Zanu PF takes blueprint to churches

via Zanu PF takes blueprint to churches – DailyNews Live by John Kachembere and Sharon Muguwu  9 DECEMBER 2013 

In a desperate attempt to have its recently-unveiled economic blueprint succeed, the Zanu PF-led government is planning on taking the document to churches in a bid to have it endorsed by the people.

Although the economic blue print, dubbed the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset), has been on the market for the past two months it has failed to halt the country’s economic decline.

Zimbabwe’s economy, which began to show signs of life during the inclusive government era after a decade of hyperinflation, is slowly fading back into recession due to persistent droughts, falling metal prices and lack of foreign direct investment.

However, Zim Asset aims to grow the economy by 3,4 percent this year and by 6,1 percent in 2014, with the ultimate target of achieving a 9,9 percent growth rate by 2018 — but the government has been struggling to secure funding for these plans.

Among other things, Zim Asset seeks to rebuild infrastructure, re–open closed factories, pay off the country’s external debt and provide cheap housing and better access to identity documents.

It also seeks to run all government buildings on solar energy by 2015.

Tourism minister, Walter Mzembi says there is need to take the blue print to churches in its current format so that people can fully understand and embrace it.

“What we have learnt from the past policies such as the Medium Term Plan (MTP) and the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (Esap) is that we must climb down a mountain and bring down Zim Asset to the people,” he said.

Mzembi noted that churches are the only places these days where most people willingly meet and government must take advantage of the situation and preach its policies.

“For Zim Asset to succeed we must package it in a way that it can be received over night by church members instead of taking it to people on the streets,” he said.

The former liberation movement is trying hard to have a global buy-in in the document and has been lining up diplomats to endorse Zim Asset.

This comes as there have been public outcries over the crafting and implementation of the economic blueprint — which is yet to be officially launched.

Economic commentators claim that government bungled by adopting Zim Asset at Zanu PF headquarters when it was supposed to be a national policy.

Tony Hawkins, University of Zimbabwe Graduate School of Business lecturer said for the economy to grow at 7,3 percent annually according Zim Asset target, Zimbabwe will need to invest 33 percent or so of GDP each year.

“Of course, there is much more to growth than investment. Going forward growth will be limited by a number of binding constraints that will make it extremely difficult to reach the Zim Asset target.

“If growth depends heavily on investment and investment depends significantly on savings, then consumption growth must slow substantially,” Hawkins said.

Deputy chief secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet Ray Ndhlukula last week called for the alignment of the Zimbabwe United Nations Development Assistance Framework (Zundaf) with the recently-adopted economic blueprint to ensure congruency in their life span and activities.

Zundaf, which was adopted last year and would end in 2015, is the UN’s strategic programme to support national development priorities and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

“Zim Asset is the economic blueprint that is guiding the operations of Government until 2018 and, therefore, there is need to align the Zundaf with Zim Asset to ensure that there is no programming disjuncture between Government thrust and Zundaf,” said Ndhlukula.



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    Kuakwa Katiyo 8 years ago

    How is acceptance of the policy by the common people a hindrance to the success of the policy so far? Govt appears to be running out of ideas so early into a term they stole.

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    MUGABE CLINIC 8 years ago


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    Hilton Tamangani OCOG 8 years ago

    In the Spirit of my Lord, I know that there is nothing in common between the Almighty Lord God of mankind and the false God.

    I already know that; should the so called Zimasset document arrive in my Church, my God owned Holy Spirit will remind me about the following facts of my God owned life:

    It is the devil who helped mankind to form the Political system of Government.
    Through the Politics of mankind, the false God successfully helped mankind to revolt from his God.

    The Economic system of this world is not from God. It has absolutely nothing to do with how God wants to nature the life which he puts on Earth.

    Rather, the Economic system of this world is the brainchild of mankind in consultation with the false God. This is why Economic success favours the minority over the majority.

    Therefore, by all means let the Politicians please themselves and their Master, by attempting to take ‘Zimasset’ to the Church.

    But make no mistake about it; when you arrive in front of God armed with an Earthly document or idea, be aware that you may convince only those who are predestined to perish together with you.
    However, you will never convert those Children of God like me who already live in the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Before going to the church for blessing firstly forsake your evil ways and then maybe God will help you.

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    Yes! Nyoni you are absolutely right. This curse of death will persist over Zimbabwe until we repent. God will NOT allow restoration before repentance. Remember God never builds in the dark. There can be no constructiveness until there is light. ZPF’s sins and ours need to come out into the light. No repentance! no restoration!

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    Peter tosh 8 years ago

    Hilton, you know the bible for sure, nuff respect.

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    The Body of Christ cannot be manipulated by the greedy corrupt systems that have oppressed God’s people for decades without any remorse whatsoever. Bringing corrupt policies into the House of God is a speedy application for God’s judgment by Zanu-PF. Where is their conscience? The Body of Christ has been the one struggling to feed the Murambatswina demolition homeless families since 2005 and the Ndebele holocaust orphans since since 1983; pastors burdened with comforting the hurting and sharing the little the Church has. Where were these policy makers all the while? Can you abuse, spite and hurt someone and then ask for their support later when the chips are down? Given the Zanu-PF’s reputation, what would be their reward to the Church once they were given the support they so desperately need now? They have played God enough and let them take their corrupted policies to Church and let us see if our God (Who is also The God of Justice) is going to allow them to manipulate Him. This is the Kingdom of God and as Bill Winston says, the Economy System of God operates through Sowing and Reaping, not Buying and Selling. What has the Zanu-PF leadership been sowing since 1980 that they are now getting to Reap? Is Jehovah God not a God of recompense? His patience has been undermined and ridiculed for too long, but not this time…sorry Zanu-PF! This battle belongs to our God…2 Chronicles 20: 15.

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    freemasonscott 8 years ago

    There is no God ,once we accept this fact then we will succeed.

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    freemasonscott 8 years ago

    You’re quoting from a book you don’t even know,who is God,have you met him?!

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      Reverend 6 years ago

      Hello freemasonscott, obviously by your name you are a free mason which is in itself a religion and you have the Bible and the Koran and any religious book of the members in your lodge, you have a worshipful master and you believe in a higher power, The only problem is that your higher power is satan himself and your initiation into the lodge is in fact the same exactly as that of joining a witches coven. Sadly my friend you are not in a good place and I urge you to seek the God of Truth. Jesus said that HE is the WAY the TRUTH and THE LIFE and no one comes to the FATHER but THROUGH HIM. I assure you if I was you I would seek the direction of CHRIST, and look out for the TRUTH. The other option is a seriously bad one.

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    Zim-ASSET ku CHURCH!!! Seeking divine intervention at long last, is this the solution, maybe “ecoprophecy” is on the horizon.

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    Zim-ASSET plus Anointed Condoms!! what a panacea of resurgence for Zimbabwe’s economy and livelihood & etc