Zanu PF election manifesto sold voters dummy: People First

via Zanu PF election manifesto sold voters dummy: People First – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 6, 2015

FORMER Zanu PF stalwarts, fired and now operating under the banner People First, say Zimbabweans were sold a dummy when the ruling party promised to create 2,2 million jobs in the run-up to the 2013 elections.

Obey Manayiti

With at least 18 000 jobs lost in just two weeks after the Supreme Court’s labour ruling allowing employers to terminate workers’ contracts by simply giving them three months’ notice, People First said Zanu PF had no capacity to create jobs.

blamed the Zanu PF government for creating a hostile business environment
which kept investors at bay.

He said the ruling party was now dominated by “greedy and over-ambitious” people who were clueless on finding ways to create employment.

“The problem is that there is very little that the party can do now (to create jobs) because the economy is failing to perform,” Gumbo said.

“The other aspect is that the leaders created divisions in that party and now there is no cohesion among the people
and no working together. Therefore, no one is in a position to give the best to resolve the crisis.”

The former Zanu PF spokesperson said apart from lacking strategy, corruption, greediness and power hunger were
contributing to the mess in the country.

Former Zanu PF Harare youth leader Jim Kunaka and Setfree Mafukidze, who are also now linked to People First after
their expulsion from the ruling party, said President Robert Mugabe was folding his hands while the country was

“The state of the nation clearly points to a failed government. Zanu PF has failed the youths and general populace.
Party elites are the ones benefiting now from this crisis,” the two said in a joint statement.

“As youths of Zimbabwe, we feel that the government has let us down in so many ways and has dismally failed to fulfil its 2013 election campaign message.”

Added the two youths: “This is a sad development which we feel will affect the youths as no employment will affect
them the most. There is no future to talk about. We, therefore, urge President Mugabe and Zanu PF to start protecting the interests of the workers and also make the environment conducive for foreign direct investment.”


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    Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

    The problem with these ZPF youths is that they believe that a 91 year old President can reinvent himself and lead them into scientific and technological innovation ventures! As Ken Yamamoto eloquently put it, the man is stuck in the activism of the 60s, and cannot see let alone think beyond that. For 35 years he has remained in that struggle mentality instead of realizing that he should have been navigating the country into progress. These youths who have specialized training on violence never thought about their future. There was foreign direct investment even before they were born but thanks to the lawlessness they created that FDI has disappeared. They have nobody to blame but their narrowmindedness.

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    Yes, but these fools all mindlessly supported Organised Crime, while they were members of that organisation. They never said a word then, did they?

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    maiwe zimbabwe yacho 7 years ago

    Yes this has happened but what is the way forward? We can’t continue being led by someone who still speaks about the chimurenga in his speeches instead of development, someone who blames others for his failures(the west) his policies are out of touch with reality, you can’t lure investors yet you have hostile policies, which investor would invest in a situation where he can lose 50% of his company to a ZANU chef in the name of indeginisation, this is absurd. We’ve to get rid of Mugabe & his idiots then the country can start afresh. With them around things will be worse. Listen to his heroes day speech this year & prove me wrong. Zvakunyadza kani.