Zimbabwe get $8M EU irrigation grant

via Zim get $8mln EU irrigation grant | The Source  April 1, 2014

The European Union has extended a $7,8 million grant to rehabilitate nearly 20 irrigation projects in two provinces, in a bid to boost the country’s agricultural output, an official said on Tuesday.

Manicaland provincial administrator Fungai Mbetsa said a technical committee of irrigation engineers has been deployed to assess irrigation schemes to be rehabilitated. A similar exercise is also expected to be carried out in Matabeleland South.

“The rehabilitation exercise will commence immediately after the completion of the assessment by our engineers,” said Mbetsa.

“We are looking at close to 20 irrigation schemes that might undergo rehabilitation. But I cannot say how much will be allocated to Manicaland before the completion of the assessment.”

Manicaland, one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country, also received $2m worth of irrigation equipment from the Japanese government.

Irrigation schemes have been cited as a food security measure since 80 percent of the country’s ecological regions are unsuitable for cropping due to low rainfall.


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    Charles Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    So what is Mugabe saying about the EU? I don’t understand this man when we are getting this assistance.

  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Terrible EU donating to a person with zero respect for them

  • comment-avatar
    bafunda 9 years ago

    Isnt it sad for a sovereign country to be receiving handouts from its enemies while it’s friends are robing it of its resources in exchange for election rigging machinery and fire arms? I hope our friends from the east can also help us rig the economy

  • comment-avatar
    zimbo 9 years ago

    Cashberg could lend the money!!

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 9 years ago

    It appears the powers that be in the EU are mature enough to see past the petty rantings and ravings of a senile old geriatric and look to the future.

  • comment-avatar
    Mena Bona 9 years ago

    Where is Makotsi’s comment now. See ” farmers discuss way forward on land ” Nothing from this mutt on this article because money is coming in from the EU. Has he suddenly lost his color bias.The Fool.

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    DubboZimbo 9 years ago

    You need electricity or diesel to pump water, doubt if the $ will stretch that far, especially after ZANU has squandered most of it. Then you need seeds, fertilizer and pesticides and a few (non cell phone variety) farmers to grow a crop. Also a dam wall that actually holds water and does not look like a fountain would help……. that’s a fiasco al of it’s own.

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    Don Cox 9 years ago

    “You need electricity or diesel to pump water”

    Wind pumps or solar powered pumps would be a better bet where the electrical grid is unreliable.

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    Who asks EU to act as if they fund, we have already realized their interest and we don’t need their fake papers that they call money, we have everything to eat or technical elements; whatever they say, we have alert, because they distribute weapons and divide African chiefs, districts, villages and set against each other while fighting, they stole the blessed clay, technician, mines, food, diamonds which is unavailable in EU!