are causing innocent Zimbos to be killed in Xenophobic attacks. They must be deported to Zimbabwe and serve their sentence in Chikurubi.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    Why bother with them. Deport them back here to face the music in Chikurubi. Paradise hotel.

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    William Doctor 6 years ago

    They should have been shot.

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    vcephas 6 years ago

    Deport them back here and face the music in chikurubi.They must serve their sentence.

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    Manuchi 6 years ago

    If you behave like umfene you will be treated as umfene , ask any baboon.