Zanu PF rules out Tsvangirai talks

via Zanu PF rules out Tsvangirai talks 27 July 2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF has emphatically turned down calls for national dialogue by its MDC-T rivals with party deputy spokesperson Psychology Maziwisa insisting the former coalition partner was playing the dialogue card to return to government via dubious means.

Ex-premier Morgan Tsvangirai has been addressing rallies countrywide emphasising the need for the generality of Zimbabweans to meet in their various groups and offer solutions to their socio-economic troubles.

The MDC-T leader weekend took his message to Chatham House in London where he insisted the broader Zimbabwean society needed to be offered a chance to openly discuss their worries.

“The people of Zimbabwe ought to be encouraged to discuss their national predicament and hammer out what needs to be done to extricate the country from this man-made quagmire,” Tsvangirai said.

“Put simply, the domestic solution is unconditional dialogue by a broad section of Zimbabweans to unpack the crisis and chart the way forward.”

But Zanu PF’s Maziwisa said this was far from Zanu PF’s immediate priorities.

“We don’t believe that there is any reason for that sort of thing (national dialogue),” Maziwisa told

“We won elections on July 31 last year and we are the government of the day until 2018; we have no intention of relinquishing any power to an election loser.”

The MDC-T lost its parliamentary majority in watershed but disputed July 31, 2013 polls that saw the coalition partner elbowed out of government by a triumphant Zanu PF.

The opposition party says the current economic slide manifesting itself through continued company closures and government bankruptcy seen through current uncertainties over pay dates for civil servants were enough signs Zanu PF has failed.

The MDC-T further urges the Zanu PF-led government to swallow its pride and admit failure, a situation that would pave way for the much desired concerted intervention to the country’s teething problems.

Former Finance Minister and now leader of the breakaway MDC-T faction Tendai Biti has also called for dialogue.

Biti says Zanu PF could keep its security ministries if it so wished but must surrender the running of the country’s economy to technocrats who will operate independent of state interference.

But Maziwisa said: “These are machinations and dubious means being played out by the MDC of trying to get into government through the back door.”

He added: “Whilst we might agree that our economy is not the best in the world at the moment, we certainly do not agree with the MDC on the reason why we are in the situation that we are in today.

“That the present day government lakes capacity, that is not true, l think anybody who says that is obviously suffering from short memory.”

The youthful Zanu PF spokesperson further said the MDC-T was insincere in advocating national dialogue when it was clandestinely campaigning for more sanctions against President Mugabe’s government.

“All of us have seen the MDC-T break up on more than one occasion; if they were the experts that they claim to be at dialogue, they definitely ought to have averted that split.”

Maziwisa said his boss Rugare Gumbo was misquoted by the local press when he reportedly admitted Zanu PF was open to dialogue but only if Tsvangirai recognised Mugabe’s legitimacy.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said there was nothing strange about dialoguing adding that the country’s liberation war was fought in the bush but was ended via talks by the belligerent parties.

“Whenever in history Zimbabweans have attempted to dialogue, it has produced positive results. If you look at the war of independence which ended in 1980, it did not end in the battle-field, it ended with a dialogue.
“That dialogue produced a cease fire and that cease fire culminated in independence.”

Mwonzora insisted the MDC-T still had a big say on how the country was being governed as it had more than 90 MPs in parliament, claims Maziwisa vehemently dismissed.


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    Bayeke! 7 years ago

    Why on earth is Tsvangson trying to rescue these arrogant swine a second time? Let them stew in a mess of their own making until the whole place falls apart and they can’t rule anymore. Then he can take over

    • comment-avatar

      Hear! Hear!

      But if we descend to chaotic depths, can we be rescued?
      I feel Tsvangson should be pushing for a fresh poll and proper procedure thereof, instead of trying for GNU 2.
      We will then end up with a legit government recognized by the wider community.
      The West will invest and those in the diaspora will come back home to build a new Zim.

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    peter tosh 7 years ago

    Maziwisa, you are a fool for real.

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      If you insist Maziwisa is a fool then he is a better fool than you. It is unheard of for a ruling political party to solicitate support from a losing party on governance matters moreso from an opposition party which has never ruled.

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    Thank you Mwonzora for telling that dialogue and ceasefire brought independence.This is contrary to populist ZANU propaganda that Smith was defeated in the battlefield.The povo was housing the comrades and civilian casualties were high .This pressure to end civilian casualty forced Smith to agree talks for ceasefire.During those talks,election roadmap was mapped ,hence the 1980 ELECTIONS .
    Dialogue, if approached with the people at heart, is good.However, going to a dialogue with ZANU is a no no.ZANU wants a winners take all.People like like Maziwisa must be forgive.At his age, his heart doesn’t bleed for other youths who are thrown into the jobless economy.As long as he is eating, all is well.

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      War is a means to achieve political objectives . Smith and company were indeed defeated on the battle front hence the British ‘s intervention through the Lancaster House talks . Mwonzora is a novice in the political arena hence can not provide descent contributions in this area.

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    Tiger Shona 7 years ago

    There is a reason why Zanu will hold onto power by any means; They do not want to be prosecuted for all the crime they have committed.

  • comment-avatar
    Das Reich 7 years ago

    these zanu thugs could have relinguished power a long time ago if it werent for gukurahundi…they know whats waiting for them

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 7 years ago

    Mugabe will never ever relinguish power. Even if it means all zimbabweans die of hunger he will hold on to dear power.

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    I beg to differ with these views. In MDC-T s view Zanupf must accept that the economic changes will only come when MDC-T politicians are consulted. That is a strange idea. Right now other political parties must be pointing out the causes of the economic melt down and convincing the electorate that it must put in place a political leadership that can respond to the economic situation correctly and not the through a process of political patronage that results in “thieves” becoming politicians and looting left right centre. At the moment what counts is just loyalty to President Mugabe and now to his wife. Tswangirai’s party has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it is not democratic. It is not surprising that they are calling for a dialogue with Zanupf just so that they will be given certain powers too. But we need a well focused political leadership that wants to reap democracy, freedom and economic development for our people. Dialogue between the two parties will not bring these at all. So as Zanupf rules let the progressive forces invest in mobilizing the masses to vote for these values and not seek survival of the few who benefit from patronage politics.

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    Mishonga yanetsa 7 years ago

    Kuda Mwonzora akangamwa Mugabe aida kuvurawa ku highfields muzimbabwe grounds musi waasvika nekumasvingo ayenda ku rally yokutanga ikoko muna 80. Saka smith aka kundikana asi atoda kumisa independance. Naizvozvo vari pachigaro kuvabvisa magwiti chero vachikanya sei. Wish you goodluck ve opposition. Hausundi kkkkkkkkkk and handiende.

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    What I cannot understand is that with all the opposition players knowledge of Zanu pf they should know that there is no way Zanu would like a solution or suggestion from anyone who is not Zanu. The only time Zanu listened to anyone and only because they wanted to save face after losing the election in 2008 was SADEC. The mentality of Zanu is anything anyone says must not be listened to or else you lose face. The would rather the country is totally destroyed than to listen to anyone. If they suggested the talks then they might have happened by now. I also think any talks with Zanu in this mind set will not achieve anything. The only time anything meaningful change is possible is if they is a total about turn on the Policies which in the first place have caused all this chaos.

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    Che'guevara 7 years ago

    Can you kindly name these ‘progressive forces’ lest we wait till eternity. And you might as well define the phrase itself.

  • comment-avatar
    Mandevu 7 years ago

    This is a non-issue. Couldnt care less what the political parties might decide to do or not do to each other. The real issue is about the people of Zimbabwe – lets get these politicians out of here

  • comment-avatar

    Cheguevara “progressive forces” refers to groups or individuals who have identified or have a vision of a clear destination of their society or the society at large. Progress in social justice, peace, socio-economic development, democracy based on equality is the objective to achieve for these groups or individuals described as “progressive forces”. Their drive goes beyond desperate society rejects who form groupings giving them names that appeal to tribes, regions or funders from corrupt larger economies. In our situation they are able to see beyond the luxuries of the riches in Zanupf. Massive riches for certain individuals that have condemned millions of our people to abandon the motherland. They can see beyond fruitless populism of the opposition that is guided by personal glories, attention and money seeking. Their dream is an emergency of a Zimbabwe with a political leadership that responds to the needs of its people and not a leadership that forces everyone to just follow it.

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    Che'guevara 7 years ago

    Thank you Bazur Wa kuMuzi for the qualification of the phrase because I have seen many a time most of these opposition politicians when they move out of certain folds they call themselves ‘progressive forces’ , masses then rally behind them only to disintegrate thru yet other rounds of squabbles and mudslinging as cash start to flow from donors and fame blurring their vision. Its unfortunate in post-independent African politics true visionaries are rare to come by.

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    Wilbert Mukori 7 years ago

    Zanu PF’s decision to cancel talks that should have ended the regime’s illegitimacy will drag this nation over the edge into the abyss because the there is not going to be an economic recovery whilst Zanu PF remains in power! No chance!

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    Yet you are the ones who are in gorvenment through rigging? Now MDC must stop being used. Let zanu fail fully. The coalition arrangement allowed zanu to regroup and rig. Now MDC wants in again?

  • comment-avatar
    Tony Passmore 7 years ago

    Sad, Sad, Sad, Lovely Country, Lovely People. Make it work guys whichever government you elect. Africa is gorgeous treasore it.
    Can’t spell but what the hell! We also live in a little bit of paradise on earth. Beaujolais in France.

    Come visit us.

    Beaujolais Tony

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    bruce koffe 7 years ago

    Smith was not defeated, he acknowledge the suffering of the people of Rhodesia and he realized that power with everyone struggling does not help or is inhuman. However even then the socio-political and economic situation was far much better than what it is now. The difference is Smith was more human than Mugabe and ZANU PF. Let me hasten to say that in the homeland/villages in Zimbabwe, Smith was not tormenting and killing people, but ZANLA forces were in the name of getting rid of sell outs. Schools and bridges were being destroyed in the name of sabotage to ensure Smith does not get supplies to rural areas so that people would say war must end. However in the face of that employment was almost 80%, infrustracture and governemntent was working 100%, Rhodesian currency was equal to pound, stronger than $, and the rand was .25cent

    • comment-avatar
      Straight Shooter 7 years ago

      bruc koffe
      I an Smith was defeated at the negotiating table at Lancaster House. What do you mean he was not defeated? If he wasnt, then how come his party the Rhodesia Front, aka Republican Front, aka Zimbawe Conservatives is no longer in power today?

      It does not matter how that defeat came about; the bottom line is that he is not in power and his views no longer reign supreme – this is defeat in itself; when your views get replaced by those of your opponent.

      On the other hand, I loved Rhodesia, minus Ian Douglas Smith’s racist views. I still consider myself very much Rhodesian not Zimbabwean in my socio-economic-political outlook and standards!

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    disgrace 7 years ago

    AnaMazivisa munongosenzeswa setoilet paper to sanitise Zanupf tibvirei apa