Mpofu: VP selection process undemocratic

via Mpofu: VP selection process undemocratic 31 July 2014

AMBITIOUS Transport Minister Obert Mpofu has attacked the selection process for Zanu PF’s second vice-president, dismissing the method used by the ruling party as undemocratic.

Mpofu, who has been linked to the race for the vice-presidency, said Thursday that the selection process for the key post was divisive adding party members should be allowed to choose their leaders.

“We can’t use an undemocratic precedence to stifle people’s choices. A democratic process has to be followed to allow anyone to be voted into the position,” he said.

Zanu PF will hold its elective congress in December with a second deputy for President Robert Mugabe expected to be chosen to fill a vacancy created by the death of John Nkomo in January last year.

In line with the 1987 unity accord, the position has been reserved for the most senior surviving leader of PF Zapu and, with the hierarchy generally clear, Mugabe has not faced any headaches filling the position.

But Simon Khaya Moyo’s mildly contested elevation to the party’s presidium as national chairman has created new problems for Zanu PF with some suggesting that as the most senior ex-PF Zapu cadre in the ruling party, he should be the next in line to take over from Nkomo.

Rivals however argue that Khaya Moyo was just former PF Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo’s secretary and should not have become national chairman in the first place if the issue of seniority had been strictly followed.

Elevating the former ambassador to South Africa to Mugabe’s deputy is likely to rankle several ex-PF Zapu cadres who consider themselves more senior to Khaya Moyo.

Those said to be interested in the job include Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi, outgoing Ambassador to South Africa Phelekezela Mphoko and Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri.

Mpofu said as long as ordinary members were not allowed a choice in the contest he would not be interested.

“I’m not interested in any undemocratic process as I believe all party positions should be decided by the people,” he said.


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    Tafunuka 7 years ago

    Yes you have a point as far as democracy is concerned but take it into you mind that you are not the people’s choice dumbuguru. Ask your diamonds and toll gate fees to vote you into power. Very corrupt and selfish!

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    Now what would mpofu know about democracy? just asking?