VPs watch as Grace seizes politburo

via VPs watch as Grace seizes politburo – New Zimbabwe 18/02/2015

“I agree with social media reports suggesting that Mugabe was in fact, accompanying Grace to politburo meeting,” said Mandaza.

GRACE Mugabe surprisingly grabbed a chair next to her husband as Didymus Mutasa and his nephew Themba Mliswa were finally expelled from Zanu PF during Wednesday’s party politburo sitting.

The First Lady was clearly not there to act in the event her frail and aged husband suddenly tumbled out of his chair – he landed on all fours after missing a step at Harare airport recently.

Grace took the very spot used by former Vice President Joice Mujuru whose dismissal from the party and government she engineered.

To many Zimbabweans, the expulsion of Mutasa and Mliswa was no surprise as the two more than bargained for their fate through vitriolic utterances against the revolutionary party and its leadership.

What was not expected was the sight of Grace sitting next to President Robert Mugabe throughout the politburo proceedings.

Flanking the President and his surprise companion at the top table were the bemused party Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phekelezela Mphoko.

The top table is usually a preserve of Mugabe, his deputies and the party’s secretary for administration; certainly no province for the women’s league chair – a position that ranks well out of the top ten in the politburo.

A charitable view could be that Grace, a relative newcomer in Zanu PF’s mainstream politics, may not have known where to sit during her first ever politburo meeting after being elected Zanu PF women’s affairs boss.

But it was telling that senior party members kept their thoughts to themselves when an ordinary portfolio holder ignored all the other seats and chose to snuggle comfortably next to the President, a first in Zanu PF politics for many years.

Granted, by virtue of being wife to Mugabe, Grace is usually a close to the elderly statesmen during his public appearances, but what to make of the cheek to jump protocol and sit exactly where the ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru sat in her sunny days.

Top academic and political commentator Ibbo Mandaza has a ready explanation.

“I agree with social media reports suggesting that Mugabe was in fact, accompanying Grace,” he said.

Mandaza added: “Don’t be surprised if you hear an announcement one of these days that Grace has taken over as head of state especially when you saw everybody trooping to the airport to meet a first lady. That has never happened before.

“These are strange political happenings in Zimbabwe, very strange and very disturbing. It’s both unreal and unsustainable.

“In my view, it’s a chronic subversion of politics. I don’t think it’s sustainable in the Zimbabwe of the 21st century, it’s an aberration which is not sustainable.”

Mandaza said Mugabe (91 next Saturday) who last year unleashed his wife to dislodge Mujuru, could now be showing what Zimbabweans have long been suspecting; that he wants to hand over power to his wife.

“This appears to be so in terms of their conception of the current Zanu. The question is; is Zanu PF sustainable? And my answer is ‘very unlikely’.”

By defying party protocol with less to zero consequence, Grace may have poured scorn on President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba who said last week that she was a “private citizen” whose life should not be pried upon.

“She is not a civil servant, she is not a constitutional officer. Why do you pry into the life of a private citizen in the name of news?” Charamba said when he was asked by NewZimbabwe.com on the whereabouts and health status of Zimbabwe’s First lady.

“Don’t worry about her there is one person you want to worry about, your first President. That’s the guy who makes laws for you, not the First Lady.”


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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    These are very dangerous times indeed , anything could happen we all just have to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Brace yourselves I have a horrible feeling this could be a rough ride!!!

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    Kkkkkk, “VPs watch as Grace seizes politburo”.

    I doubt if anyone in their right mind would ever expect these professional boot-lickers to raise a finger against the ‘godmother’ anyway. If they couldn’t have the guts before when VPs used to be elected how can they ever be expected to have the balls now when their mere appointees of the godmother. That’s expecting the impossible. Mugabe naGrace vanotoita zvavanoda nezanu pf yavo even nezimbabwe yavo futi. Zimbabwe is just one large Gushungo Farm – kungoita madiro.

  • comment-avatar
    Doris 7 years ago

    Why is everyone scared of Grace. She is nothing. An ex typist who managed to get Mugabe into her bed. Really? Sort it out. The Military is behind you.

  • comment-avatar
    kalulu 7 years ago

    Icho-o-o!! Charira-a-a kupi? Ndezvemeso.

  • comment-avatar
    Reverend 7 years ago

    We really live in interesting times! I believe this is a turn for the worse for the Mugabe’s and zanupf.
    It is time to pray. Really we need to pray earnestly for the Lord to bring this rabble down. He will if we ask Him.

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    Kaguvi VII 7 years ago

    ‘Amai ‘ garai zvakanaka, taneta kutanda nunzi!

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 7 years ago

    Stop criticizing-she is a good person. Zimbabwe needs her leadership!

    • comment-avatar

      What good person. What leadership. Her days are numbered. Criticize guys. This is the worst ever leader ship the country has ever had.

  • comment-avatar

    That right there shows what is killing Zimbabwe. You get someone saying Stop criticizing (must be CIO) Every good leader that has been successful have been that way because they are checked by criticism.These clown don’t want anybody to say anything against them. Even if they are wrong you must say YES SIR YES SIR THREE BAGS FULL SIR. Stupid people with stupid minds.

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    Rodlin Mvelase 7 years ago

    @Chimusoro can you say something constructive on just keep to the Zanupf magazine (Herald)…these VP’s and all politiburo clowns can not lift even the little finger against Disgrace for they owe it to her to be where they are. That’s reason why they all were at airport other week welcoming her. She is de facto head of state and commander in chief.Old Bob is just now a shadow. I see nothing strange in this, in Zanuidiots, as anything different would be strange.
    Believe me if she had sat anywhere else these palookas would have taken her to the high table.

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    Gandanga 7 years ago

    The double standards of ZANU PF never ceases to amaze me. A few months ago they were singing a tune of military credentials. Chiwenga and company said they will never recognize Tsvangirayi because he was a tea boy when they were busy cracking the RP4s and AK47s against the white regime. We really appreciate what these guys did for our country, l was one of them. Fast forward today, our colourfully decorated war veterans like Joice Teurayi Ropa Mujuru are now being flushed like used condoms. They are now being replaced by copy typists. Please tell us what Grace was doing when we were fighting the war of liberation. Please Zimbabweans lets wake up and destroy this rot before it destroys us beyond recovery.

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      Mehlo 7 years ago

      I respect your remarks

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      You should never flush used Zanu-PF comrades down the toilet. When disposing of used Zanu-PF comrades, one should wrap them carefully in tissue paper and place in the normal garbage.

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    she is living on borrowed power, watch what happens when the old man dies, Mnangagwa knows when to hold em cards.