ZTA attaches commended for tourism growth | The Herald

via ZTA attaches commended for tourism growth | The Herald October 2, 2013

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority says attaches deployed in different countries abroad to market resort areas have contributed hugely to the 12 percent increase in arrivals.

Tourism trade attachés form part of the overseas mission staff and are there to promote the brand Zimbabwe abroad.

ZTA chief executive Mr Karikoga Kaseke commended the tourism attachés for promoting the country abroad saying their efforts had resulted in a notable increase in arrivals. He said the attaches were rebranding the country and its tourist destinations.

“Tourism attaches are doing very well and an increase of about 12 percent in arrivals has been recorded. We are impressed with their performance and hope that they will be funded. They are working under very difficult conditions, trying to do the impossible that is marketing without funding,” he said.

Last year the tourism sector earned about US$1 billion from 2,5 million recorded arrivals. Zimbabwe and Zambia successfully hosted the 20th edition of the United Nations World Tourism Organisations General Assembly in August this year.

The General Assembly was declared the best attended in the history of the organisation with a record 121 full delegates from member states, 140 delegates from all over the world, 49 foreign ministers, 900 from the media fraternity, and 750 other delegates. — New Ziana.



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    Tiger Shona 11 years ago

    They have to justify their existence.
    In the tourism industry though, they are regarded as no good.
    Kaseke their boss, is only there because of his political standing.
    To ask them for help, is a waste of time.

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    George Sebedebe 11 years ago

    Karikoga Kaseke, the growth in tourist arrivals is owed to the great work done by Minister Mzembi, often having to repar the damage you do yourself. Your relentless persuit of young girls and the shameful accident you had when you were driving and frollicking with yourng girls at the same time gave the country a bad image. Minister Mzembi had to repair the damage. Tourism Attaches have no clue as to what their work is or should be. They are just a drain on the fiscus. If I could reach Minister Mzembi, I could tell him to withdraw those useless people and instead, use the money spent to maintain them abroad for advertising in those countries where they are stationed. The results would be far better than what we have seen at the moment.

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    Kalusha 11 years ago

    Victoria falls has alwayz marketed it’s self,if they are good let them market zimbabwe ruins in masvingo

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    Details of Kasekes package now. ZTA is a state enterprise, or not?