ZANU PF infighting deepens

via ZANU PF infighting deepens | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda  November 8, 2013 

An outbreak of public infighting within the ruling ZANU PF has this week exposed how deeply the party is divided in the wake of the recent controversial provincial elections.

The latest infighting and acrimony, sparked by events that took place during the internal poll, has suddenly intensified and each day brings its own drama as analysts warn the festering crisis is tearing the party apart.

The party has in the last fortnight exhibited something rare – exposure of the problems within its structures – where aggrieved members pulled out of provincial elections, citing electoral fraud and lately have taken each other to court over poll malpractices.

Last week it was Monica Mutsvangwa, who blasted the party for presiding over a sham election, and she pulled out of the provincial race against John Mvundura, the eventual winner in Manicaland.

This week in the Midlands province, five top party officials, linked to strongman Emmerson Mnangagwa, filed a $50 million criminal defamation lawsuit against newly re-elected provincial chairman and Midlands Provincial Affairs minister Jason Machaya, a close ally of Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

Both Mnangagwa and Mujuru are leaders of two strong factions that are aiming to take over from President Robert Mugabe.

The daily Newsday newspaper reported on Friday that Machaya’s chief elections agent, Douglas Kanengoni, filed a petition accusing Mnangagwa’s wife Auxillia, former provincial chairman July Moyo, Douglas Tapfuma, Gokwe-Kana MP Owen Ncube and Zhombe MP Mackenzie Ncube of attempting to rig the just-ended party provincial elections in favour of their faction’s preferred candidate, Larry Mavhima.

Machaya, through Kanengoni, demanded that the five be taken to a disciplinary hearing for alleged electoral fraud. But this did not go down well with those in Mnangagwa’s camp who responded by writing to Machaya on Tuesday demanding $50 million defamation charges, claiming that the allegations raised in his agent’s petition had the potential of destroying their political careers.

Political commentator Itai Dzamara said the major implication of such open disagreements is that it threatens the fortunes of the party because they are where they are today because of their ability to forge forward together.

‘ZANU PF has been able to dominate the political scene as one family since 1980 but now they are a divided family as people anticipate the imminent departure of Mugabe from the helm of the party.

‘The differences are as a result of the Mnangagwa-Mujuru factions positioning themselves to take over the reins and the infighting will get worse or bloody if Mugabe fails to deal with the issue delicately,’ Dzamara said.



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    Blackhammer! 9 years ago

    They have made millions since independence yet they itch for more. Some of the millions came from foreign adventures such as the Congo but unlike Bush or Blair who take war spoils back home our lot ship the loot to banks in Europe. The same places which they spend endless hours condemning and pouting nonsense. Nearly 35 years after independence none of them have a vision of what the next 35 will bring. Pavakati siya ipapo ndepapo. MDC made a very huge mistake in rescuing them from the middle of a raging river and now all the signs are we are going back to square one. Land , dear land has become our albatross round the neck. Take a look at how the Russians, Chinese and Arabs are pouring money into London and other parts of the west. The British know that at the end of the day one cannot take the soil back where you came from when they tell you to sling your hook. The Russian looters have the temerity to fight for the ill-gotten loot in London courts. They also knock each other out in London hotels just like you know who do at home with amazing efficiency. And our lot are also busy bringing our resources to London in suitcases hence the cry about ‘sanctions’ because they cannot come to do their shopping. Now they are at each other’s throats and the tragedy is they will drag us down with them simply because, sorry, we are asleep. Am I missing something? It is painful but there is some truth when they said, ‘the sun will never set on the British empire’. We are fools and should admit it. We should at least open our eyes to see why we got no running water or electricity when our ‘liberators’ are busy liberating our resources to foreign lands while we look the other way. Man We Got A Problem! While we await more slogans!
    Simon M Tozvireva Chete.

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    BossMyass 9 years ago

    The potholed roads and dilapidated system the darkness at night due to lack of electricity and dilapidated infrastructure are all painful reminders of broken promises of a once promising land. This is a reminder to those whose children gave their lives for freedom and emancipation of the Zimbabweans that they died in vain.
    The Mercedes and Range Rovers that line the driveways of Harare’s northern suburbs are a reminder that the land has diamonds galore and those with the connections are enjoying the fruits of ZANU-PF party membership. The Indigenization program is working if you belong to the ‘right’ political party.
    The swimming pools now filled with dirty stagnant water are remnants of the once urban paradise of Harare. The pumps have either been stolen or rusted away not a priority for the headmasters at a once beautiful school. The paint is peeling and what was once well kept green grass field has turned brown and neglected and full of weeds.
    The 89 year old is still grappling for power. As Zimbabweans reflect on Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe they realize that looking from Smith to Mugabe, Mugabe to Smith and Smith to Mugabe already it is hard to say who represents sovereignty.Happy Independence to Zimbabwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Angel 9 years ago

    Zimbabwe Government Debt to GDP averaged 80% from 1990 until 2011, reaching an all time high of 151% in December of 2011. The relevance of this for land reform is that there can be no question of government support for infrastructure, veterinary and agricultural support services, grain silos, transport and so on because the state is bankrupt. An economy driven into the informal sector and reliant on smallholding agriculture cannot provide the revenue to sustain a modern state. The mining sector, driven by foreign multinationals despite the enrichment disguise of “indigenisation” does not on its own do anything to promote local industry. Korean land reform occurred with the United States fully committed to its success in an era of sustained global economic expansion and driven by cold war era concerns. None of these conditions pertain to Zimbabwe. Land reform requires the state to have the capacity to provide post settlement support, secure title and cheap capital. Zimbabwe shows that undermining the large farms undermines the capacity of the state to provide these things. Zimbabwe’s smallholders deserve a state that provides such support. And it cannot be a Zanu-PF-Mugabe state.

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    Jogo Bonita 9 years ago

    So the other guys are demanding $50 million for defamation saying the dicsplinary hearing has the potential of ending their political carrears.$50 thats what their political carrears are worth.and they know the other party has that kind of money to ask for it.cry the beloved country.

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    I totally agree with Blackhammer, Bossmyass and Angel.I add that greed, insensitivity, cruelty and economic death wish are the hallmarks of our rulers. Lack of electricity, ruined roads, poor houses for the majority, miserly renumeration for teachers, medical personnel, civil servants and list goes on and on. Until our rulers realise that for the country to recover economically only wish the economic knowledge should be engaged to draw a viable plan. It’s one thing to discuss sanctions and it’s another thing to bring out their end. The saddest thing is that most of those spearheading the sanctions drive do not believe in them and merely shout loudest to comflage their inner beliefs. President Mugabe, I am convinced, can read who is genuine or not.

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    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    Now that dog is eating dog it gets exciting

  • comment-avatar
    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    The only frustrating thing is, as they fight each other the country is drowning, drowning, drowning, and being drowned with very little hope of resuscitation as they are mortagaging and have mortagaged our beloved country to the Chinese and Russians their masters. What a shame but history will never forgive them especially I for one.

  • comment-avatar
    Mapingu 9 years ago

    Haaa, mbavha imbavha chete. Zvinozikamwa izvo kuti mbavha dzikaba dzikanoviga loot yadzo mugomo kana dzikangoparadzana chete dzose dzinopinda muzhira kumhanya kudzokera kunofukunura pfimbi iyoyo – kubira dzimwe mbavha zvekare. Of course, kazhinji dzinosanga dzotarirana – tarisana, dzosekererana, dzodzunza misoro dzobva dzabatana mavoko. Apo dzinobva dzatenderana kukamurirana zvibiwa zviye kuti dziti waziva kwake waziva kwake; kana kuchigagara dzakarindana sebhanditi nagadhijeri; kana kuti kurinda pfimbi yacho iyo-yo. Haaa, regaiyi zvedu tivone kuti mbavha idzi dzichatora gwara ripi? Asi dziri likely kugarira pfimbi yadzo izere zvokuba – I wouldn’t expect much of anything. Watch the space.

    Ende mbavha ikabigwa zvayakavo, inotsvusa mazizo kudarika yayakabira pakutanga akaita zvekushanda nesimba rake. Saka, hazvishamisi tichienda kuHero’s Acre manje-manje pakadari apa. Pane munhu pasi. Iwee, kubira mbavha – that’s serious own risk. Mbavha inoda ichiba iri iyo not any other way round. Panotsuka ropa zvokwadi apa. NaMwari – ndingapika ini.

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    Wekari 9 years ago

    The deepening of ZANU PF crisis never seem to end. Miraculously, the party is ever strong when it counts