Zanu PF has betrayed the liberation struggle

via Zanu PF has betrayed the liberation struggle  Nehanda Radio  Apr 18, 2014 by Clifford Hlatywayo

As Zimbabwe marks Independence Day on 18th of April, ordinary Zimbabweans have nothing to celebrate because ZANU PF cronies have hijacked and privatised national independence. The MDC Youth Assembly says NO to the privatisation of the people’s freedom.

Today ZANU PF has neglected the core values and purpose of wagging a liberation struggle. The few top echelons of ZANU PF have monopolized the country and its resources. The ordinary black people went to war to gain independence and freedom. This has been misinterpreted hence neglected.

The one man one vote agenda has been shelved and replaced by serious rigging. A myriad of unthinkable means has been used by ZANU PF to circumvent the will of the people and the so called sovereignty of this great land. These range from hiring foreign based organizations to rig the vote, for instance, the controversial NIKUV that was hired by ZANU PF to decide on internal issues of the country.

This has not only aided in replacing the one man one vote that the people fought for but also seriously undermining the country’s sovereignty. ZANU PF employed violence and intimidation of highest magnitude against the people.

It has gravely abused state institutions to attain their narrow interests. They have redefined national development to the retention of state power by any means rather than positive emancipation of the ordinary people. Independence has been privatized to mean looting of national cake by the few in ZANU PF.

The issue of land has been at the centre of the liberation struggle. What we have seen is only the top brass and some war veterans who were able to violently grab plots of land from white farmers benefited, the rest haven’t. Those who fought the liberation genuinely will tell you today that the liberation was fought to make Zimbabwe a nation of equal opportunities in all spheres of life.

People were fighting for economic justice, where every citizen can equally participate and benefit from the economic activities of the nation. Fundamental freedoms have been fatally infringed by the state. 34 years after independence from the colonial rulers, its citizens are not independent and they live in extreme fear.

July 31, 2013 saw the vote rigging of the century. Since then, the economy has been declining every minute. The stock exchange market capitalization of July 2013 was around $6, 8 billion, eight months down the line it is on $4.8 billion, a downfall of $2 billion.

One wonders where we are heading as a nation when industries are continuing to close and subsequently people losing their livelihood every day, the  promise for 2, 2 million jobs remains a pipedream for the youth.

The MDC is an answer to all maladmistration. People’s upliftment is at the center of MDC policies, where by growing the cake is the first priority rather than fighting for a very small one. Promotion of sound and sustainable investment to create the much needed jobs is paramount.

For and on behalf of the young people of Zimbabwe

MDC-T National Youth Spokesperson, Clifford Hlatywayo



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    Chidumbu 9 years ago

    This is the result of reaping what you did not sow, you thought that by just taking everything you would be successful> Success comes from hard work not stealing.

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      Zimguard80 9 years ago

      ZANU pfubvu pa ruzevha puts vultures to shame!!! Zimbabwe woke up to professional harvesters never seen under the sun!!! They harvested millions of dollars pasina domwe rimwe reziya and asset stripped farms of millions of dollars leaving farm workers destitute. Swarms of locusts, flocks of birds and vultures have a form of work ethic in that they spend hours flying, expending energy and exposing themselves to danger in search of food, unlike ZANU pfubvu lazy cats. They talk of being liberators! What liberators when the nation is in shackles!!! Mercenaries and murderers that’s what ZANU pfubvu are to this nation.

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    ZPF have most certainly betrayed the liberation struggle. ‘You have destroyed your land and slain our people. ” Isaiah. God will not be mocked!

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    Reverend 9 years ago

    Are we surprised?
    Is this not the same story throughout Africa?
    What makes us think Zimbabwe is any different?
    It is so sad that Britain and the rest of the Western world did not look to our North to see the thieving and destruction of every country given it’s independence before throwing us to this evil? Now they are nowhere to be seen in trying to get things right, yes we have been dropped like the proverbial hot Potato! Britain you and your Maggie got us into this mess and you care less! And now look at South Africa, ruled by a president that in any Western nation would be in prison!! He has just taken(stolen from) the SA people for R250,Million, though this is pittance when you look at our president and what he and his goofballs have swiped! Someone stupid said it is better to be poor and free rather than under the rule of whites!? Good grief, what is freedom when you are ok with the the oppression of the worst villain in the world.
    Lord please raise up a man for the people, Thank you.

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    yes, Lord please raise up a leader for this nation. A man after Your own heart!

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    Mark Talbot 9 years ago

    Zimbabwe is desperate to be liberated from it’s oppressors, the ZANU-PF. Liberation struggle, indeed.

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    Reverend you forget one little point Zimbabweans fought for their independence and got it, take responsibility for your actions in treating Mugabe like he was a god who could do no wrong!