Moyo branded “hypocrite” over tainted ZBC board members

via Moyo branded “hypocrite” over tainted ZBC board members | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda on Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo, has been branded a hypocrite and received strong criticism, following statements he made defending an alleged murderer and fraudster, both of whom he recently appointed board members at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, Moyo dismissed media reports that exposed the criminally tainted backgrounds of Cleopatra Mutisi and Gelfand Kausiyo, insisting they have the technical expertise needed to turn around the broke and scandal-ridden national broadcaster. This was after firing the previous board over corruption issues.

The wife of a Brigadier General, Mutisi is alleged to have ordered two soldiers to assault her 13-year-old nephew after accusing the child of stealing $70. She is now facing murder charges following the teenager’s death and is awaiting a trial date. But Moyo pointed to her skills as financial manager instead.

Kausiyo was accused of plagiarizing an SABC technical report in 2011, which was submitted as part of a failed KissFM application for a national radio license. It was later revealed Kausiyo had forged the report himself. The SABC fired him. But Moyo defended him saying: “Plagiarism has nothing to do with broadcasting.”

The comments were made after Moyo fired Dennis Magaya just hours following his appointment as chairman of the new ZBC board. Magaya had controversially earned an exorbitant salary as a business consultant at a ZESA subsidiary.

Former ZBC journalist Bekithemba Mhlanga said Moyo faced the dilemma of finding a board with “as less dirt as possible”. And by allowing the tainted and exposed individuals to carry on, he is discarding the same principles that he applied to the old board and to Magaya.

“He is now trying to hide behind the context of people being innocent until proven guilty and that people’s rights should not be violated and they should be given a second chance in life. This whole story has taken on a life of its own which Jonathan Moyo cannot control,” Mhlanga explained.

Despite their tainted histories, Moyo said Mutisi and Kausiyo’s cases had “no constitutional, administrative and/or moral issues” involved.

Zimbabweans responded with a barrage of comments on the state-run Herald news site, blasting Moyo for being a hypocrite.

One reader wrote: “Whilst we are urging others with “financial issues” to resign on ethical grounds, you are appointing others with “murder issues” onto boards. Incredible!”

Another ranted: “So why appoint people whose backgrounds are soiled? Board members should be exemplary in ways they conduct themselves at work and in their private lives.”

“I said it that people are in too much of a rush to praise this charlatan, Moyo, who is playing a political game to have his people at the trough. How can a person with issues of dishonesty be expected to clean up the house?” said another Herald reader.


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    Daniel Berejena 8 years ago

    Zanu PF is only trying to fool the people of Zimbabwe by pretending to be sincere in its anti-corruption drive, but the good thin is that Zimbabweans not have their eyes wide open

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    vukani madoda 8 years ago

    This merely proves the arrogance from this man-he believes you are only right if you agree or think like him.Clearly he has made an error here and it would be more honorable for him to admit and reconsider his appointments-surely there are lot of good people around here to do the job just as well if not better.There must be a rule that if you are a civil servant and sit on a board other than a purely private enterprise,that you should NOT be paid but merely take time off to make up the hours.There are no criteria for selecting people on to the Boards which exposes the Ministers as they end up appointing only people they know BUT like any retired politician will tell you,it is amazing how ,when you are in office you can be very ignorant of what is happening on the ground-it’s like being the only person blindfolded heading towards the edge of a cliff which everyone can see but yourself-this is true of the majority of politicians

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    Africa Power 8 years ago

    Moyo should lead by example, not by hypocrite . We are now asured that he is a hypocrite by imploying the guy who commited crime.

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    obert 8 years ago

    Moyo will not get anyone clean among the zanupf lot. He can only get clean guys from the outside but that will not work for him lest the new guys may really want to sort and clear the rot at zbc. Moyo doesn’t want a clean zbc but just wants different dirty hands. It helps him to have these new dirty hands as he can blackmail them at will.Prof Moyo is a known thief already.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    The circus goes on .l wll give you more of the same.

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    Birds of the same feathers fly together

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    Moyo can’t be trusted in whatever he does. Very confused

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Moyo must think again and remove the murderer from the board. Zvekuti mukadzi wemusoja does not matter. She must go and never come back!

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    anti-corruption 8 years ago

    it therefore implies that mai mujuru was right .this guy just wanted to taint those in positions and put in his already rotten apples