To hell Mugabe: Kalangas

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HARARE — Zimbabweans reacted angrily to reports that President Robert Mugabe had called members of the Kalanga tribe uneducated crooks at a Sadc summit this week.

Video footage of the 91-year-old president on Wednesday saying that Kalangas were widely regarded in the past to have engaged in petty criminal activities in South Africa is being circulated widely in Zimbabwe.

Many Kalangas live in Zimbabwe’s south-western Matabeleland provinces, where rates of migration to South Africa are highest.

Responding to questions from journalists on the xenophobic attacks that hit South Africa this month, Mugabe said: “The Kalangas were very notorious in South Africa.”

He said Kalangas were reputed to have been crooks and weren’t “educated enough to assume . . . jobs”.

The statement angered Zimbabweans on social networks, especially those from the Kalanga tribe.

A Southern Eye columnist Masola waDabudabu said Mugabe had crossed the line by uttering divisive statements.

“I am Kalanga and proudly so. Mugabe and all his educational degrees in violence can go hang in hell,” he charged on Facebook.

“Kalanga people, let us stand up and defend our honour. There is an estimated three million Zimbabweans in South Africa.

“If all those people are mainly Kalangas, then we as Kalangas should be demanding more from the Zimbabwean government.”

Former Sunday News sports editor Phathisani Moyo, now based in South Africa, said Mugabe was the reason people were fleeing their own country. “Like my father, I am a proud Kalanga man, legally in South Africa and there are plenty more,” he said.

“For Mugabe to single out my tribe as uneducated and petty thieves fuelling xenophobia attacks in SA goes beyond ignorance. It is tribalistic and downright ignorant.”

Moyo’s father, the late Smile Madubeko Moyo, was a decorated war veteran.

Twitter user @MariaZest1 said: “Anyone who still believes Mugabe is a unifier is deluded. I’m offended #PartKalanga #PartShona #PartNdebele.”

Another User @PRONKOMO said: “Mugabe has showed his tribalistic side . . . he is not well informed about Matabeleland people . . . people he supposedly governs (sic).”

Some Zimbabweans have pointed out that a number of Mugabe’s ministers may have Kalanga roots.

Common surnames that can indicate Kalanga heritage include Moyo, Mpofu, Ngwenya, Dube, Gumbo and Sibanda.

“Wonder how SK, a big Kalanga, feels after the boss said Kalangas are uneducated tsotsis,” asked @NcubeNjabulo.

SK is Simon Khaya Moyo, a former Zanu PF chairperson and ambassador to South Africa who is now the ruling party’s spokesperson.

A Facebook user, identifying herself as Zimbabwean socialite Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele, posted: “Did the president truly say those of my tribe are uneducated (KALANGA) . . . my uncle was the Attoney-General ka . . . my aunt is the police commissioner. I’m educated (sic).”

Mugabe’s criticism of those who flock to South Africa — he complained that migrants saw it as “heaven on earth” — has rankled many in Zimbabwe.

There are at least one million Zimbabweans in South Africa: Only 900 agreed to board State-provided buses home in the wake of the attacks in Durban and Gauteng.

Mugabe told heads of State and delegates at Wednesday’s summit that foreign nationals in South Africa were there “voluntarily”.

But critics of the Zimbabwe government, including former Education minister David Coltart, claim that thousands more Zimbabweans left as a direct result of Mugabe’s controversial policies during the economic and political crisis years after 2000.

@ZimMediaReview accused the official Herald newspaper, which is the voice of Mugabe’s government, of trying to “sanitise, with little success” the president’s Kalanga jibe.

The newspaper said Mugabe cited Matabeleland South “as one area where there was emigration to South Africa”.

Meanwhile, Information minister Jonathan Moyo launched an attack on a Twitter user who said Mugabe had called Kalangas uneducated “idiots”.

“The uneducated ‘idiot’ bit is, of course, your creation & (you) should be ashamed, but then you’re shameless!” Moyo tweeted.

When asked whether he had Kalanga blood, the minister did not reply.

Other Zimbabweans argued that Mugabe was merely sharing his memories of how Kalangas were perceived in the past. — News24


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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Mugabe did not tell anyone to go to SA.Those who went there went on their own accord.IT was after Zimbabwes economy went down as a result of Britain trying to overthrow ZANU PF using people like Tsvangirai.If you remember well Tsvangirai went to Uk and asked Tony Blair to shut Power stations,water plants ,factoties, roads,schools, hospitals,etc just to mention a few.This was all aimed at creating unrest in Zimbabwe and make people turn against Mugabe.What followed was a downturn in economy and people started leaving the country,some to South Africa,Uk and seek asylum.That was it.Let the sellouts go away Zimbabwe will not fall down.Ndiyo Ndizvo.

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      Jelford 7 years ago

      You are totally brainwashed,the economy went down due to people who think like you.Think out of the box dude!

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    mukorekoreTavara 7 years ago

    That’s true, Tino. But then again, corruption, nepotism and sheer greed has eaten so deep so much that people are forced to go to the (slaughter) country.may the SPIRIT of GOD take charge of every African person in order too give them compassion. May the SPIRIT of GOD help our dear LEADERS to curb corruption.

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    Mina um a proud Kalanga who possesses a BA and a Diploma and l am based in SA. Back home l used to work in government and just like everyone else headed to SA when the economy ground to a halt. I am really hurt by the careless statements made by Mugabe and this is my response to Mugabe: “mukosho wamai.” In Ndebele l will simply say “msunu wesende lakho elingazaliyo wena baba awulanqondo.” Ndaboka kwazosa makamu endzimu

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    rungano 7 years ago

    pliz Tino in uk, Did you say Tsvangirai asked Tony blair to shut roads,water plants,schools,hospitals,power station???????

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    Well done!!! (peabokupeaboku says:May 2, 2015 at 6:25 pm) I 100% agree with you my fellow Zim.
    Henceforth, Robert Mugabe is not a full Zimbabwean, his father is a Mozambique-an and mother Korekore from KwaZvimba-Zimbabwe. So this qualifies him (a half-cast with half sende and half nqondo, too. Full of tribal-tic ideology accompanied by the fact that his mother gave birth to him via Mdidi or simply Mukosho.
    This qualifies his Mugabe a Mhata igloo likanina.
    Ngwenyama Victor Nqoba Mageza