Why do we bother with elections?

via Why do we bother with elections? – The Zimbabwean 3 June 2015

This week, I have been preoccupied with the question – is Zimbabwe capable of holding a free and fair election? In a democracy, the X is made in ink but in a state of anarchy, if an X exists, it is formed by crossed blades.

Lately, it has been all blood and broken bones in Hurungwe West, where independent candidate Temba Mliswa is contesting Zanu (PF) candidate, Keith Guzah, in the June 10 by-election.

‘This is not about losing or winning an election, but respecting life. The environment does not meet the minimum election requirements. The elections will not pass as credible,’ complained Temba Mliswa.

Of course it must be said that Mliswa will struggle to find much sympathy among neutrals, given that only a year ago he was part of Zanu (PF) and approved of, if not employed, their barbaric methods at some point in his political career. ‘Zanu (PF)’, ‘credible’ and ‘election’ are words that should never be used in one sentence, unless on the horizon there is a punch line.


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    Mr.Mliswa must keep quiet over what he say is uneven playing field for the holding of June by elections.He is really very much aware of all the dirty tricks.Chaakwako,plz don’t make noise.You previously won after these tricks when you were married to ZANU PF party.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago

    At least during election time, the modernising elites feed us. Otherwise, African politicians dont know the value of them. Zanipf is an evil party. Killers rapists etc.

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    Fallenz 7 years ago

    Some legitimacy to the question… especially, when “free and fair” is nothing but words without meaning when there is no practice.

    Yes, Zim elections have been stolen by just about every means available to evil men… who, somehow, in their twisted reasoning (or perhaps with no reasoning whatsoever) probably feel justified using voter-roll-manipulation, vote-buying, ballot-box-stuffing, intimidation, and inhuman violence against opposition in order to claim “democracy” while denying it to the people.

    However, democracy will never be achieved if there is no continuing effort to implement and maintain a true “one man, one vote” policy to let the people be heard. Against evil, the road is difficult, but with God’s help, always possible.