Watchmen on the Wall – and the rebuilding in Zimbabwe: Ben Freeth

via Watchmen on the Wall – and the rebuilding in Zimbabwe | The Zimbabwean 08.01.14 by Ben Freeth

I believe that the dream was a call for all of us who are Christians. We are on the wall which is crumbling and old. Some of us are sleeping. Some of us are simply watching. The greed and lawlessness carries on in Zimbabwe but is there anyone to shout “stop!”; or is there anyone prepared to risk wading in to confront those in high places leading Zimbabwe further into the ways of greed and lawlessness?

Isaiah says: “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Oh Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord give yourself no rest and give him no rest…” Isaiah 61:6. Where are we as Christians and as Christian leaders in this calling?

Are we not mostly all silent – like in the time of Isaiah? “Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge; they are all mute dogs, they cannot bark…they love to sleep…They are shepherds who lack understanding…” [Isaiah 56:10-11].

When we look at the greed and lawlessness in Zimbabwe that continues to bring it to such ruin, have we allowed fear, apathy and complacency to make us “blind” and like “mute dogs”?

After I awoke from the dream about the wall I thought of Nehemiah. He re-built the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days – and did what was considered to be impossible. He was told by all the Jews living near the wall over and over again that he would be attacked wherever he turned. But rather than become “a mute dog” through fear – or the resultant apathy and complacency that fear brings – Nehemiah led the people by getting them to take up their positions. He told his people: “Don’t be afraid of them.” Rather he encouraged them to “fight”. “Remember the Lord who is great and awesome,” he said to give them the perspective that they needed. [Nehemiah 4:14].

Nehemiah has many lessons for us. As Zimbabwean Christians in 2014 I believe there are six critical lessons we need to be encouraged by if we are to see the seemingly impossible dream of the ruins of Zimbabwe rebuilt:

1. We need to be humble – and pray for a leader who is humble. [My personal prayer is that God raises up a capable leader who is a) God-fearing; b) a lover of truth and c) a hater of covetousness. These were the three qualities Jethro advised Moses to look for in the first leaders of Israel [Exodus 19:21]. God’s governance is about leaders with His integrity in their hearts. This is what we lack so desperately in Zimbabwe]. We need to have the humility to weep over the ruins of Zimbabwe and confess our sins and the sins of the nation against God and God’s laws that have caused so much destruction.

2. We need to have a clear vision of hope to do everything we can to bring Godly laws and Godly ways to Zimbabwe; we need to dedicate that vision to God – and be prepared to stand against and pray against the greed and lawlessness of the present days. [They “dedicated” the work on the wall to God and prayed. [Nehemiah 3: 1; 4:9].

3. We need to work with “all our hearts” towards the vision of a Godly Zimbabwe where the truth of God’s laws are upheld and not trampled through the greed and covetousness of those in power [they “worked with all their heart” in rebuilding the wall and so achieved the impossible. [Nehemiah 2:6]. Nehemiah nor his men ever even took off their clothes or put down their weapons during the whole rebuilding. [Nehemiah 4:23].

4. We need to conquer our fear of what man or Satan can do to us – and not allow fear to discourage us and make us useless. Nehemiah got them to focus on the awesomeness of God and not the fear of man. [Nehemiah 4:14].

5. We need to be prepared to “fight” with all our weapons at hand at all times. [They were ordered by Nehemiah to “fight” to defend the wall – and they had their weapons with them at all times]. We as Christians and the church need to be prepared to confront the greed and lawlessness of the leaders of Zimbabwe with courage and with the weapons God has given us. [Ephesians 6: 10-19].

6. We need to be organized and diligent. Each of us has an area on the wall where we can make a difference and build – however small that area may be. [Nehemiah 3]. If we leave our piece un-built, there will be a gap in the wall.

There are “savage wolves” among us – “even from your own number, men will arise and distort the truth…” [Acts 20:29]. Do not be discouraged but take heart in the truth and God’s promise.

Jesus tells us that the “The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy.” But then He continues: “I have come that they [all of us that believe] may have life, and have it to the full.”

My prayer is this: “May all of us who believe in Christ our Saviour know the fullness of life that Jesus promises as we take up our places in building His kingdom on His wall. May we build with humility, prayer and confession. May we build with vision. May we build with all our hearts. May we build overcoming our fear of man. May we build knowing we cannot shirk the fight and must confront greed and lawlessness in our land. May we be organized and diligent in building the part of God’s wall that He has put us on. And as we take up our places to build in 2014, may the tearing down be arrested and may those who have been killing, stealing and destroying discover the grace that leads to life, restoration and rebuilding. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”


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    Ndebvu Mukomichi 8 years ago

    My observation: Its an article calling on Christian values and a believer’s response to the situation in Zimbabwe. Just a few points:
    1. Pray for the current govt and leader RGM and not for another leader as you state, especially so soon after elections- anything outside that is rebellion. Surely God was not asleep during the elections!
    2. Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem- Given the historical background and what has transpired over land in Zim, there is a chance however small, the RGM and his govt represent the Nehemiah as far as Zim is concerned. Otherwise how do you explain his apparent successes however small in redistributing land to many. Are you going to keep on crying and remain part of the problem or are you going to look for ways to be part of the solution.
    3. Godly Zim – I do not see any godly country anywhere in the world at the moment. Godliness is doing God’s will no matter how unpopular it may be at the time. Some countries are being punished for following or enacting godly laws. And remember that Jerusalem was built on ‘stolen’ land but the ‘theft’ was by divine authorisation.
    Yes, it is understood that people lost land and livelihoods, and then reclaimed it many years later- which led to other people losing land in the same way; but let us put some historical perspective to it and try to move forward as a nation together.
    We can be one nation working together, based on an understanding of our true history- the choice is ours!

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    I cannot pray for a new leader,when the bible says pray for your leaders.We used to pray for the Tsvangirayis & the Bitis when they were in government.
    Gay marriages,abortion and gun laws in Mr Freeth’s “perfect” governments prove no earthly system is worthy to be called a christian govt.
    The Vatican?Heard Pope Francis sayin he is cool with gays .

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    From Isaiah 14, ‘You have destroyed your land and slain your people.”

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      LESHAND22 8 years ago

      Ben needs to awake from his dream, god is for us all,he still harbour soureness over his supposed to be mango farm, but the truth is that the rightful owner is the one settled there today and ben freeth has no inlaws inheritance. he still cries over his fraud caSE

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    I think what Mr Freeth is mainly saying is stand against the corruption! The corruption is what is destroying this country. It is like a cancer that grows and grows. Stand up against things you know to be wrong.

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    I think Murimi and Ndebvu should take cognisance of the Saul and David story. God anointed another leader whilst Saul was still in power. God had already side-lined Saul for his ungodliness and disobedience. God will often allow evil to remain for a time as His rod of judgment but then that judgment always come to those who have destroyed. I have seen enough scripture twisted over this Zimbabwean government to justify its evil deeds to last a life time. That does not mean we do not pray for those who have rigged and stolen elections and rule by oppression and fear. But surely judgment awaits. I pray for repentance. We do not hate the sinner but we hate the sin. Surely, it is time to rebuild the walls. Spiritually! In Christ Jesus.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    What Freeth is saying is an opinion and nothing is wrong with that. What we all want is to live life like anyone else.
    Whoever is in power is obligated to do their job for the people. Remember they all do this under oath. AND WHICH BOOK IS THAT HAND PLACED ON.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    @Bee and Nyoni.Murimi does not condone corruption and is sickened by it.I do not engage in shaddy deals or under the table activities.
    I am simply a guy who sees opportunity,checks if its legal,and makes use of it.
    Those who are corrupt should be brought to book,and thats how a restoration and rebuilding can be done,and its possible within the current ruling system.
    @NBS.True,God abandoned Saul,but can we safely say Bob is Saul,and Morgan-David?
    He might be the old king,but I believe Bob has been granted grace to live long enough to accomplish what he has set out to do

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Corrupt Ndebvu n murimi must be made Aware ku elections were stolen. As such RGM did not come from God, perhaps the gods of Hell

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    The more you comment,the more I think you are an attention seeking moron.

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Murimi just what has Bob accomplished, except the ruin of once proud, viable & prosperous country? Just look around you it is evident everywhere to say nothing of our inability to feed ourselves after 14 years of owning the land!!!!! None so blind as those who will not see.

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    Murimi I am not saying Morgan is David. But sadly ZPF have gone far from Godly principles. Look at the fruit that is our nation. I as much as anyone would be overjoyed to see ZPF repent (along with the nation as we all need to)What fruit do we see. just reading these blogs shows me the sad state our nation has sunk into. It is time we discussed with each other with love and tolerance, taking time to carefully hear each other out. Mugabe has long lost his mandate. I feel sorry for him but in life we make our own choices. I know my God and I know what His word says and I know that Zimbabwe has slidden into a place where we need to repent desperately. God will hold ZPF very accountable for the state of this nation as in 1980 they were given the mandate to rule. What have they done with it? The church too needs to take stock of itself and repent for judgment starts in the house of God but we must remember that many in places of authority claim to be part of the church. We are not good expression of Christ are we? Zimbabwe is a mess!

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    Murimi wanhasi is psychology disturbed like all corrupt zanoids. The snakepit for the common felon

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    @NBS I guess we will never agree on the Mugabe issue.
    But I will agree with u that as a nation we have to repent.There is too much hatred and suspicion.

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      Tozvirevakupiko 8 years ago

      I agree with you Murimi – there is too much hatred and suspicion!! Thats why we hear leaders whose speeches are laced with phrases like’ Dell go to hell’ MDC can go to hell’ unodhashurwa nemapurisa kana usingavaterere(when MT was beaten up by the police)…etc etc… and yes suspicion beacuse some travel heavily fortified in a motorcade! Sad Zimbabwe, very sad.

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    You know what Murimi. If we knew our Saviour the way we should disagreeing or agreeing on Mugabe would never be an issue. Everything is about what God wants and not what we want. But our hatred of each other in Zimbabwe is utterly destructive. I absolutely defend your right to your opinion but we should still be able to sit down together and care about each other work to build a nation and a future and agree to disagree with Christ central in our hearts. I hate what Zimbabwe has become and to be quite honest our politicians have played a huge part in causing mistrust, disunity and racial tension. What President stands up and says he has degrees in violence and that they must strike fear into the hearts of people of another race. A President should be there to build unity, encourage and much more and be a President for everyone. Right now as I stand I do not have a President. He hates me despite my utter love for my country, its people and the fact that I have worked for decades giving all legal des back to my country like tax etc. etc. No Mugabe must retire. I do not hate him at all but I hate some of what he has done. Be blessed Murimi.

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    God will restore the years that the locust has eaten, the canker worm, palmerworm. behold, we shall eat and be satsified, only believe.

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    jongwe 8 years ago

    Oh dear,so much trust being put into an illusionary entity, no no wonder we sit twiddling our thumbs praying for a miracle. there is no ‘god’ to help Zimbabwe only the people. I can only assume we are quite happy to let others dictate the lives we should lead. Hail Hail Mugabe……the anointed one!!!!

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    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. But do these guys fear God ? I don’t know . When you get a grown up man saying that RGM is on the same level with Jesus you would think RGM would rebuke him . But no that’s what these guys think . NBS I understand that as a believer you will not give up on any soul and I applaud you for that. I just hope your message touches Murimi’s heart so that he might awake from his slumber and see the suffering around him.

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    Bhopal 8 years ago

    It’s funny how people resort to God when the tide is against them. Mr Freethinkers, where was this sanctimonious religious feeling when our grandfathers were paid a cup of beans to clear the land you claim was yours? Where was your prayer when we were not allowed to walk down first street? Where were your prayers when 10pc of the population “owned” 80 PC of the arable land. God is for us all. History has a way of righting itself. Those who have looted and stolen, will get their dues, the same way land hoggers got theirs in 2001. Stop trying to insight people in clandestine ways while you are safely in South Africa and writing articles for Afrikaaner websites and publications.

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    Matanda Masairirwa 8 years ago

    Ben you are lost my friend.Firstly identify yourself correctly. You are not a Zimbabwean but British. You are crying for your father-in-law’s farm that you could have inherited through your wife. Listen, your father-in-law bought the land during the confusion that Margaret Thatcher created. Willing seller willing buyer and not allowing the democratic government of Zimbabwe to address it’s own land issues for the first 10 years in office. Logically you are right and not deluded that the government of Zimbabwe was in charge but practically wrong that it was responsible in that chaotic situation. The other very important point for your own info is to understand that Zimbabwe is not a Christian country. Check the constitution of Zimbabwe. Destroy your walls of the church of England that has littered Zimbabwe for too long. We are decolonising my friend. We don’t talk about Isiah and Nehemiah. we talk about Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi. Do you know them? They were killed by your people. We aren’t stupid. We now understand our leader whom we can liken, “to your understanding” to Moses. Forget and smile. We aren’t going to rebel against the government. Go back to England if you can’t stomach it here in Zimbabwe.

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    ZimZam 8 years ago

    Freeth should really keep his inane proselytising and sermonising for the pulpit. If I wanted to be subjected to this type of flat earth thinking, and I really don’t, I would go to church, which I don’t! Manipulating and nuancing stories from the Old Testament, which was written thousands of years ago, and which is in reality just a loose biased historical account of the Jewish people, and somehow trying to make these stories relevant and instructive to the Zimbabwean situation is irrational and insulting for anyone with a modicum of intelligence. If we are to seriously search history for answers to the Zimbabwean debacle we would be far better served by studying the great revolutionary movements of the 20th century such as the Russian, Chinese, Cuban and Mexican revolutions. But in reality we don’t need to look too far for inspiration for there are real life and death revolutions taking place on our doorstep right now. Look around Zimbabwe and follow suit. And Ben – the only person who really wants to, or needs to hear about your dreams is your therapist. Really. Please spare us the details.

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      Mr.Freeth must understand that the TRUTH should never be obfuscated by phantasmagoric nonsense.
      Why should I venerate a God that would be eligible for a Citizen’s Arrest if anyone encountered him on the Side-walk?

      Your God is a fornicator and a Criminal!
      He furtively inseminated the Partner of Joseph.
      He is thus a Rapist, an Adulterer, and a Cuckolder.
      He failed to assist Mary during her pregnancy and he allowed his baby to be born in a Manger……..which placed the Mother and Child at great risk of Tetanus.
      He never set eyes upon his Child.
      He failed to provide the Father Figure for his Son.
      He never carried or held his Child.
      He never supported his child.
      He failed to respond to his son’s urgent plea for Mercy when he was mortally wounded.

      Any Ordinary Citizen would be roundly denounced for each of these transgressions.

      If Jesus could not save himself how will he ever save Mr. Freeth ?
      Perhaps we are dealing with a heap of FROTH !

      Zimbabweans should revert to their original Faith Systems.