Zanu PF exposes in sincererity in the Land Reform

via Zanu PF exposes in sincererity in the Land Reform – The Zimbabwean 5 May 2015

It is now emerging, rather crudely though, that the Zanu PF chaotic land reform was never genuine nor about redressing past colonial imbalances, but a shameful vote buying, patronage jamboree meant to prop up the regime’s waning fortunes.

The current re-invasion and vandalism now targeted at the once Zanu PF perpetrators now turned Zanu PF enemies , Temba Mliswa, Dydimus Mutasa and a host of others around the country, exposes the long entrenched hypocrisy in the chaos faction Zanu PF party and raises a stink.

The whole charade as Manifest in the latest madness of re-grabbing of the once grabbed farms is shameful and vindicates the MDC’s long held assertion that the regime was never sincere both in intention and purpose about the ill fated land reform exercise in the first place. What is most disgusting is the replay of the same chaotic and violent manner of 2000, betraying the worst levels of impunity characterising the regime.

Whilst the country experienced erratic rainfall pattern this season and is faced with hunger, requiring 700 000 tones of maize imports, we hold Zanu PF accountable for this whole disaster owing to the party’s record of poor economic planning and policy discord since 2000.

Despite the country’s vast inland water bodies, the Zanu PF regime has failed to put in place sustainable plans to harness water for crop irrigation and avert hunger. The chaos such is ensuing within Zanu PF itself and reflecting in every sector of the economy is evidence enough of a country in a malign order and is requiring urgent intervention. The Zanu PF chaotic agrarian reform has failed to address poor agricultural productivity, property rights and rural poverty.

At its inception, the MDC identified access to land and the enhancement of agricultural productivity as being central to sustainable development and the eradication of poverty. As such one of the resolutions of the working people’s convention of February 1999, which was reaffirmed by the party’s founding manifesto of the same year, outlined a plan to acquire over 8 million hectares of agricultural land for resettlement purposes and to provide some sort of security to farmers in the communal land.

In 2000, largely in response to the political challenge presented by the MDC, the Zanu PF regime embarked on it so called “Fast Track Land Reform Programme.” It is more than 10 years since that ill-fated programme and the regime is still trapped in that chaotic mode. Suffice it to say to date, only a tiny proportion of the target of 8 million hectares has been lawfully taken over and the rest lies derelict, deserted and unproductive.

The farms have taken over by a political elite that has been unable to maintain production and have presided over the decimation of the capital infrastructure that had existed on the farms prior to the ill-conceived “Fast Track Land Reform Programme.”

Consequently agricultural production has declined by nearly 80%, exports have plummeted and nearly 70% of all foodstuffs are being imported. Because of the synergy between commercial agriculture and other sectors such as manufacturing and banking, the collapse of the agricultural sector has had serious ripple effects on the Zimbabwean economy with almost every industry closed and the entire nation reduced to vendors.

The MDC will address issues of equitable land ownership and security of tenure, property rights, enhanced productivity, food security and sustainable land use, which the Zanu PF regime has clearly failed to address.


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    Wilbert Mukori 7 years ago

    “It is now emerging, rather crudely though, that the Zanu-PF chaotic land reform was never genuine nor about redressing past colonial imbalances, but a shameful vote buying, patronage jamboree meant to prop up the regime’s waning fortunes,” said Gutu.

    It has “now emerge”? You mean MDC did not pick this up until NOW! Moses Chamboko of ZUNDE raised this issue and you are nothing but a copy-cat.

    When the people expressed their outrage at Mugabe’s gaff about “uneducated” Kalangas MDC jumped on the bandwagon making the usual stupid “Mugabe must resign” demands!

    MDC sold-out during the GNU when you lot failed to implement even one reform because you had taken Mugabe’s bribes to ignore reforms.

    “Mazivanhu eMDC adzidza kudya anyerere!” (MDC people have learnt to enjoy the gravy train life and not rock the boat!) Was the pithy boastful explanation from Mugabe’s cronies to the public concern inquiry of why MDC was doing nothing about the reform!

    In failing to implement the reforms MDC leaders proved that you lot are corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent. In a healthy and functioning democracy public figure are forced to apologize and then resign for an act of indiscretion like lying. You sold-out and you will not apologize or resign but, worse still, you even have the chic to seek to be re-elected! I will be damned if I should ever allow that to happen!

    All the people in Zimbabwe must know how MDC betrayed the nation during the GNU and if they still want you lot as leaders until this time it would be an informed choice and not the usual MDC wildebeest herd following blindly!

    MDC sold-out during the GNU and you lot should have resigned in shame! If you think the nation will elect you again then think again.

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      Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

      So @Mukori, then we should think that the people should vote your party instead?

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    Well the fact remains the same, Zimbabwean land is now in the hands of its rightful owners. How we use the land is our business. Whether you want or you don’t want, we the people of Zimbabwe are better off with our land. Productivity is another phase we shall undertake but for now we have restored our national dignity and pride.

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    Chwaridza 7 years ago

    No matter who is in Government – a devoping country can not develop with out commercial agriculture – simple fact. Land title and ownership is a crucial part of that equation, Zimbabwean politicians need to wake up and deal with reality, the white commercial farmers are not the problem, the problem is greed, corruption and power. Zimbabwe commercial farmers were responsible for the production of approximatetly 800,000 MT of maize every year without fail, almost exacttly what the country needs to import today. They also produced 99% of the nations wheat requirement which was approximately 300,000 MT,I understand that now a mere 20,000 MT is produced. The commercial farmers produced 100% of the oilseed requiement – to the point where Zimbabwe exported soya to South Africa regularly. The commercial farmers employed approximately 1 million people – which means that 5 million people had access to running water, health care , education and food. The commerical farmers directly and indirectly generated almost all of the light industry in the country and supported 18 merchant banks. You will notice that 17 merchant banks have closed down now – putting thousands out of work. Zimbabwe commerical farmers were the third largest tobacco producers in the world as well as being the single biggest exporters of short stemmed cut flowers to Europe, a remarkable achievement from this very small sector. The total white population of Zimbabwe was approximately 50,000 in the year 2000 hardly a political threat to a voting population of 3 million – if one had to study the state of the dams around Zimbabwe they are almost always full – a clear indication that the entire irrigation potential has collapsed. This is the state of Zimbabwe – it is embarrassing, irresponsible and unacceptable.

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    Kariba 7 years ago

    Haven’t got time to read the whole article but taking the first paragraph the response is I think we all know that.

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    Years and years ago I wrote that “Land Reform” was just a desperate attempt by ZPF to cling to power by appealing to the greed of tsotsis, ministers and judges (to name a few)