Zimbabwe comedy makes waves in SA

via Zim comedy makes waves in SA | The Zimbabwean 26.03.14

When I heard that one of Zimbabwe’s biggest stand-up comedians, Carl Joshua Ncube, was on a tour in South Africa, I had to go and watch him perform. I was not disappointed. It was like going home after a full body massage, totally relaxing. The opening act, Zimbabwe-born and bred Farhan Esat, caught my attention.

Farhan Esat – courtesy The Zimbabwean

Farhan Esat.

He energetically jumps on stage looking like a million dollars, rubs his eyebrow and immediately announces to the cheers of the crowd; “My name is Farhan. On a worse day people say I’m Bangladesh on a good day they mistake me for an Indian from Durban. But ladies and gents I am proudly Zimbabwean.” Watching Farhan and Carl do their thing on stage, I was positively proud of how far Zimbabwean stand-up comedy has come and the ability to hold their own and basically steal the show.

Farhan, 29, is a Business Analyst based in Johannesburg. He obtained a Business Science honours degree from the University of Cape Town and has had a successful career in the corporate sector for seven years. A newcomer on the South African comedy scene, he’s already making a name for himself, having performed alongside some of South Africa’s biggest comedians.

Buy why leave a promising corporate career for comedy? “Quite simply, following my passion. Over time, I felt the need to do something that would to challenge me and provide me with an outlet to express my creativity. That, plus I’m single and debt-free!” says Farhan.

He has always loved comedy and at one point he was no longer content with just being an audience. With a push from a friend Jason Goliath, he gathered the courage in December of 2012 to get on stage.

“What has made me know that I have made the right decision is seeing people arriving at shows with indifference or even scowls on their faces but leaving with smiles all around,” he says.

Comedy has been used over time and across generations as a societal mirror to enable people to laugh at themselves and unpack the seemingly complex socio-political issues that bewilder us.

Farhan believes he has a unique story to tell and he has found his audiences to be receptive of the material he derives from his identity, personal experiences and observations.

He is inspired by Jerry Seinfeld, Trevor Noah, John Vlismas and Jason Goliath. – To find out more about Farhan and where he performs, connect with him on Facebook (Farhan Esat) or Twitter (@jozifabio) for a taste of Zim comedy.