Surrender spot fines to Treasury, police told

via Surrender spot fines to Treasury, police told – NewsDay October 7, 2015

RESIDENTS of Karoi have called on the government to ensure that proceeds raised by the police and Zinara are channelled into the national coffers in order to fund the health and education sectors.


A resident who identified himself as Reuben Chikosho said money raised by the police through fines should be forwarded to Treasury for accountability and transparency purposes.

Chikosho said chances were high that the police were realising a lot of revenue that could go a long way in reducing the National Budget deficit.

“Proceeds from the police should find their way into Treasury to avoid the rampant corruption at most roadblocks including at tollgates. It is very evident that no roads are being rehabilitated,” he said.

The residents braved intimidation from Zanu PF functionaries who were opposing every suggestion that seemed to attack the status quo during the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development public consultative meeting at Chikangwe Hall.

They insisted more resources should be allocated to Health and Education ministries ahead of the Defence ministry. A participant said as the country was not at war, more funds should be channelled to the Health ministry to cater for expectant women who were being detained at clinics and hospitals for failing to raise maternity fees.

“Zimbabwe has not been at war for a very long time and it is unlikely to be involved in one. So the Defence ministry should not be a priority. Instead resources should be channelled to the Health ministry where our mothers and wives are detained for failure to pay the required maternity fees,” the participant said.

A member of the Portfolio Committee on Finance, Eddie Cross, said corruption at roadblocks and border posts as well as lack of service delivery were burning issues during the discussion.


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    police roadblocks are a cornerstone of mugabe’s patronage system.
    the loyalty of the police is not due to their love of mugabe, it is due to their love of money.