Warning to EU – “Don’t legitimize Mugabe regime”

via Don’t legitimize Mugabe regime, Zimvigil warns the EU | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu  December 2, 2013 

As the EU appears headed towards lifting the remaining targeted sanctions against President Robert Mugabe and his cabal the member states have been urged to consider their move in the light of the worsening situation in the country.

The Zimbabwe Vigil said it was launching a campaign to ‘alert British MPs and other opinion formers’ to the ‘deteriorating situation’ ahead of the February 2014 meeting during which the EU will review the measures.

In a statement on Sunday the Vigil said it was doing so after ‘a number of EU leaders made it clear’ they favored ‘normalizing’ relations with Harare.

Only last week Greece caused indignation when its new ambassador to Zimbabwe, Leonidas Contovounesios, revealed that his country wants the restrictive measures removed by 2014 when it assumes the EU presidency.

SW Radio also reported last week about a German firm Wilhelm Guth Ventiltechnik which has been supplying components to Mugabe’s Gushungo Dairy Estate for the past four years, in contravention of the EU trade ban.

The Vigil said following ‘Belgium’s successful demand’ to lift the sanctions against the ‘dubious’ Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation it will be ‘difficult’ for Britain to hold the fort, hence the campaign.Vigil coordinator Rose Benton told SW Radio Africa that the organisation will be meeting ‘soon’ to discuss alternatives of spreading the campaign to the rest of the member states.

Benton said the campaign was part of the recommendations which came out of its ‘Restore Zimbabwe’ all-stakeholders conference held in London two months ago.

The London-based group said even if the EU was to lift the sanctions next February, it is the Vigil’s ‘intention is to stress Mugabe’s illegitimacy because after all individual member states decide who to ‘deal with’.

The EU imposed restrictive measures against Mugabe and his inner circle in February 2002 following the expulsion of the head of the EU observer mission Pierre Schori, amid an increase in human rights violations. However, over the years the measures have been carefully relaxed in response to specific reforms and in some cases travel bans have been lifted against certain individuals.

Presently 10 individuals, including Mugabe and one company, remain on the EU restrictive measures list.

However the Vigil believes that there should be no further relaxation of the restrictive measures because Mugabe remains an ‘illegitimate leader’.

The Vigil says it believes the July 31st elections were rigged and is ‘seeking’ help from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and the International Bar Association to prove its case. In letter to British MPs the Vigil says the ZANU PF mafia is ‘clinging to power despite wrong-headed policies that have destroyed the economy and driven millions into exile’. The Vigil sees Zimbabwe lurching towards ‘North Korean-type siege mentality’ as ‘acts of violence, looting and intimidation by predatory gangs’ escalate.

The letter cites the revelations in ZANU PF business man Philip Chiyangwa’s divorce case as ‘an insight into the depths of corruption in the Zimbabwean mafia.’

In this case Chiyangwa’s wife is demanding a share in assets, which include a range of properties and a fleet of luxury cars, farms and buildings, indicating the scale of the wealth of the ZANU PF elite.

The Vigil has been demonstrating outside Zimbabwe House in London every weekend for the last 11 years, campaigning for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.



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    Kubota Binga 10 years ago


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    Murimi wanhasi 10 years ago

    Vigil feeds off blind hate for mudhara

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    libombo bananas 10 years ago

    tibvirei apa munongowawatha zvisina maturho hve yr vigil in london and continue that stupid campaigning tsvangirai is in zimbabwe enjoying himself iwe uchuingo kwangwaira munyika isiri yako

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    mucha 10 years ago

    Confused stoogies. Read signs on the wall and wake-up. You are still holding on to the foolish MDC Regime Change mantra. Am sorry that the Masters didn’t tell you that they already re-engaging ZANU PF to beat the Chinese in the diamond race. They lost land and elections and they can’t afford to lose diamonds again. At least land and elections can be negotiated later, but diamonds are non-renewable assets.

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    danisa tshawe 10 years ago

    In whose interest does the Vigil Zimbabwe call for continued sanctions against the country?

    Its a pity Zimbabwe has such sick and evil children.

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    Mabasa 10 years ago

    The virgil has a point, Mugabe has not reformed at all!! No legitimacy for election riggers!! The EU must prove that their reason for sanctioning Mugabe is now addressed. Otherwise their love for our diamonds smells of imperialist thirst for African resoures without any concern for human rights. If not they must appologise for having sanctioned Mugabe in the first place.
    GOOD JOB VIGIL!!! unfairness somewhere is unfairness everywhere!!!

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      lawyer 10 years ago

      Tahere is no need for MUGABE to reform.
      The west, the media the malcontents in society need to reform perhaps MABASSA would like to be the first to try

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    lawyer 10 years ago

    Whereas the government and president of Zimbabwe is definitely legitimate withstanding spurious complaints by those in the west.
    SW Radio Africa from whence the story originated is not legitimate in that it is a propaganda station funded by the west. Were it in Zimbabwe withy propaganda against the west it would be closed down by the west as a terrorist organization.
    It is thus the article is effectively in reverse in that the journalist reporting is in fact illegitimate.

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    The vigil must come and vote here in Zimbabwe rather than making undesirable noise after the electoins!

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    Parangeta 10 years ago

    ZANU-PF is dead, long live Zimbabwe!

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    marasha 10 years ago

    JO,zimbabweans from Sa wanted to vote ,but almost 4 buses were blocked by ZRPso how was it going to be possible for those in uk ,imi murimo muZimbabwe macho chii chamakaita kunze kwekungofunda chibhakira

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    Kubota Binga 10 years ago

    Man, Vigil review your cause please! Otherwise you will go down in History as a visionless lot, hell bent on calling for the crippling of your own economy. Wake up to reality and fight for what the people really want.

    Come down from the clouds Vigil.