Zinara hikes toll fees, now accepting USD payments 

Source: Zinara hikes toll fees, now accepting USD payments – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has increased toll fees by close to 40% and also started collecting in foreign currency with effect from yesterday, a move likely  trigger a wave of price hikes to an already depressed economy.

The toll fees review is meant for the roads administrator to raise funds for road maintenance with the country’s road network in a sorry state especially highways, towns and cities littered by potholes.

According to the latest government gazette, light motor vehicles are now paying US$2, minibuses now pay US$3 and buses are paying US$4. Heavy trucks and haulage trucks now pay US$5 and US$10 respectively. Light vehicles will now pay $165, up from $120 while minibus $245 and buses $330. Heavy trucks and haulage trucks now pay $410 and $820 respectively, according to the gazette.

More details to follow…


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    Remember Greshanms Law and you will be ok comrades. Gresham said that bad money drove out good money – the moral of the story is when you arrive at toll use your RTGS or ZW dollars first. Get rid of the suspect money and hold onto the good money.
    If you hand over USD the tollgate man will be changing them on the black market & taking the profit for himself.

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    ticky sibanda 1 year ago

    The Zim/Israelis are all involved in this poll scam.

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    Traveller 1 year ago

    The other issue also is that when paying in cash whether bond or usd they don’t have the correct amount of change to give back to you so you end up short changed. So yet again we as citizens are on the loosing end of the deal.