Zimbabwe launches religious tourism policy

via Zimbabwe launches religious tourism policy | SW Radio Africa  by Mthulisi Mathuthu  October 29, 2013 

Zimbabwe is trying to capitalize on a wave of religious tourism. Commentators are trying to work out what forms this will take. Perhaps there will be a visit to the shrine of Mother Gabriel

Long dogged by bad publicity Zimbabwe has turned to religious prophets to boost its suffering tourism industry.

According to reports, tourism minister Walter Mzembi last week unveiled a religious tourism policy which seeks to tap into the popularity of charismatic prophets within the country.

A Daily News report of Thursday last week quoted Mzembi saying the policy was borne out of a realisation that many people are attracted to local religious shrines, such as the Bernard Mizeki shrine in Marondera.

Mother Gabriel in Zimbabwe

Mother Gabriel in Zimbabwe

The minister also cited prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, the Zaoga Prayer Mountain in Bindura as well as the Johane Marange shrine as having the potential to see the government policy’s success.

Religious leaders promptly greeted the new policy with enthusiasm. London-based Bishop Climate Irungu told the Daily News that the policy was a ‘great idea’.

Mzembi reportedly promised that the government will not tax ‘tithes and donations’ but will only tax the Church’s profitable initiatives in the transport and conferencing sectors.

Mzembi added that it was high time Zimbabwe took religious tourism seriously like other countries. He stated that religious tourism would now be one of the ‘major branches’ of the industry.

He added that a new religious tourism board will be announced in early 2014 and will kick start the project with a conference.



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    First country in theworld tolegitimise the criminal fraud of bogus false prophets. New zanu low depths of looting from the naive poor. Elephants.thieving “pastors” . Next will be???? Maybe???? Whatever plan you can be sure the zanu criminals are already working onit.. Fleecing thedecent poor and money laundering is their wicked hobby.their demise will be very bloody. That’s a guarantee

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    shon corner 9 years ago

    what about buttocks tourism. many people go into the streets to watch our women shake their buttocks as they walk the streets

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    Zvimwe ngatiite but kutamba nezita raMwari tisafarisa.Tsvakai mari neimwe nzira.Muzembi, be warned.Mwari haapinzwi pakadai.His name is sacred and shall never be used for unGodly earthly things.Tisafarisa

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    This is now in the realm if madness

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    Making a mockery of religion!

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    the dark knight 9 years ago

    how the f will prophets serve in this religious tourism madness

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    ZimJim 8 years ago

    Guys, Its a Joke! And a good one. Get a life!

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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    April 1st….with a little ring of the truth. Religion and Tourism…ha, that’s novel! Really good BAD idea…it must have come from ZTA or our dear enlightened ministry of Tourism!