ZANU PF hypocrisy over Western countries

via ZANU PF hypocrisy over Western countries | SW Radio Africa  by Tichaona Sibanda on Thursday, February 20, 2014 

While Western governments have pumped billions of dollars into Zimbabwe in food, developmental and educational aid, this has not stopped the ruling ZANU PF government from continually lashing out at the so-called ‘imperialists.’

Over the last decade, financial help from EU countries and the US has ensured that no one in Zimbabwe has died as a result of hunger. A Twitter message from the US embassy in Harare on Wednesday said the country was the largest donor of humanitarian assistance in Zimbabwe, contributing more than $1 billion since 2002.

It would also be a mismatch to try and make comparisons to the aid Zimbabwe gets from its Western ‘enemies’ compared to their Look East partners or African counterparts. While help from the West has benefited millions of Zimbabweans, cash from China has mostly benefited an elite few.

The Chinese money has been used to construct ‘vanity’ projects – a multi-million dollar shopping mall and a defence and intelligence college, institutions that benefit those in ZANU PF.

On Wednesday the same ZANU PF government and the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) jointly launched a $100 million food aid programme to benefit over 500,000 people in drought-prone areas throughout the country over the next five years.

US Ambassador Bruce Wharton said the programme underscored his country’s commitment to Zimbabwe, while acting Agriculture minister Ignatius Chombo said the programme would go a long way in improving the country’s nutritional status.

According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, Zimbabwe is one of the largest recipient of official humanitarian assistance. Last year, the United Nations also launched a worldwide appeal for humanitarian assistance to Zimbabwe.

Alain Noudehou, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Zimbabwe, said then that the fund would be aimed at addressing ongoing food shortages, waterborne disease outbreaks and issues affecting Zimbabweans deported from neighboring countries.

The country was a net exporter of food to the region until President Robert Mugabe embarked on his violent and chaotic land reform program that turned the country into a basket case.


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    aid props up dictatorships.

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    dennis chikuve 8 years ago

    Havanyari ava. A begging bowl, insults immediately after paints a picture of desperation and confusion among our so called leaders. They bite the hand that feeds them. Thank you USA for ignoring the narcissists and doing what is morally right.

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    Yes it is very logical to lambast these evil minded western countries for how do you exonerate them from the cause of poverty. First they created poverty by their illegal economic sanctions, never mind the misleading assertion that they are targeted for the intended effect is the same.

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      Mupurisa 8 years ago

      Makotsi, you are just another example of a greedy beneficiary of ZANU PF’s patronage system. You and your ilk are the ones responsible for the very hunger which these ‘westerners’ are having to give Zim money for, because your corrupt and incompetent government would have been quite happy to let these people just suffer & die. ZANU has no conscience, and neither do those of you who support it!! Zvikara!! Mhondi nembavha dzevanhu! Give me one example of how sanctions have hurt the actual people of Zimbabwe, not you and your sick party who think you are the only people of Zimbabwe!

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      Ruramai 8 years ago

      Makotsi you need to grow up. Land is in our hands and we are failing to utilize it to feed ourselves. Before 2000 we used to be net food exporters and the numerous agri-based industries kept many in employment.

      So, when you say the west created poverty in this country, are you saying they are stopping us from being productive on our farms?

      How has the fact that Mugabe cannot visit his favorite shopping destination, Harrods, stopped us from benefiting from our diamonds? I hope you are not suggesting that the west is responsible for the corruption that has brought this country to its knees.

      You are shameless, Makotsi

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      Mena Bona 8 years ago

      You are totally ignorant of history or fact! Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe in no less a fashion than locusts destroy a field of wheat, but then in Zimbabwe nobody has seen a locust for years because there is no more wheat or any other crops of note. He has turned the, bread basket of Africa into a basket case. Millions of hectares of forest cut down annually to grow tobacco for the Chinese. Deforesting Zimbabwe to grow a noxious weed that kills people because the yellow people, who are robbing you blind, demand it. Just hand over the rest because they have almost enslaved you. Read the article above and allow it to sink in. The West feeds you. The East steals from you. Open your eyes.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    I for 1 am against giving aid money to politicians at all … I takes away the responsibility of government to its citizens. It breeds corruption because ,the politicians start dipping their dirty fingers into the state coffers since donners will do the povo work for them.
    During the 2007 2008 crisis when the country was on its knees, it was Zimbabweans that looked after their own. It made me proud to be Zimbabwean.
    If it was not for South Africa and the Mdc’s who came in the aid of Zanu, I believe we would have been free now.
    The aid props up the enemy.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    If this aid fills in the gaps,let it come.
    If it comes with gay rights and feminist nonsense,then they can go to
    somewhere very hot.

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    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    @Murimi , how are you doing out there ? -People must understand why we actually accept aid from these westerns countries, its not about us failing to work hard and have our own food on the table, people like you Murimi good example- they spend most of their time on the fields working hard , but what exactly do we do if we are being affected by the natural causes , shortage of rain , weather changes , floods affecting our crops etc . Natural causes beyond our control have affected us a lot during the yester years , so if USA have got surplus from their harvest to assist us then lets simple appreciate it , their differences that they have with our ZANU PF government and the president is something that can be discussed and resolved , but we can not discuss and resolve problems with empty stormachs , let them help if any need to do so , its all up to you take or leave it . This aid doesn’t go to those who have got resources to survive their kids , it goes to those who are really in need out there suffering , so those in Britain/Vigil must shut up -shut up-really shut up -shut up again and again .

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    @Khaya.Murimi had been away these past few weeks.
    U r quite right,those who r just criticising dont understand the issue of empty stomachs.
    A plate of sadza cooked from maize grown in Alabama,or Australia,will not go into your system and start telling u how bad Mugabe is,how where we were grown,we dont like your govt.No.It will simply give LIFE.
    People should then not deny others that just becoz they hate so and so.
    Khaya,I see that mad man Mthwkazi is no longer appearing.Good riddance.

    Today is 21st February.I came back and found someone had given away your Bob @ 90 t shirt,which I had hoped u would wear over that red one of yours.

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    Chess player 8 years ago

    Murimi and Khaya enjoy the President’s bash. I am sure you will be there no doubt…. Backside lickers our Dear Dictator who has blessed us all with corruption, hunger, unemployment etc. Maybe you dont blame him for all that….. ohhh blame it on sanctions imposed by countries giving you these millions in aid today.

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    Harper 8 years ago

    Unlike British, EU, and other Western Countries’ aid, USAID is carefully monitored making it more difficult for ZANUpf to exploit it for their own ends. The Brits just give money to UN agencies in Zimbabwe not caring that they have been infiltrated by ZANUpf. No wonder three UNDP employees were among the first recipients of stolen farms. The Red Cross was corrupted by 1982, UNHCR was corrupted in Botswana even before moving into Zimbabwe. Most sadly for me, as it is my favourite charity, is the infiltration of the Salvation Army.

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Aid generally is a minefield as to the right or wrong of giving or withholding it. This is an industry where the intended recipients seldom receive the aid or when they do much has been removed by way of administrative fees, commissions, salaries etc. The staff of these NGO’s live the high life in the third world.
    Suggested reading – War Games” by Linda Polman.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Truth, nothing but the truth. It is true that ZANU PF turned Zimbabwe into a basket case. It is true ZANU PF stole land from the majority to minority and corrupt ZANU PF. It is true ZANU PF are the nation’s worst enemy.

    Order and order in the farms is the answer to our food shortage problems. Basketcase? Mazvida mavanga enyora. ZANU PF created hunger to attract donations from the west and to create chances to deep their dirty fingers into life saving charity from the goodhearted west. Mbavha dze ZANU PF hadzina ganda kumeso. They are cronic and unrepenting thieves fit for hell not government. Come 2018, send them to where they belong, political background.

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    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    @Chess , look here my friend you will keeping on insulting until you stretch your mouth , i can not blame you thats the way you was brought up , if you are really as wise as you think , then you should have read with more understanding that i and Murimi we are on the opposite sides , it is not a criminal offence to be invited by Murimi to the President’s birth day , what do you think , so many oppositions were invited and its all up to them to honour those invitations or not

    Kindly tell me Chess , the dialogue is all about USAID to Zimbabwe , thats what i really appreciate and good that the government of our country have accepted this solely for the benefit of those looking for help , is that not benefiting some of us .

    I had been an MDC T member ever since , but i am not a stupid MDC T member who doesn’t know what is good and bad , good initiatives taking us forward must be appreciated , never mind those good initiatives are coming from ZANU PF or from outside our country as long as they are worth it thats fine . An urban man like you doesn’t have a clue to what is happening on the rural side , thats why you are failing to think and talking your own way . My party MDC T can be on power , but if ever we can be affected by the natural causes like drought , change of weather , floods affecting the harvest , they will also remain without choice but to seek for outside aid , so i don’t see your point of acting so smart . Open your eyes and see things better .

    Chess Mandela shared the same table with the oppositions and in so doing they resolved a lot of issues concerning their differences – hard luck my man , i am going to the president Mugabe’s birth day party , simple for a number of reasons that would not mention to you .

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    These Makotsis and Murimis of this world are the same people whom i heard today showering phrases on HIS 90yrs and proclaiming HIM a shining example.This in a country of 90% unemployment!These Americans give us food and have allowed us to use their currency and you still hear these shameless morons,not thanking,but heaping abuse…

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    @Mascara.You must be female.If you are male,and you are Mascara,then look for a gay forumn.
    That said,if the man is 90,he is 90 and today is his birthday.Happy Birthday dear Comrade President.
    Anything wrong in that?Maybe u want 21st Feb removed from the calender?
    @Chess.Fancy name,not so sharp an anlysis.

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      Mupurisa 8 years ago

      Murimi, your own comments to mascara are not too sharp either m’fesi! What has that person’s gender got to do with anything? If that person happens to be a woman, does she not have the same rights to express her opinion as any man? I must say that in some of your posts, I can sometimes see your point. On the other hand, however, some of your other posts such as the one above, exude nothing less than your toxic, retrogressive ZANOID ‘logic’!! Gwara remunhu!

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    Ndebvu Mukomichi 8 years ago

    Happy birthday to RGM my president! You have been blessed with a rich and fruitful life, and you still have the hunger to work 24/7+1.