Mujuru And Mnangagwa “ideologically Bankrupt” – Jonathan Moyo

via You Are “ideologically Bankrupt” Jonathan Moyo Tells Mujuru And Mnangagwa – As If Mugabe Is Any Different! – Current Affairs – NEW ZIMBABWE FORUMS 23 November 2013

“The time has come for all of us to understand that this whole talk of succession is a po-litical disease from which we need to be cured by simply understanding and following the constitutional and democratic process for attaining power,” weighed in Jonathan Moyo in the on-going fight for political dominance of Zanu PF by the Mai Mujuru and Mnangagwa factions. The two are lining themselves to take over after Mugabe.

“Following the constitutional and democratic process for attaining power;” I had to read it again to make sure I got that right! Since when has Zanu PF cared about following the constitution and democratic processes?

“What we have on the ground are not ideological factions driven by ideas or policy sub-stance, but we have some kind of mini-personality cults; factions based on support for individuals and not support for the party, that are content-free and that are ideologically bankrupt,” Moyo said.

What is Jonathan Moyo wittering about; what moral much less ideological standing does Mugabe have!?

Mugabe has just blatantly rigged the elections, denying nearly a million Zimbabweans their basic and fundamental right to vote, bussing his supporters from one polling station to the next so that they could cast ten to twenty votes each time, etc.

The election results showed that 27 out of the 210 constituencies had an impossible 100% plus voter turnout if one added the cast votes and those refused the vote. In Chipinge  East the cast votes alone constituted 141% of the registered voters!

Mugabe employed the Israel company, Nikuv, to corrupt the voters roll so real voters would be denied the vote whilst Zanu PF supporters cast hundred or more votes each. Mugabe paid Nikuv a princely sum of $13 million for their “Judas kiss!”

All in all, Mugabe must have squandered at least $ 3 billion in rigging the July 2013 elections.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher education told parliament the Ministry received only $50 000 out of its annual budgeted allocation of $ 380 million – that is less than 0.002%. It is not the only Ministry starved of funds, the problem is everywhere. .

So Mugabe not only rigs the elections but even sells the nation’s treasures to do it; starving it of even the bear essential of life. The tyrant is not just ideologically bankrupt and morally bankrupt too.

Jonathan Moyo is Mugabe’s self-appointed Chief Propagandist. His job is to portray Mugabe as a rational leader with very high moral and ideological standards. Who selfless sacrifice has served Zimbabwe from many terrible things these last 33 years.

The reality is that Mugabe is a corrupt and ruthless tyrant who destroyed the country’s economy and murdered over 30 000 to gratify his love for power and wealth. As far cry from the Mugabe Moyo and his fellow propagandists say Mugabe is but that is why it is called propaganda.

Of course Jonathan Moyo knows that neither Mai Mujuru or Mnangagwa have any moral stand-ing much less an ideological one. Moyo is flagging it now to remind the two that they too, like Mugabe, will therefore need the services of propagandists.

And who is the seasoned propagandists in Zimbabwe than Jonathan Moyo himself! This is a shameless self-promotion by the propagandist.

The Zanu PF dictatorship is on its last legs; Mujuru and Mnangagwa are fighting over a morally and ideologically bankrupt and degenerate political party. Zanu PF is in power because they rigged the elections; they party has got away with rigging elections in the past but not this time.

So what is Mujuru and Mnangagwa fighting over; to be the next illegitimate president!? And Moyo wants to be her/his Chief Propagandist.

Jonathan Moyo, like Josef Gobbles, the Nazis Chief Propagandist before him who talked of Na-zis victory even with the Russian Army inside Berlin City gates; Moyo talks of Zanu PF as if the party can ever be revived from the self-destruct path it has followed these last 33 years.



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    Russian 9 years ago

    bravo ! well articulated article zanu is dead

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    holy moyo 9 years ago

    Jonathan ‘turncoat’ Moyo is himself a thief,an emmbezler, a wife abuser , a shameless bootlicker of Mugabe.He embezzled research money at Wits University, he defrauded the Ford foundation and the shamelss sellout would sell his mothet if the price was right. He changes like a chameleon and is as treacherous as quicksand..He is a vulture..Feeding where there is rot and decay..
    He is worse than Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s moronic propaganda minister..
    Jonathan Moyo is quisling.
    I am ashamed to share the same name with this political protistute.
    Holy Moyo

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      Sonofngwazi 9 years ago


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    Moyo should remind mugabe and the zanu cabal what happened to gadafi caecescu nubarak cstro assad Chavez Allende. The first nguema. And their sons daughters relatives

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    kanyembwele 9 years ago

    the writer sounds so emotional, so aggrieved to th extent that i wonder if the writer holds a valid earned journalism paper. to me its like morgan talking at a politikal mass, this writer could make a powerful spokeperson for either party. as a news lover i want to read innformation and decide onmy own to be happy, aggrieved, or untouched. once any of th 3 are forced into my conscience, i guess thats PROPERGANDA

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      masvukupete 9 years ago

      @Kanyembwele. Its an opinion piece. The writer is merely putting across his own analysis. Wrong or right, its only his opinion.

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      Hwese 9 years ago

      The very same Morgan yu are is the who who made things better when Zim was doiwn to the knees. Mkosho uzere mavhu shit.

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      properganja did you say?

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    Jenandebvu 9 years ago

    @Kachembele, who said you need a journalism degree to write what and how you feel? Is Jona Moyo a journalist? Is George Charambwa a journalist? Come on why do u want to easily fool us?

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    j.moyo 9 years ago

    @kanyembwele based on your comment, you also sound so emotional and so aggrieved to the extent that you mention Morgan (WHOM YOU HATE SO MUCH)who has absolutly nothing to do with this piece of opinion. The truth hurts baba, if you are looking for news that will appeas your spirit then you better start writing and publishings your own news aticles, its a democracy, hazvirambidzwe, otherwise go hang…

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    tony reeler 9 years ago

    “Josef Gobbles”? Like it, but try “Josef Goebbels” please.

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    Bruce 9 years ago

    We all have an idea of what happened on 31 July 2013. Repeating it over and over in every article on Zimbabwe even when not really necessary is also a sign of bankkrutcy on the journalist and whoever writes in any of the commentaries. My opinion is that what is the way forward. In protesting against what transpired then, citizens of Zimbabwe wherever they are found, should ensure that business is not as usual in in any Zimbabwean governemnt operation, not to do so is supporting what they did. In the diaspora, Zimbabwe citizen should demonstrate, and make Embassies of Zimbabwe danagerous places for any one to visist, sabotage functions, but making the governement process unfunctional.It will come at a cost. How many of us have lost everything, self respect, family, hard earned resources through thieft, thuggry and murder. Nothing to loose now, make the regime a laughing stock internationally after they claimed that they are popular.

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      sharpinsky 9 years ago

      Sounds like the hopeless, ineffective ZIDERA effort. Approach ZANU PF governement that way and you popularise it come 2018. Be responsible citizens and God will do the rest

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    msizeni silwelani 9 years ago

    Ideological bankruptcy, not only the two but Zanu pf as a whole. This we have always said. Prof. offers himself for political abuse, Mnangagwa a coward, cowed out at Dinyane. Runaida a betrayer, dines with those whom we suspect murdered her husband. The rest, deadwood. Hogwash, presented as policy issues, we are in trouble.

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    Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    Muto a “J” vanofunga kuti no kuti vanemusoro muhombe kupfura wa maiMujuru nababaMunangagwa saka nudie ega anema ideologies anozevenza for Zimbabwe ohhhh, what a mess. That’s how he advises the nation and sends information to the world kikikikikikikiki.

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    Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    Mukoma “J” vanofunga kuti nokuti vanemusoro muhombe kupfura wa maiMujuru nababaMunangagwa saka ndiye ega anema ideologies inosevenza for Zimbabwe ohhhh, what a mess. That’s how he advises the nation and sends information to the world kikikikikikikiki.

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    Useless Zimbabweans

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    Look_east_policy_is_so_last_millenium 9 years ago

    Zimbabwe inonyadzisa veduwe; a 90yr old leader, no rule of law, no national airline(doesn’t fly internationally, only regional), no national currency, dysfunctional service delivery, shortages of the very basic commodities….etc, etc. And you still find some people staunchly defending all of the above and more. Need I say more. I’m a very proud Zimbabwean but right now there are two things that make me squirm when people ask me; my first name(Ambulance), and where I come from (Zimbabwe). Well, its actually one thing only, the first I made up:)

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    adam jones 9 years ago

    Prof Musorobhangu at work.

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    Liberator 9 years ago

    Chivi hachieri musi wacharimwa. One is one day, as Zimbabweans we will liberate our beloved Zimbabwe from these tyrants. All this will come to an end. Who ever stole from the people will face the full wrath of the people. All those who murdered innocent Zimbabweans will face the full wrath of the people. All those who starved the innocent Zimbabweans to death in 2008 will face the full wrath of the people. This will also goes to their children and grandchildren and families who benefited and took part in this wholesale looting murder. Bona, Robert and Chatunga uses pure polished diamonds as marble toys whilst our children eat sand for survival. They will face the full wrath of the people of Zimbabwe. There is no place to hide. When the time comes we will hunt them from where ever they will be. We will find them anywhere in the world and punish them for this. Kuchava nekugeda geda kwemeno kana nguva yacho yasvika. Tik tok tik tok

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      Those that wish Mugabe death wil perish befor him .God has a purpose for his lyf. There ar so many people wishing death to our president .(I can say milions of prayers) but all is not working .ask yoself why cauz God lyk him. I don’t mind about those whom yu say were kiled by him but remember biblicaly the kings were orderd by God to kill and destroy a certain tribe ,nation or family that has risen against God either by disobeying 10 comands or the king himself. Thi thing yu cal democracy is not holy but develish cauz it h

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        Hey I didn’t believe that their some IDIOTS who still have trust in MUGABE and his useless ZANU ,wait and see hunger

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          It really surprises that other fellow Zimbabweans are fighting to improve their lifes, Democracy and free Zimbabwe,but some people who are even failling to support their own families because of MUGABE REGIME ,but those same IDIOTS are supporting Poverty and killing of innocent people so many police commanders died and disappear as well as Army commanders like Brigadeir Gunda of One Brigade who was found on a railway line ded after being killed and their so many who will follow to die ,but same empty minded always comment on some things that they don’t even know ,just talking for the purpose of talking whilst their families and relatives are suffering and struggling to take care of themselves.