Zimbabwe Students Go Back to School With Little Groceries

via Zimbabwe Students Go Back to School With Little Groceries by Gibbs Dube 13.01.2014 VOAZimbabwe

Thousands of students started going back to boarding school Monday with parents making last minute purchases of uniforms and groceries.

Some parents, who spoke to Studio 7, said they bought a few groceries for their children due to lack of disposable income and made arrangements with school headmasters for them to pay fees in monthly installments.

They noted that the majority of parents were not buying new uniforms as they opted for second-hand ones from pupils who graduated from primary and secondary schools in 2013. Some even settled for sewing uniforms for their children because of lack of money.

One of the parents, Itai Dube of Nyika Growth Point in Masvingo province, said some headmasters are expected to send home pupils who have not paid fees of up to $650.

Winos Dube, chairman of the Ccombined Bulawayo Residents’ Association agreed, noting that schools should allow students to attend classes without paying the required fees.




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    Kusvikazvanaka 8 years ago

    All this due to a 90 year old who has overstayed as a president.

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    Kuakwa Katiyo 8 years ago

    Does it not make sense to abandon school uniforms at this time. Works fine in North America. American students don’t overdress to show off at school. Clothing hardly distinguishes kids from poor families from kids from rich families.

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    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    and mugarbage is proud of his record of destroying education in what was once the most literate country in Africa, congratulations Zanu dumbsh!t Pf

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    mujibha 8 years ago

    Fees for one child is far much more than the salary for teachers, shame on you mugabe. Mudzvanyiriri, muroyi satani anemwinzwa.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    This article doesnt sound quite right.It has an element of truth,but attempts to blanket challenges faced by some parents as a national problem and then quotes two geographically distanced people as a confirmation and justification for this piece of shallow journalism.
    Yesterday was a hive of activity as kids were preparing to go to school.Things may be tuff,but we still have the pride of making sure our kids go to,esp form 1, with brand new uniforms and the famous black trunk.

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    Chirutanga 8 years ago

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    cde mabhunu 8 years ago

    this article tries to paint a non existant picture in zimbabwe. Zanu pf built most schools you are talking about. The blacks were marginalised during the colonial era. Zpf has made the blacks a well educated people. Thumps up to Zanu pf.

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    Educated kids with no hope of ever finding a job. I give kudos to the long suffering teachers of Zimbabwe. They are the true hero’s. Sorry! ZPF may have started well on education but they are finishing badly. Ask them where their kids go to and have gone to school???? And now I wonder why!

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    maita 8 years ago

    It was all gloomy yesterday for most parents with children at this devilish school called aptly Mutendi High School. Mbare Police Station Last night was a hive of activity as parents and a Mutendi High Hired bus argued over payment of busfares. parents paid 15 usd for their kids to be taken to school. The Deputy head and his senior staff refused to admit some of the students because of some very little shortfalls and send them back and the bus crew wanted the kids to be paid but not ticketed. parents objected because it is 7 usd to get to Mutendi so 15 is for the bus to go to and from Mutendi. The police finally asked parents to just pay and parents justifiably asked for tickets. And this was well after 23:30 that parents and kids finally left for nobody knows for those who did not have their own transport. Before they went we told the bus committee to refund us our fares so that we keep our kids and then bring them when we have paid the shortfalls or at least endorse the deposit slips so that they will use them on closing day, they refused and said they will talk to the Head when they get to Mutendi High so that the kids get admitted unfortunately they did not anticipated satanism and demonic spirits haunting the staff of this school. To imagine a school can send a kids back home on first day of opening for a mere 90 usd shortfall is a sick joke,only that can come from a devil.

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    While spoilt zanoid kids boast at nandos kfc steers chicken inn etc go hang mugarbage gay gangsta half baboon half donkey old goat