Zapu recruits, vows tribalism-free Zim

via Zapu recruits, vows tribalism-free Zim – New Zimbabwe 01/09/2015

THE opposition ZAPU party has launched a national campaign to recruit members in a bid to save the party from collapse.

Since the Dumiso Dabengwa-led party broke ranks with Zanu PF, it has faired badly in national elections despite the party being the oldest in the country.

Zapu also fielded candidates in the June 10 by-elections but failed to win a single seat and this might have jolted the outfit into action to inject new blood into the organisation.

The party is largely made up of the elderly who still hold on to a manifesto espoused by its founding leader, the late former Vice President Joshua Nkomo.

The latest campaign, code named Masikhulumisane/Ngatitaudzane/Let’s talk, will also afford the party the opportunity to restructure.

The campaign will be spearheaded by southern region coordinator Mark Mbayiwa with the assistance of Canaan Ncube, Mrs T Thaka, Rabson Ncube, Edward Nare, Sibongile Banda, Ndodana Moyo, Ernest Ndlovu and Iphithule Maphosa.

Also included in this committee are all Provincial Chairpersons from the party’s fourteen provinces.

“The campaign is aimed at conscientising the masses to the need to fully liberate themselves from this independence fallacy and false freedom as is presented by Zanu PF.

“The party also takes this opportunity to educate the masses about its ideological concept and devolution of power.

“Throughout Zimbabwe and our diaspora provinces, the People’s Party shall facilitate dialogue, first among party members and the general public with the aim of bringing all Zimbabweans back home to Zapu, the mother of the liberation movement that eventually brought independence to this country,” said Iphithule Maphosa, the party’s Director of Information, Publicity and Marketing.

The recruitment exercise has already kicked-off in Nkulumane constituency, in Bulawayo.

“The exercise has already started …while a massive door to door campaign is now underway. This is a nationwide campaign that has started in Bulawayo Province, where the steering committee will visit all districts before moving to the next province,” said Maphosa.

The campaign will also be used to prepare for the party’s elective congress which is slated for December, Maphosa said.

“The party therefore urges all members and Zimbabweans in general to partake in this noble exercise that is another of the giant steps to our total liberation and freedom,” he added.

Maphosa claimed Zapu was the only alternative to the ruling party, Zanu PF, and has the solution to the country’s myriad of challenges.

“It is only under a Zapu leadership and administration that Zimbabwe will realise her full potential of becoming Africa’s and the world’s economic jewel, where citizens enjoy their basic human and constitutional rights.

“It is only a Zapu government that will see all Zimbabweans equal in the eyes of both the law and state, not this current regime that thrives on tribalism, racism, nepotism and outright corruption for its survival,” he said.