Vote flawed, but let’s move on, minister

via Vote flawed, but let’s move on, minister 31 July 2014

DEPUTY Justice Minister Fortune Chasi on Wednesday admitted that the last general election controversially by his Zanu PF party last July had some serious discrepancies.

This was the first time that a top Zanu PF official has admitted that the election was flawed.

Chasi, who is also the Zanu PF MP for Mazowe South constituency, was speaking at a forum organised by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and the Election Resource Centre to discuss political developments a year after the inclusive government ended.

“The first evaluators of the elections are Zimbabweans and we agree that the elections were by and large free and fair which is entirely different from saying they were perfect,” he said.

Speaking at the same meeting, academic and political analyst, Pilani Zamchiya, said he agreed with the deputy minister that the elections had technical flaws.

He however, added that he did not believe that these technical problems entirely contributed to the MDC’s shocking election loss.

“What is not conclusive at the moment is that how much of these (technical problems) contributed to the loss of the MDC. So we need to be able to look at the different parts before we come to a conclusion in terms of how much that affected the outcome of the election,” he said.

“They can be technical flaws and even if they were there you would still lose. But fundamentally as a matter of principle elections are supposed to be free and fair.”

The deputy minister urged civil society to continue to push for democracy so that the electoral discrepancies that were raised in the last election do not recur again.

“If I am to leave a message to you it is to say that we must continue to move as a country to advance the frontiers of democracy passionately and honestly and this requires a number of things to happen,” he said.

“One of which is that we need as a country to develop trust and trust is earned. All of us whether you are in a NGO or whether you are in government you must be doing things that cause people to trust you.”

In spite of the electoral flaws, Chasi urged Zimbabweans to accept the status quo and move on.

President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF party romped to a stunning victory winning 160 out of the 210 seats that were up for grabs with Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party getting a paltry 49 seats.

A livid Tsvangirai immediately rejected the results citing massive rigging by Zanu PF.

He was particularly unhappy that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) had failed to avail to his party an electronic voters’ register ahead of the landmark election.

Tsvangirai also complained about the use of voters’ slips as well as the high number of assisted voters in a country that prides itself on its high literacy rate.

The election however, received the thumbs up from SADC and the African Union. But most Western governments led by the United States dismissed the election as a sham.


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    I am one of those voters that is always left off the voters roll. I KNOW that there has been more than one roll for years. ZPF stage managed last years voters roll in such a way that it was not only flawed but terminally ill. This has happened for over a decade now. Yes we can accept the status quo and move on but God will NEVER accept the status quo. He is looking for the truth. He is looking for a complete confession of the lie and deception that our voters roll, voting days, registration, decades of terrible oppression (the fear factor) and much more is. I am afraid that this time ZPF went a mite too far. ZPF are reaping judgment through the economy and I still pray that the Lord will completely blow the lid off all the deception and lies that our last 14 years have been. Until the boil is lanced and all the poison that is the major lies and coverup and violence since 2000 and back is exposed we will, as a country, continue to fester. No repentance! No restoration! Bottom line!

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      Reverend 6 years ago

      Hey NBS, how are you doing Brother…I had a meeting with a member of the new Transform party, a guy I have known fo a while and a strong Spirit filled Christian. To be honest at first I was suspicious that this may be one of these prophet (profit) things but as he spoke to me he definitely inspired me as he said all the things that made sense as a Christian and if it is for real and the Lord is in it then people must watch out. I gave him a copy of “Let The Sea Resound”. We need to hold this group up in prayer, as they are calling on the Body of Christ to come together.
      Any thoughts on this? The Lord Bless.

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        Hi Reverend. Good to hear you. I am indeed encouraged by what you share. Just out of interest I was the one who originally brought that DVD, “let the seas Resound, to Zimbabwe. We cut hundreds and gave them out. It was quite fascinating how that dvd came into my hands. I am encouraged about the Transform group as we have been praying for years that God would raise up a leader for our nation. We seem to pick the wrong people. We will pray and when i return hoe end August i would also like to hear their vision.

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    JRR56 6 years ago

    It was flawed but lets ove on.
    We murdered 20,000 people but lets move on.
    We racially threw an entire grouping off their land but lets move on.
    We destroyed the economy of a country but lets move on.

    When will Africa learn there are consequenses?

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    Move on to were? Its not as simple as that. We want zimbabwe to be a country we can be proud of, at the moment we are not, becoz of things like flawed elections. You talk as if elections are not a big deal. Elections are a big deal mr minister, elections determine the future of a country. That shows that you are where you are not by merit.

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    roving ambassador. 6 years ago

    Zanu, a bunch of professional conmen.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 6 years ago

    Tell us about your farm Mr Minister

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    Mscynic 6 years ago

    Let’s TRANSFORM ZIMBABWE! Read it’s great manifesto

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    Isu Zvedu 6 years ago

    NBS and Reverend, I wish I could move on but the very architects of evil are the pretenders asking us to move on. How painful! We go nowhere as long as the perpetrators of evil continue to rule us. As for you Reverend, your renewal team member needs prayers big time. These are the people who sat back and allowed evil to regroup and retool, now they want to fabricate another phase of hope. I will be hopeful when all these great pretenders leave and go and allow untainted new blood to take over-maybe and maybe I will start listening.

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      Reverend 6 years ago

      Hi Isu Zvedu, Firtly you must understand that the “move on” dude is none other than a crank pot from the cheating party of zpf who is telling us that they actually DID cheat, and we need to accept that evil and move on, which of course we cannot accept, but we need to prepare ourselves for the next round, and we see this new party Transform coming out of a Christian prayer base, and as Mscynic says it has a great manifesto. I do not think they were the ones to allow evil to regroup and retool, and for you to wait for untainted blood to take over in the form of human flesh to regain any hope means you will be dead forever cos it aint gonna happen. It is so easy to get bitter and destroy yourself in your own bitterness or we can trust God like Shadreck Mesheck and Abednigo who walked through the fire with the Lord and came out not smelling of smoke! God is not a pretender, and He is in controll, and if what my Renewal team frind said is true, then God is in it, and we need to give them two thumbs up and pray for them. The Lord bless you.

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      Reverend 6 years ago

      SIsu Zveduee if you can get a copy of “Let The Sea Resound” it will open your eyes to the opportunities when you allow God in and bring churches together. About the nation of Fiji…I wish I could send you one.

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      Okay Isu. We are listening. What is your solution?

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    just saying 6 years ago

    That’s been our problem for the last 34 years in that we let things go hoping somehow things will get better but that of course hasn’t happened. As in our Christian walk our Lord wants us to be active after all ‘faith without works is dead’. Also we are told not to be unequally yoked so we cannot move on as long as ZPF is in power with Mugabe as President. One year has passed & things are only getting worse by the day with the dear leader continually making divisive statements.I believe we need a transitional government made up of all parties including technocrats who have no political affiliation.

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    munzwa 6 years ago

    Dream on minister, you steel the election, anything for that matter, and YOU suffer the consequences…no one here is going to bail you out of this one, you on your own…

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    Mseyamwa 6 years ago

    To these speakers, the whole nation is ready to move forward BUT is hampered by the ZANU PF machinery that throws spanners into the works. Look out your office window and you will see many many people making an effort to make something out of their lives by any means yet many means are forever being shut down by the regime. You should be saying ‘let’s move on’ to yourselves and step into the 21st century. Promote better lives by putting in place policies that enable all those people outside your office windows to channel their energies into meaningful work and to produce useful goods and services that benefit the nation.

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      Reverend 6 years ago

      Mseyamwa we are in the grip of a satanically evil regime and the only thing we can do is get out of the way and allow God to move.The sad thing is there is so much mumbo jumbo in political parties and power hungry fools around that we as a nation have pushed God to the back of the line and the day we bring HIM to to fore front we are going to see a miracle in this country. All it takes is for us to give Christ His rightful place in our hearts and our nation and Worship Him and then STAND BACK!!

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    mandevu 6 years ago

    F^^k you Chasi.

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    a country of talkers.