Zim opposition failing to take lead on graft protest

via Zim opposition failing to take lead on graft protest | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo on Thursday, February 6, 2014

The opposition MDC-T party is failing to mobilise the people against corruption in the wake of scandals at State-linked institutions, a political researcher has said.

In the past month, ordinary Zimbabweans have reacted with disbelief at the huge salaries that ZANU PF executives are drawing at loss-making parastatals at a time when the majority of the population are wallowing in poverty.

Corporate malfeasance is at record levels, service delivery from local and central government at its lowest, and ZANU PF corruption at its worst – an indication that there is a leadership vacuum.

But instead of assuming the leadership role, the country’s main opposition party is showing a lack of capacity to rally Zimbabweans around critical national issues, political researcher Rashweat Mukundu told SW Radio Africa Thursday.

“The opposition parties are inward-looking, are failing to connect with the people and this is entrenching ZANU PF’s dominance,” Mukundu said.

“If the opposition continues on this path, we are facing another decade of unthreatened ZANU PF supremacy despite the party’s failures, Mukundu said.

At its formation in 1999, the MDC became the most formidable opposition force Zimbabwe has ever seen, but this had nothing to do with any strategic actions by the party.

“There was a lot of sympathy with opposition voices stemming from the collapse of the economy, farm invasions and the suffering of Zimbabweans caused by ZANU PF.”

But the MDC-T failed to consolidate this when they joined the unity government following the disputed 2008 elections which Morgan Tsvangirai won.

“The MDC-T should have use this time to define itself, reorganise, reconnect with voters, and explain what the party’s interests are,” Mukundu added.

“They failed to read that this is no longer 2008, the shops aren’t empty anymore and therefore there is a need for a new strategy. They allowed ZANU PF to outfox them.

“They joined the government and forgot why they were there, and this disconnected them from the citizens who had pushed them to the high political levels which they reached, because people couldn’t see what they were doing differently” he said.

ZANU PF on the other hand, used their time in the Coalition to define itself through populist policies such as ZimAsset which, despite being un-implementable, resonated with voters.

“It appears the MDCs saw the unity government as the final destination while ZANU PF used that time to learn from the opposition and prepare to retake power,” Mukundu added.

As a result of shortsightedness, lack of vision and the current witch-hunt stemming from the leadership debate – the MDC-T has come unstuck.

“Right now, the MDC-T is collapsing under the weight of internal fights. The party is failing to live by the ideal of its motto, the party of excellence,” he added.

Another political figure Simba Makoni says ZANU PF leader Robert Mugabe is wholly to blame for the country’s problems, including the looting at State enterprises.

Makoni said without ZANU PF implementing the agreed-on reforms, conditions in the country will continue to slide.

“While Mugabe can’t provide the leadership required to tackle corruption because he can’t lead, he can take full responsibility for the corruption and looting of State enterprises,” Makoni said.

The Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader said the opposition had a critical role to induce Mugabe to do the right thing.

“Left to their own devices ZANU PF is not willing to change anything because the status quo suits them. It is up to us outside the system to find ways to induce them to act. Zimbabweans should lose hope because bringing about the change we deserve is our responsibility,” Makoni added.


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    Zimbo 8 years ago

    I have to agree with the writer.I have always admired the courage of Morgan,but recently I think he has taken his eye off the ball,so to speak.You have put your life on the line countless times to confront this evil regime,and for that,you have my utmost respect.Now finish what you started,the people are behind you.

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      Bruno 8 years ago

      I agree with you Zimbo, but with this Mangoma guy around i dont expect Morgan to fight 2 wars at the same time. He needs to put his house in order first

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    The Zimbabweans most neglected and who have skills etc, the masekuru mixed race people should now rule the country. Lets be real and ask ourselves as black Africans have we succeeded to rule the country. They have they own style and we all envy them even if we dont say it. Anyway countries run by them are faring better then black African leaders.

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    Kenneth Nedziwe 8 years ago

    I don’t agree with the idea that MDC should not have joined the GNU. That was the right thing to do that time. Mukundu , pliz get real . The problem is not being smart in stealing the people’s Vote. Mugabe is the real problem in Zimbabwe. Until the likes of Mukundu accept the truth and remove that fear of Mugabe, Zimbabwe is going to remain a colony of zanupfu.

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    Nintalan 8 years ago

    I made the same observation in a comment a few days ago. The MDC and other opposition and pressure groups have to mobilize people to take to the streets to demonstrate their disgust for the corruption and cronyism in Government. These are the sort of scandals that would bring down a government in any country that resembled a democracy. These things make people burn with anger, but they need an opportunity to express it.

    The MDC in particular seem to think they will just waltz into power some time soon. They are kidding themselves.

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      Bhola 8 years ago

      How can the MDC be expected to hold the moral voice and be able to motivate action when their own leader is accused of misappropriating party funds?? We are just doomed as a country!! Morgan cant do it.. we need someone else

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    Its time communities start discussing and meet these looters in the streets ,if these marches are organised by opposition they wil b ruthlesly crushed by the government let it cme from the ordinary people. These Demos should nt b for harare only ,country wide Demos must b organised sych up the pple

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    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    This is the time for demonstrations country wide. Not joining the government for another GNU. Like Tsvangirai said, “let’s have nothing to do with this government”, when election results were anounced, we must stick to that. Only demonstrations will make the AU see that the leadership qualities they see in Mugabe are non existent.

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    Yesterday we saw what I call a brave man with convictions resign his post over the non-disclosure of executive salaries and general unaccountability at Town House. When I spoke about the Mayor doing the same if Chombo forced through the reinstatement of the Town Clerk there were others who said no Mr Mayor don’t resign. One said “You are doing a sterling job”.What sterling job is he doing if Chombo won’t let him perform. What is written in this article makes a lot of sense. If the MDC want’s to get back to where they were they have to change their strategies. If the Major done this and councillors followed suit would that not be a protest in it’s self? It would rock SADEC to the core. The MDC needs to change it’s way of doing things because right now you can hear voices questioning weather it is Government post and Council post they want or is it to fight for change.

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    Msizeni silwelani 8 years ago

    The reasons street protests might be of no consequence are, firstly the Zimbabweans have S. Africa as a survival option. They would rather risk skipping the Limpompo river than risk the army and police brutality on the streets.

    Secondly, i put the blame on our education system. The system produces graduates full of individualism, who believe on smart power, protest to them is street politics therefore to them power shift has to be negotiated an issue that has failed the nation dismally.

    Thirdly, the recalcitrant urban dwellers were strategically depopulated through operation murambatsvina for fear of the Ukraine style of revolution. It goes without saying that those who remain in cities own properties and care to protect them in the event that Zanu pf becomes vengeful.

    As it is, fate will rescue the situation.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    yes let the Mayor also resign with the rest of the mdc councilors but the public must support them with protest of some sort..

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    what sort of action would you expect an ordinary person to take on these terrorists? What happen to the anti-coruption commission last year when they tried to deal with this issue of corruption? They were arrested togather with their lawyers for trying to unearth these corrupt activities. On the other hand, for the opposition party to take the leading role in fighting corruption will be just like trying to gain political milage. If we are serious as zimbabwean people, lets show our comitment to the fight against corruption and the opposition party should suport the effort. Personally, i don’t blame the opposition for not being able to remove this regime. Its open for an ordinary reasoning person to see that last year’s election was a tipical coupe.

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    Reader 8 years ago

    oh where oh where can we find an honest,forthright and upstanding leader to take us out of this crisis.

    We black people have a legasy all over the world of being dishonest, being thieves when might we prove to the rest of the world we are not. this is not the majority These thieves are a minority and its time they were routed out.

    Africans are family people, we live for our children and here we are allowing a few greedy Individuals to give the entire continent, NO, the entire Black race a bad name.
    Whites deal with there own race normally they dont encourage.

    what has happened to us oh LORD help us to find a leader amongst men that we can trust and wants to walk amongst us with NO FEAR, NO SECURITY because they know they are honest men with nothing to hide.

    Theives, Liars, Rapists and Murders that we have become there must be some one of superior intelligence to lead us.

    all we want is honesty, and transparency and a life that is all too short.

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      Tawanda 8 years ago

      Plato said ‘The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men’. There are literally millions of decent intelligent Zimbabweans who are not thieves, yet they have let this happen again and again to the point where until now corruption was the norm. Known embezzlers and corrupt public officials should be shamed verbally by members of the public whenever they venture out of their luxurious hiding places. It doesn’t take mass mobilisation to do that.

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      BIRINAGAYIRE 8 years ago

      The answer is available. Let the world know that ZIM will rise from the ashes like a phoenix those who want to knw our way out why not write me an email. or give me call on my SA number 0027 74021 3574 we have nothing to loose for we have lost a lot already.

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    Umwrong 8 years ago

    I’m waiting, patiently so, for a son or daughter of this great nation to take up the banner of the Rhodesian Front and say, “The time for rebirth has come.”

    Pamwe Chete

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    Given the David vs Goliath scenario which Zanupf is not ashamed to ruthlessly exploit, Protests might not be the answer.

    The most effective way is for the opposition to legally work as an opposition; not for the opposition to blend in and become part of government.

    The MDC, for example, has enough seats in parliament to turn government up side down; just by ‘legally’ making the noise that opposition parties make.

    That is what forces governments to change their evil ways. That is what gets the masses to rally behind the opposition.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with leadership wrangles or with the party leader’s wife or girlfriends. Its about what the party structures do on a day-to-day basis.

    Do they cry fowl when government faulters; do they cause a scene in parliament, or do they fold their arms and expect to be politely given the floor?

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Some very interesting & pertinent comments on the general situation however the essence of the article speaks to the lack of leadership from the opposition around the salary scandal. The writer is quite correct that they have not led from the front which is what we expect them to do. Most of the official outrage & condemnation has come from the lower ranks of ZPF itself!! This is a great opportunity for the opposition to pressurise the government to act appropriately. Lets see some action!

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    nesbert majoni 8 years ago

    Mr Mukundu your article is biased. You are a ZANU pf sympathiser. Why do you want to attack MDC indirectly trying to sympathise with the people and the opposition yet you are praising ZANU Pf . MDC tried their best to make things work when they were in coalition but ZANU PF were busy throwing spanners in the way to stop that. MDC had some less influencial ministries to effect any change . The ministry of home affairs had two ministers and the ZANU minister was there to stop any investigations and arrests of these culprits. MDC went as far as exposing their own corrupt councillors but ZANU PF through Chombo stopped it. MDC through their effort formed the anti corruption commission and they ended up being victims and their lawyer arrested. If MDC try and mobilise the mass into a mass action the MDC leadership will end up jailed or arrested for trying to remove a legitimate gvt from power. ZANU PF uses gvt military muscle and security apparatus to kill or silence dissent. So your idea is not workable in Zim. Don’t forget what happened in 2008 elections rerun. People of Zim are aware of what they witnessed that time and the scars are still very fresh in their minds.

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    rebel 8 years ago

    The nation must engage in a massive strike which will paralyse PF Gvt. Every city in Zim must participate even public transport linking rural areas must come to a halt.

    The juniors in the Army and the Police must understand and play a passive role in dealing with the masses when they are genuinely expressing the inefficience of the GVT. They should not be used by people who want to protect their interests.

    Eveyone should take to the streets and just walk with placards written something. No violence or destruction. If the military shows any form of force then there is need to counter.

    This time the GVT must seek dialogue with the masses rather than using force. If they put us in a situation of terrorism they will see. Some of us were also in the military with knowledge of how these things are done without any trace.

    Time is up comrades. My friends in the police and army svinurai mhani.Mari yenyika yopedzwa nemashefu vachitenga mota, fuel yemahara yekuenda kumunda, etc, shoes kana uniform iwe zero.Chamunofira chii. Chiratidzaiwo kuti mukati menyu mune vakadzidza vanema degree. Saka mukaramba change pension yamuchawana after service inenge yakaitasei uye ichibvepi. Fungai mhani imi.

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    Please when concerned and affected citizens are suggesting on a solution which they feel is suitable may we refrain from neutralizing them. Is it because you have got a PC in front of you that makes you to just crush others like that or you are CIOs who are pretending to be reasonable, yet you know which side your bread is buttered. Anywhere the opposition party that we have is so disorganized that, if they were serious, they should have withdrawn from the GNU well before the four years elapsed. Just because they were enjoying they kept on hanging there, not considering how much resistant their partner was. Please Bhola,Msizeni Silwelani, Tawanda, Hilton and Nesbert can you stop demoralizing the people of Zimbabwe. Lets work like our recent national team that played in South Africa. Please ngachibvondoke. Lets not be scared to die because we are as good as dead. Its high time we face the DEVIL. Forget about the MDC to be on our front because I am sure they are also like ZANU PF. Lets rise and remove these DICTATORS once and for all. How many people do you think they can kill now? They will never get to the number they masacred in 2008. Kunyepa chaiko.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Mr Mukundu you need to do more research. The one you did is too shallow. MDC is not “The Opposition”in Zimbabwe and do not forget the marriage between MDC and ZANU PF whose knot was tied during the four years of GNU.So, please do not mislead the public. If you do more serious research you will find out that there are other opposition parties more serious and more philanthropic than MDC-T.

    Those advocating for demonstrations against fat-cat salaries are being perturbed about frivolities. Where were these people when the vote was stolen by ZANU PF in the last elections? Why are they not organising demonstrations against ZANU PF cadres robing the Mbare widows and orphans of their homes. Corruption is rampant in most parastatals for GMB which has not farmers for 2007 deliveries. Furthemore farmers who bought fertilizer in 2007 and 2008 have not been given their fertilizer. This is fraud at its best. Iyi i corruption yakapenga zve inofanira kubatirwa vanhu because it is the main cause of food shortage in the country and waste of financial resoures through imports of maize when it can be grown locally. Farmers no longer trust GMB.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Firstly, action by the ordinary person is to stand firmly behind the Mbare elderly widows whose properties have been invaded by the ZANU PF cadres. Kana baiberi rinoti chirikadzi nenherera havafanire kuitwa abused. As a nation we must concertedly condemn targeting of the weak by the elite. Havanyare!

    Secondly, the last elections must be declared null and void on the ground that they were not free and fair and fresh elections held soonest. Democracy was adulterated. Let the voice of each opposition be heard by everybody so than the nation can make an informed decision. MDC-T alone cannot single handed change the untamed politically arena. Together as a nation we can. Isakuro repanhimbe!