ZCTU plans mass action

via ZCTU plans mass action – DailyNews Live 27 July 2014 by Godfrey Mtimba

MASVINGO – Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is mooting plans to unfurl worker protests over deepening economic hardships.

ZCTU president George Nkiwane told a Labour forum here on Thursday night that the state of the economy and the status of workers was getting worse by the day.

“We are facing a doomed future with the rate at which the economy is crumbling and government seems to be not concerned,” Nkiwane said.

“So, as workers we need to say enough is enough and take action to force government to fix the economy. The situation needs the urgency now from workers.”

Nkiwane said the economic meltdown was posing a serious threat to workers’ survival, as some were going for over six months without salaries while hundreds of companies were shutting down.

Workers who attended the Labour forum concurred with their leadership on the need to engage in urgent street protests to push government to find an economic solution.

“Cde President, we have nothing to wait for, the situation is appalling and our families as workers are suffering, we cannot continue to have this, so I say let’s go for protest, tinoti ngachitsve,”  a worker contributed to the forum.

Nkiwane said the ZCTU leadership was holding the Labour forums countrywide to seek permission from workers to engage in mass action.

“As the ZCTU leadership, we are your servants, that’s why we are moving around the country to seek permission from you as to what sort of action to take,” Nkiwane said. “But since you have indicated here in Masvingo that protests is the way to go, we will have to get the nod from other regions and we can do as you want.”

Workers said they were shocked by President Robert Mugabe’s recent assertions that the economy was on the mend.

“For some from the country’s highest office to say the economy was on the mend was shocking, may be the old man was hallucinating or we do not live in the same Zimbabwe with him,” said one worker.

“People are suffering and this is clear to everyone that the economy is further decaying.”


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    Car door tea care moon 7 years ago

    He meant to say that the economy was on the mend at his Zvimba residence and Gushungo estates. He is out of touch with the common people and their plight. The last time he toured the country to get appraisal on events on the ground, he was at Gono’s farm besides he’s too frail to tour the country and get in touch with the masses.

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    JOHNSON 7 years ago


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    Zimbabwe is on a development path and not on a war path.What Nkiwane and his bunch are calling for will not fix the economy but is bound to further worsen the situation. Iam not convinced on the motive behind this. Nkiwane why do you want to woodwink innocent workers to help you in your political project.

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    Rhuli 7 years ago

    Every free country in the world fought for their freedom themselves,you, lazy,coward Zimbabweans are waking up every morning pointing fingers and pushing each other sideways while your country burns,while your mediocre approach to the genocide starves and kills your children; you are a disgrace to your children, grandchildren and many generations to come, your cowardice will never be forgiven. It is not Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Biti, Dabengwa, SADC, EU, AU or anyone else from outside that will give you your freedom but yourselves! so stop mewing and phewing and do something for the sake of your children; you owe it to them! Freedom does not on a silver plate and you must know that! it involves resolve, blood, sweat and, believe it or not: death if needs be!

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    feared by zanupf 7 years ago

    Viva mob justice